How many girls still dream of meeting the charming prince, even if there are few left of true princes, real or otherwise? But there are those who have made it: the beautiful Kate Middleton has managed to become the wife of Prince William , Duke of Cambridge. How much envy! Or maybe not, because not everything is allowed to live at the court of Queen Elizabeth II , quite the contrary.

Bizarre prohibitions that make us mere mortals smile, but that make the Duchess ‘s life a little more difficult . If in all families there are rules to be respected, let alone in the Royal Family with its millennial label!

Prohibitions and rules to be respected are on the agenda to be kindly accepted by the royal family, especially by Queen Elizabeth . Spouse of the future King of England can be a tough role, so you have to be willing to sacrifice a lot.

Let’s find out in the next pages the 6 things that we take for granted, but which are absolutely not allowed to Kate Middleton :

1) Forbidden food

The fear of being poisoned has been common among rulers since ancient times. In fact, in many courts there was the royal taster who, poor fellow, would have died to save the life of his sovereign, first eating the dishes addressed to the royals of the court. Now times have changed, the ill-fated tasters no longer exist but the fear of poisoning remains even if in a different way. In fact, Kate , like the whole Royal Family , is forbidden to eat oysters . A truly delicious seafood that can be very harmful if spoiled.

2) A star without autographs

The Duchess of Cambridge immediately entered the hearts of all British people. Sweet Kate, in fact, is not only seen as a member of the Royal Family , but is treated by the press and media, as well as by her people, as a real star . But she, in her encounters with the public, she will never be able to sign autographs like a true VIP . This is because Mrs. Middleton is not allowed to sign anything other than the official documents previously authorized by Queen Elizabeth II .

3) Forbidden to work

Feminists could really rise up against this prohibition, because after years of social struggles and in an era in which all young people , and not just women , try to establish themselves in the workplace as best they can, the Duchess is forbidden to work. Kate can only carry out charitable activities and follow her husband on missions around the world, but it is absolutely forbidden to earn money by working.

4) At the table with Elisabetta

The Queen is always the Queen and after having discovered her secret code, here comes a new curiosity, this time at the table. In fact, when Elisabetta finishes eating , the other diners must also leave the cutlery , even if they have just begun to enjoy what they have on their plate. This rule that is in force at the Palace does not exclude anyone and does not take into account stomachs that twist from hunger.

5) A game to avoid

Monopoly , the board game found in many homes, and perhaps one of the games that many of us associate with our childhood. Pero, the Duke of York , in 2008, defined it as a ” vicious ” pastime, inviting the Royal Family to refrain from this playful activity. In any case, we are sure that they will have found many alternatives to not get bored. After all, there are not only boxed games!

6) No to career

As discovered earlier, Kate is also barred from working, so she had to forever give up her dream of a diplomatic career . He can’t even play Monopoly, let alone be part of the government!

7) Wear shorts

Among the things that have not been granted to her since she became part of the Windsor family in all respects, also includes wearing shorts . Not just these, but more generally anything that risks drawing her too much attention to her . Fashionable clothes and elegance are fine, as long as she is never overly provocative .

8) Prohibition of voting

Constitutionally, in Great Britain, the Royal family is not allowed to vote in order to always maintain neutrality. The same, therefore, also touches Kate Middleton, who did not even vote for or against Brexit in the referendum . Furthermore, even if you are not allowed to work anyway, as we have seen before, you cannot compete for any public office .

9) Selfies and interviews

This rule is not always taken into account, and Kate Middleton (like other members of the Royal family) has sometimes broken it. However, according to her royal protocol, she would not be allowed to pose for selfies with her subjects. In interviews, always to maintain the aura of neutrality of the family, he can never talk about some topics such as politics, sexuality and social conflicts.

10) Forbidden words

Some aspects of the protocol may seem really bizarre to us, for example not everyone knows that the Royal family has a list of 16 words that can never be used . Among these, Kate Middleton can never resort to Frenchisms , such as pardon or toilet . You can’t use the American bathroom either , lavatory would be preferable . In addition to these, even the names mom and dad seem to fit , preferring instead mommy and daddy.