Today he is over 60 years old but nobody has noticed. Sharon Stone is one of those beautiful women who remain beautiful even in maturity. Her was a sexy icon who seriously risked overshadowing Marilyn Monroe, she just didn’t succeed. The merit of this splendid actress also lies in the fact that she knows how to act very well, that she does not focus only on her physical beauty and that she knows how to get up after the (heavy) falls of life.

In this new post dedicated to the biographies of the most famous actresses of all time, we talk about Sharon Stone and her main professional and personal steps.


  • Sharon Stone, career beginnings
  • Nineties and international success
  • The return among the stars
  • Sharon Stone films and TV series

Sharon Stone, career beginnings

Sharon Stone was born in Pennsylvania, on March 10, 1958, to parents of Irish descent , the second of four children. That primordial charm that is very reminiscent of the girl next door and that is very “Irish” made her notice right away. She was not yet twenty, she already paraded at provincial beauty events and, in 1977, she decided to try a modeling career in New York.

In a short time she became one of the most requested models, especially for high-class fashion shows and for this reason she signed the contracts that brought her to France . Here she is noticed first by Woody Allen and then by Claude Lelouche. They are the ones to launch it in the world of cinema with the films: Stardust Memories and Bolero .

Nineties and international success

In 1990, back in the United States, she starred in the film Act of Force together with Arnold Schwarzenegger .

The success of the film, and her subsequent photo shoot for “Playboy” make Sharon Stone a sexy myth at home and around the world. In the vein of seductive thrillers she lands a few years later in Basic Instinct which makes her an absolute icon.

Memorable is the scene of the crossed legs, which then go around the world, projecting Sharon Stone into the Olympus of the sexiest women in the world:

From that moment on there are many films that see her involved.

To name a few: Love Trap, Casino, Empire, Catwoman. She returned to acting in Basic Instinct 2 in 2006, at almost fifty, with equal success. In all this, Stone did not stop even in the face of serious health problems (a stroke in 2001 and a heart attack in 2004) from which she has always recovered in a great way.

Fun fact: Sharon Stone age

How old is Sharon Stone?

The American actress is almost 62 years old, but who knows? She remains a very attractive woman today, despite the age that she continues to advance.

The return among the stars

Twice married (to producer Michael Greenburg and publisher Phil Bronstein) she had no children of her own, but adopted three children between 2000 and 2006. 

After the problems that put her life at risk , Sharon Stone is back more beautiful and fit than ever on stage and film sets. 

We find her in 2010 with a minor role in the television series Law & Order , but so well interpreted that the four episodes in which she appears are among the most followed of the year.

In 2013 he played three quality films with Woody Allen and John Turturro and a triumphal return to the Olympus of Hollywood stars. 

Stone is not afraid to show herself with her age, she accepts roles of all kinds, always conducted with professional skill.

In 2014 the Italian director Pupi Avati wants her in his film A Golden Boy , and in 2016 and again at the cinema with the film Agent X and with Mothers and Daughters .

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Sharon Stone films and TV series

Here are all of Sharon Stone’s films in chronological order:

  1. Stardust Memories, by Woody Allen (1980)
  2. Bolero (One and the Other), directed by Claude Lelouch (1981)
  3. Deadly Blessing, by Wes Craven (1981)
  4. Irreconcilable Differences, directed by Charles Shyer (1984)
  5. King Solomon’s Mines, directed by J. Lee Thompson (1985)
  6. Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold, directed by Gary Nelson (1987)
  7. Police Academy 4 – Citizens on… Guard (Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol), directed by Jim Drake (1987)
  8. Cold Steel, directed by Dorothy Ann Puzo (1987)
  9. Action Jackson, regia di Craig R. Baxley (1988)
  10. Nico (Above the Law), by Andrew Davis (1988)
  11. Beyond the Stars, directed by David Saperstein (1989)
  12. Obsession of Love (Blood and Sand), directed by Javier Elorrieta (1989)
  13. Total Recall, by Paul Verhoeven (1990)
  14. He says, she says (He Said, She Said), directed by Ken Kwapis and Marisa Silver (1991)
  15. Scissors – Forbici (Scissors), directed by Frank De Felitta (1991)
  16. Diary of a Hitman, by Roy London (1991)
  17. Year of the Gun, by John Frankenheimer (1991)
  18. Where Sleeping Dogs Lie, directed by Charles Finch (1991)
  19. Basic Instinct, by Paul Verhoeven (1992)
  20. Sliver, regia di Phillip Noyce (1993)
  21. Last Action Hero – L’ultimo grande eroe (Last Action Hero) – cameo (1993)
  22. Intersection, by Mark Rydell (1994)
  23. The Specialist, directed by Luis Llosa (1994)
  24. Ready to die (The Quick and the Dead), directed by Sam Raimi (1995)
  25. Casino (Casino), directed by Martin Scorsese (1995)
  26. Diabolique, by Jeremiah Chechick (1996)
  27. Last Dance, directed by Bruce Beresford (1996)
  28. Sphere, by Barry Levinson (1998)
  29. Just Look at the Sky (The Mighty), directed by Peter Chelsom (1998)
  30. Gloria, by Sidney Lumet (1999)
  31. The Muse, directed by Albert Brooks (1999)
  32. Dangerous Inganni (Sympathetic), by Matthew Warchus (1999)
  33. Picking Up the Pieces, directed by Alfonso Arau (2000)
  34. Beautiful Joe, regia di Stephen Metcalfe (2000)
  35. Cold Creek Manor (Cold Creek Manor), directed by Mike Figgis (2003)
  36. Codex Homer (A Different Loyalty), by Marek Kanievska (2004)
  37. Catwoman, by Pitof (2004)
  38. Broken Flowers, regia di Jim Jarmusch (2005)
  39. Alpha Dog, directed by Nick Cassavetes (2006)
  40. Basic Instinct 2, regia di Michael Caton-Jones (2006)
  41. Bobby, directed by Emilio Estevez (2006)
  42. If I Had Known I Was a Genius, regia di Dominique Wirtschafter (2007)
  43. When a Man Falls in the Forest, regia di Ryan Eslinger (2007)
  44. Contrasts and Love, by Patrick Sisam (2008)
  45. $ 5 a Day ($ 5 a Day), directed by Nigel Cole (2008)
  46. Streets of Blood, regia di Charles Winkler (2009)
  47. The Burma Conspiracy – Largo Winch II (Largo Winch II), regia di Jerome Salle (2011)
  48. Border Run, directed by Gabriela Tavigliani (2012)
  49. Lovelace, regia di Robert Epstein e Jeffrey Friedman (2013)
  50. Fading Gigolo, directed by John Turturro (2013)
  51. Gods Behaving Badly, regia di Marc Turtletaub (2013)
  52. Lyubov v bolshom gorode 3, regia di Marius Balchunas e David Dodson (2014)
  53. A Golden Boy, by Pupi Avati (2014)
  54. Life on the Line, by David Hackl (2015)
  55. Mothers and Daughters, regia di Paul Duddridge (2016)
  56. Without control (Running Wild), directed by Alex Ranarivelo (2017)
  57. The Disaster Artist, regia di James Franco (2017)
  58. When Love Comes (A Little Something for Your Birthday), directed by Susan Walter (2017)
  59. Panama Papers (The Laundromat), regia di Steven Soderbergh (2019)

On TV instead we have Sharon Stone in the following series:

  1. Magnum, PI – TV series, episodes 5×01-5×02 (1984)
  2. The Vegas Strip War, directed by George Englund – film TV (1984)
  3. Calendar Girl Murders, directed by Willis A. Graham – TV movie (1984)
  4. T.J. Hooker – serie TV, episodio 4×17 (1985)
  5. Tears in the Rain, directed by Don Sharp – TV movie (1988)
  6. War and Remembrance – TV miniseries (1988-1989)
  7. 2000, episodio di Women (If These Walls Could Talk 2), regia di Anne Heche – film TV (2000)
  8. The Practice – Lawyers Profession – TV series, episode 8 × 02 (2003)
  9. Will & Grace – serie TV, episodio 7×20 (2005)
  10. Huff – TV series, episodes 2 × 01-2 × 03-2 × 04 (2006)
  11. Law & Order – Special Victims Unit (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit) – TV series, episodes 11 × 21-11 × 22-11 × 23-11 × 24 (2010)
  12. Agent X – TV series, 10 episodes (2015)
  13. Mosaic – serie TV (2018)
  14. Better Things – serie TV, 1 episodio (2019)


Siebbi, CC BY-SA 1.0 , via Wikimedia Commons