Choosing your partner is no easy feat. There are no scientific methods, more or less correct behaviors, successful strategies. Much of the work is done by chance. Because as far as we can evaluate the physical aspect, the attitude and the character, in fact we “buy” a pig in a poke. Only when the relationship has begun does one begin to know and understand the temper of others and only then do strengths and weaknesses begin to emerge. Love is discovery after all!

But just as not all donuts come out with a hole, so not all encounters turn into great love stories. And this is why relationships can end up in small or large disagreements, for misunderstandings or simply for incompatibility. But are we destined to be wrong forever? Fortunately no! The trick is knowing how to read the signals, all of them, even the most imperceptible ones. 

Each of us is unique and seeks something different in our partner but there are certain types of partners to stay away from whatever our intentions. After all we are all looking for the other half of the apple but the rotten ones are better left to eat by the worms, don’t you think?

Here then is the ranking of the 10 men to avoid in order to have a peaceful couple relationship:

1. The mammon

The world is full of mammoni but it seems that in Italy there is an incredible concentration , like that of salt in the Dead Sea. They are beautiful, nice, resourceful, brilliant until you enter their daily life. That day you discover that their mother left him lunch ready in the fridge, she washed his linen with the detergent that leaves the boxers with that softness they like so much and between the breakfast cups his and the one that says “I love mum “ . There is only one mother of this and true, but for mammoni their mother is the perfect one, the unattainable myth. Here, if the situation is this, better to avoid: you would end up being his surrogate mother.

2. The super young

If at 20 he plays with the Play Station and “blossoms” in the disco there is hope. He does it at 40 no! The super young, the Peter Pan or the eternal child and the man to avoid like the plague if your aspirations go beyond a fun night out. From him you will get strong emotions (in the short term), summer adventures and maybe even a few nights of passion. But nothing more. The super young has a conflictual relationship with his age and has no time to waste with the daily life of a couple, responsibilities and concreteness.

3. The Latin lover

The only reason for living for a Latin lover is to conquer as many women as possible. If you have been intercepted by such a man, it is probably because you possess some characteristic still unknown to him. As a butterfly collector, he won’t be satisfied until he has one of each species in his collection to proudly show his macho friends to him. What to do in these cases? Play in advance: if it’s worth it, take advantage of it and then send him to hang out as he would have done with you.

4. “The diva” 

Raise your hand if you’ve never had a crush on a man like that. The “diva” man you recognize immediately. Aware of her beauty and his charm, he cares, poses, flaunts to appear. His lead animal and the peacock. Sure, falling in love with them is easy, but a relationship with a narcissist / selfish person isn’t easy! In his pyramid of values ​​on the first 10 steps it says “I”. Are we sure we want to spend our lives making valleys for such individuals? 

5. The possessive

There is nothing worse than the possessive man. Jealousy is a feeling that we have all felt but it has to be within certain limits. At the first signs, at the first excess, at the first attempt to limit freedom, it is better to remove the curtains to prevent the relationship from becoming suffocating or even violent. Let’s repeat it like a mantra: “Possession is not love”.

6. The social climber

Here it is. He is attentive, caring, a great lover. Then he starts to be a freeloader, to invite himself into your beach house, to park himself on your sofa even if not wanted. At some point he realizes that he has deepest feelings for your bank account or for your prestigious job. The social climber is a bit like ivy. At first it is colorful and pleasant, but in the long run it becomes a weed and suffocates the walls it has occupied. Better to prune it off right away. 

7. The already married

Looks like prince charming. Beautiful, mature, interesting. He organizes trips to the sea with his motorbike, talks about when you will have children and you will have wonderful holidays in exotic places. He appears as a sensitive but also extremely pragmatic man , full of projects that make you dream. But then you discover, thanks to your best friend, that he is married and has 3 children. “All that glitters is not gold said a proverb. In fact, when it comes to men, it seems that the more perfect they appear, the more you have to be careful. So be careful not to become unaware extras of an episode of Beautiful .

8. The fake poly 

As we read on Wikipedia : “Polyamory is the philosophical position that admits the possibility that a person has multiple intimate relationships at the same time, with the full consent of all the partners involved, in opposition to the postulate of social monogamy as a necessary norm”. It can be a peaceful choice, if shared. But for serial traitors this is not the case. If it is true that “geometry is not a crime” as Renato Zero sang, it is also true that finding a nice pair of horns is never a nice surprise. And usually, if the lie is uncovered and the house of cards collapses, we also go to the wrong side, portrayed as a big stick, retrograde and obsessive. Curious little animals the traitors …

9. Pinocchio 

Pinocchio – also known as the pathological liar – adds, to the lie of the previous type, the ability to lie in all aspects of life. With such a man by your side, you won’t just worry about hypothetical partners hiding in closets or under the bed. This type of liar will cause you anxiety also for reasons of money, for the inexplicably broken car mirror, for the dead goldfish that: “Don’t worry love, I’ll feed him Nemo”. Let’s repeat it together: “Love has nothing to do with Red Cross nurse syndrome”. A man like this will not change even in the face of the love you are willing to give him. Better therefore to stay away from it.  

10. The “phantom of the opera”

We could only conclude with the most theatrical of human cases. The phantom of the opera and that extravagant individual who promises seas and mountains , who makes us touch the sky with a finger, who swears eternal love to us only to disappear one day, as if by magic, without a trace. His ability is such as to make us doubt our mental health: “Will we have dreamed of it ?!” , no sir. These men really exist and if they have done it once they are very likely to do it again. So no encore after leaving the scene.