The right make-up can make you feel confident, regardless of age. However, skin that is no longer young needs certain precautions to be able to put on the best make-up and hide the signs of aging. The golden rule for obtaining a sober and elegant make-up and using a small quantity of each product, but applied following a very precise order and rules.

The products to use for a perfect face base

We start with a must that is really impossible to give up, namely the moisturizer . Over the years the skin loses tone and elasticity, dries out more easily and this leads to accentuating expression lines. Using a very nourishing moisturizer creates a film that prevents the dispersion of the skin’s natural hydration.

In second place we find the foundation , which is also decisive for a perfect and anti-aging face base. The product in question obviously serves to even out the complexion, but it must be used with care, because you risk highlighting the signs of the skin rather than hiding them. Powder products are not recommended, while those in liquid form, very light, such as BB creams, are perfect. Some types of wrinkles arise already at a young age, such as nasolabial wrinkles, and it is important to understand how to intervene to prevent their appearance, since they are the most difficult to hide. The secret? Use a little product and spread it carefully.

In third position there is the concealer , which has the task of hiding imperfections such as redness, the feared dark circles, skin spots (discolorations) and skin imperfections in general. When choosing a concealer for mature skin, it is important that it also has a moisturizing function, because otherwise it would risk drying the skin. Again, opt for liquid products.

Then we could not fail to call into question the powder , which is used to revive the skin and to fix both the concealer and the foundation. In this case, powder products are fine, but you have to put a very limited amount and only in the areas where the skin tends to shine more , due to the production of sebum. The ideal is to use a transparent powder, to be applied only on the nose, chin and forehead.

The next product is blush . It is a cosmetic that helps to restore a more vivid color to the cheeks, and also in this case it must be applied with care. If you have a round face, it is better to put it on the outermost part of the cheekbones. If you have an oval face, however, you should fill your cheeks completely. The color, on the other hand, must always be chosen according to one’s complexion: if you do not know how to choose the most suitable shade, you can always resort to the dictates of the color scheme .

It closes with another must-have product such as the highlighter which, as its name explains, is used to illuminate the most pronounced areas of the face, such as the nose, cheekbones and eyebrows . This will make the face fresh and radiant, especially on those days where you have a dull and tired complexion.