If you love to surprise your partner with unique details, this article will be perfect for you because it will allow you to surprise them every day of the month with a different phrase or include them in their most special gifts and dates. Below we present a complete selection of 30 beautiful phrases for your partner.

Selection of beautiful phrases for your partner

When you fall in love you want to tell your partner that he is everything to you and that is why the following phrases are ideal to surprise him at a special moment in your relationship such as your original anniversary or Valentine’s Day or directly to show him on a normal day how much you you think of him or her and that you will always be there:

  • When you understand that you want to spend the rest of your life with a person, you want your new life to start now.
  • It is important to know how to stay with someone who knows what he has when he has you.
  • The smile is mine but you are the reason.
  • I have some reason to complain about you but a thousand reasons to thank you.
  • For you I would complicate my life a billion times more.

On the other hand, we have asked for some beautiful phrases for your partner to the best couple massage experts who know very well romanticism and how to rekindle the flame in a relationship and they have told us that in the end there is nothing more beautiful than pure and sincere love and therefore the best Madrid couples massage professionals emphasize that the best beautiful phrase for your partner is a classic: “I would say yes a thousand times”.

  • Happiness is impossible to hide.
  • Sleep with me tonight, we are not going to make love, he will make us.
  • If you love me without questions, I assure you that I will love you without answers.

Couple phrases for special moments

For the special moments of your routine or to remind you that no matter how much time passes each day your love is greater, without a doubt the following phrases are the ideal alternative that will rekindle the flame of love and will make you feel like in your first months together enjoying life and the magic of passion:

  • Every day I give thanks to life for putting you in my path.
  • I am the happiest person in the world for being able to wake up every day by your side.
  • Lucky me to have your love.
  • I didn’t plan to fall in love, but when you smiled everything changed.
  • I love you for who I am when I’m with you.
  • Love is not always looking each other in the face but walking together towards the same destiny.
  • For me the measure of my love for you is to love you without measure.
  • Each one of your little kisses is a great inspiration for me.
  • They say that the purpose of life is to create love, so my purpose of life is you.
  • I still really don’t know what I saw in you, what I have clear is that I don’t see it in anyone else.
  • Without a doubt, you are the most incredible coincidence that has ever come into my life.
  • If the day has 24 hours I spend 17 thinking of you and another 7 dreaming of you.
  • It is important that you love me especially when I least deserve it because it will probably be when I need it most.

Romantic and beautiful phrases for your partner

We all carry a romantic or romantic inside if we know how to search well. Here are some more beautiful phrases to surprise your partner and show him how much you love him, how much he brings you and that you want to stay by his side for life because it is your happiness and you cannot imagine life with another person:

  • Without a doubt, there are many ways to be happy in this life, but honestly, the one I like the most is being happy with you.
  • We could give ourselves some time… You give me your present and I will give you my future.
  • Sure you think I think about you all day but you’re wrong because I also think about you all night.
  • Without a doubt, I have found within you everything that I needed to achieve happiness.
  • In the next magic number you will have to kiss me and I will be in charge of mysteriously making many butterflies appear in your stomach.
  • Love and magic are really the same thing with different names.
  • You are without a doubt my illusion of every day.
  • Just a piece of your lips is for me much more than the whole sky.