The new fashion trend is calligraphy , now so widespread that a term has been coined to define it at its best. Calligraphy defines the decisive passage from homologation to the growing desire for personalization: it refers, in fact, to the customization of the most fashionable items , from t-shirts to bags and shoes, but also of objects, such as personal diaries. It is a way to follow trends without being completely enslaved by them. Put simply, it is now possible to wear a garment that everyone wears, but at the same time making it unique and unrepeatable

Techniques for customizing shoes

And with custom shoes that calligraphy expresses itself at its maximum power. Usually, it is the result of wanting to refurbish old pairs that are about to go out of style, but that have not completely tired us. Then you can proceed towards a change of color, or simply with the addition of a detail that defines them and makes them special, different. The techniques used are the most diverse, ranging from the use of brushes and pads to the use of an airbrushprofessional. It is clear that the instrumentation will almost exclusively depend on the fabric with which the shoe is made. Not only canvas shoes, but also leather or suede shoes can be dyed: even a single pass of color on the leather may be enough, while on suede shoes it is more likely that double turns are necessary. On the models manufactured in canvas you can indulge yourself with applications, prints, drawings and writings of all kinds. In all cases, the first step must necessarily concern the removal of dirt from the fabric. 

Where to customize shoes

With the spread of the trend, many startups and companies dedicated exclusively to the shoe customization service were born. But also many famous international brands offer this possibility already at the time of purchase, both on the web and in the stores: in this way, you can get the most famous shoe models worn by everyone, but at the same time what will come out. it will be a unique shoe of its kind, which fully expresses the personality of the wearer.

DIY customization

Creating custom DIY shoes can also be a lot of fun. 

Simple white sneakers and quality colors are enough , like paint markers, which can be purchased for a few euros in mega stores or in a hardware store. If, on the other hand, you do not want to write or draw on the shoes for fear of obtaining a different result from the desired one, you can choose to apply studs, rather than sequins, rhinestones, or thermo-adhesive. There are a number of video tutorials online that can help.

An alternative way to get customized shoes without making significant changes is to buy colored laces , to be worn in the most classic way, or more creative (perhaps skipping the loops, or opting for a lattice lacing). The ideas can really be many, just leave room for the imagination . However, if you want to obtain an impeccable result, the simplest choice is to rely on professionals.