The southernmost country of the entire European continent is Greece , whose most significant peculiarity from a geographical point of view is represented by its islands. One fifth of the total surface of Greece, in fact, is made up of island territories, but between rocks, islets and islands there are just 167 inhabited. Certainly, it is a tourist destination that you cannot miss if you want a beach holiday in the name of maximum relaxation, where however you can also discover splendid cities and dream archaeological sites.

How to get to Greece

Greece is not very far from the Apulian coast , and therefore can be easily reached by ferry. In all, there are five shipping companies to choose from during the year, taking advantage of daily connections thanks to which it is possible to reach Ithaca, Paxos, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Igoumenitsa and Patras. Thanks to the Greece ferries you have the opportunity to leave from the most important ports of our country to reach both western Greece and the islands bathed by the waters of the Ionian Sea.

By ferry to Greece

The ferries that allow you to arrive in Greece allow the boarding of vehicles, as well as passengers, and depart in the afternoon and at night. Depending on the route you opt for, navigation can last from a minimum of ten hours to a maximum of eighteen and a half hours, but numerous solutions are guaranteed on board for entertainment and for spending time . For night trips, the cabin is usually quadruple or double, but obviously nothing prevents you from booking it for triple or single use, based on the number of people.


But which are the most beautiful beaches in Greece that are worth discovering once you have reached your destination? The Greek islands offer spectacular bays of white sand, but also an always clear sea and even caves full of mystery. In short, between a dip and an afternoon spent under the rays of the sun to get a tan, there is no shortage of alternatives to choose from. In Santorini , the so-called red beach, known to all as Akrotiri beach, deserves to be seen. Its nickname derives from the particular color that is the result of the presence of volcanic rock. It is the most beautiful and at the same time best known beach in Santorini, surrounded by black and red walls of volcanic rock. In short, a true spectacle of nature.

Elafonissi beach

Wanting to devise a possible itinerary of the most evocative beaches of Greece, then, one cannot help but mention Elafonissi , which is located in Crete: an island known to all, since childhood, thanks to the legend of the Minotaur. Also in this case, the celebrity of the beach is explained by its particular chromatic shades, given the pink hue that sometimes distinguishes the grains of sand. Moreover, this location is also recommended for those who want to take advantage of a privileged observation point to admire the Caretta turtle, which is a protected species.

Another beach in Crete

Those who are in Crete, then, cannot miss the opportunity to discover another of the country’s most fascinating beaches: that of the Balos Lagoon . Even families traveling with children will be able to appreciate this context, given the low tide. Anyone, in short, has the opportunity to walk on the depths of a crystalline sea that gives the feeling of being in a real natural paradise , with tongues of fine sand to embellish the landscape.

Why see Mythos

The island of Kefalonia enjoys an international fame, even world-class, thanks to the blue waters of its sea. Indeed, the Mediterranean landscape looks like one painted on a postcard, with truly spectacular coastline. In this scenario, the beach of Myrthos is not to be missed , which every year is awarded with the recognition of the blue flag thanks to its well-kept and clean sea. A real natural oasis where you can relax during the day, waiting to observe the colors of the landscape at sunset.


Finally, here is the Navagio beach , one of the most enchanting not only in Greece, but in all of Europe. Surrounded by very high white rocks that protect it, this beach is located on the island of Zakynthos , made immortal by the Italians thanks to the poetry of Ugo Foscolo. It is also worth visiting the sulphurous caves, where the sea waters acquire an even more intense and bluer color.