Some find it more difficult and others less, but everyone likes to wake up nice. We bring you a few good morning phrases to make mornings a more special moment . If you also accompany it with a good cup of coffee

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1. Beautiful good morning phrases.
2. Motivating good morning phrases.
3. Funny good morning phrases. Beautiful good morning
phrases These phrases are to make your girlfriend or boyfriend fall in love , or to dedicate to those you love most.
1. I think it’s time for you to wake up, because it’s your eyes that I need to light up my day.
2. Today I woke up wanting to love you and not let you escape.
3. Today is the most beautiful day of my life, but tomorrow will be better.
4. Have a nice day. Mine already is just by remembering you.
5. I wish you a very good day, one of those that make life worthwhile.
6. Waking up and looking at my side to find you, is by far what makes me happiest.
7. I love you so much, that I couldn’t be asleep anymore.
8. If the day is rainy, make the sun shine with your smile.
9. It’s first thing in the morning and I already miss you.
10. Some people make days special, you are one of them.
11. I run away from my dreams because my reality is more beautiful than all of them. My reality is you and I love it.
12. Thank you for making each awakening more beautiful than the previous one.
13. Two green suns illuminate me every morning filling me with peace and tranquility.
14.Never let anyone tell you that you are not perfect, because you have everything that anyone could wish for.
15. It is incredible that you can be so beautiful from the first minute of the morning.
16. Do not let anyone erase your beautiful smile on this day.
17. Just as the sun has risen to give this world a new chance at life, I hope I can love you more than yesterday.
18. Life is really short by your side, for this reason I do not want to waste a single second.
19. I was looking forward to waking up to wish you good morning, precious.
20. I would say good morning to you but I prefer to give you a kiss, so don’t be long in getting up.
21. I know I’m going to have a great day because I woke up thinking about you.
22. I couldn’t sleep all night thinking about how lucky I was to find you, but honestly, it was worth it.
23. I was going to bring you something sweet for breakfast, but then I remembered that nothing can be as sweet as you.
24. People envy me when I tell them that I wake up every day in a princess’s bed.
25. Today I do not love you the same as yesterday, I love you much more.
26. Wake up precious, I need to see you smile.
27. I want my soulmate to wake up with the most radiant of smiles.
28. My heart wants to spend time with you, my arms want to hug you and not let you go, and my lips want to wear out filling you with kisses.
29. It’s time to face the day my love.

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Motivating good
morning phrases We give you a few good morning phrases to believe that everything is possible . These quotes are ideal for sharing on social networks or in a Whatsapp group.
30. Wake up in a good mood, because if you do, you will be victorious in everything you set out to do.
31. We can all do something for this world. Get up every day wanting to try.
32. Starting the day with a smile will make your destiny painted in colors.
33. Today is a good day to have a good day.
34. Girls with dreams become women with vision. Good morning!
35. Give each day the possibility of being the best day of your life.
36. Good morning. And whatever you do, feel like it.
37. For it to be a good day, you just have to believe.
38. Not every day is good, but there is a good one every day.
39. Good mornings are not given, they are made.
40. Today is the day we are going to eat the world
41. The time for everything is now. Wake up and have a great day!
42. Don’t count the days, make the days count.
43. It’s a perfect day if you go to bed with a dream and wake up with a purpose.
44. Today is a new day. Even if you were wrong yesterday, today you can fix it.
45. Yesterday doesn’t matter, what we do today is what matters most.
46. ​​Today is the day you expected. Go get him!
47. Stop dreaming, because it’s time to fulfill your dreams.

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Funny good morning phrases Waking up in a good mood is easy , you just have to memorize some of these phrases that we propose.
48. It’s Monday, but you just need a coffee… and another weekend!
49. As long as there is no lack of coffee, everything will be fine.
50. I don’t know what the recipe for happiness is, but only that it has coffee.
51. According to an important study, a human being sleeps on average a third of his life, I think that you already fulfilled the quota.
52. Sorry to interrupt your long love affair with the pillow, but a new day awaits you.
53. Hello! I am your good morning message, I come to remind you that you are one day older.
54. It’s not that I sleep a lot, it’s that I rest more slowly.
55. Wake up with a smile and out of tune with the rest of the world.
56. Damn alarm clock! It always rings when I’m sleeping.
57. Don’t worry, it’s not Monday. It’s only one day after Sunday.
58. I have more sleep than a deputy in a parliamentary session.
59. Today is a good day to stay fried.
60. On the count of 3 I get out of bed. 1, 2, 2 ¼, 2 ½, 2 ¾, 2+4-3=1…

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