Summer shopping has already started and the freedom of summer requires you to equip yourself as best you can to be admired. It will be a summer of beach , seafront, but also of mountain squares and paths, of night parties – or at least hopefully! – and new acquaintances. Having a beautiful outfit is essential in this season of rebirth. And here are the style rules to follow for the next three “hot” months : 

Summer outfit trends

Enough suits, no more very large garments to disappear into … the lockdown is over and we want to forget the pandemic and enjoy a bit of freedom. Yet something of the memory of this past year remains: many “nets”, many “points”, many “veils” as if to emphasize imprisonment, on remaining hidden, which still haunts us. 

On the other hand, there are colors that make you forget. Lively, bright, brilliant, which inspire joy and freshness. The accessories are also conspicuous, as if to shout “freedom”. Flat shoes and practical and small bags complete the picture of agile, happy and comfortable women, at all times.

For some designers, the transparencies of the veils are not a symbol of seclusion and hiding, but of air, of well-being, as well as the ever-present floral themes .

But what are the main trends in women’s fashion for this summer 2021? Let’s see together some useful garments to build your summer outfit!

Summer outfits not to be missed

What are the summer outfits and garments recommended by stylists and fashion houses? Let’s see it in the following lines!

  • The tunics – no more excessively loose dresses, but the tunics remain. In this case they are interpreted as comfort and well-being, therefore synonymous with freedom and joy. Loose garments but without exaggerating will still be the protagonists of the summer and Dolce & Gabbana, Maz Mara and Blumarine re-propose them without fear of making a mistake!
  • Top with transparencies and lace – large transparent blouses to cover tank tops or t-shirts in lace and crochet, with pastel colors that add lightness to lightness. Fendi proposes it and many others are happy to join it. Even the “tears” of the Eighties, the nets of imitation leather or cotton and the “portholes” are associated with this desire to see through;
  • Printed skirts – skirts, preferably long but also short are fine, they will be fluffy and light and embellished with prints: floral, foulard style or “baroque style”, prolonging the idea of ​​outfit that has already dominated spring;
  • Sequins and satin – the summer sun will shine on you, thanks to the sequins that will be found everywhere this summer, even on day shirts. Satin, with its silky reflections, will also be part of this desire for light, perhaps in the form of Bermuda shorts, a skirt, a more elegant blouse;
  • Dungarees versus hot pants – actually both will be used. Denim overalls paired with light, sleeveless, colorful T-shirts; hot pants, very short and sexy – like those, for example, by MiuMiu – can also be combined with blouses or blouses for cooler evenings;
  • Flashy accessories – The summer shoes of 2021 will be flat , low to the ground or with a heel and a wedge to the minimum. On the other hand, they will be embellished with buckles and studs (as Valentino teaches!), Sparkling and flashy, ending with sharp points impossible to overlook! The same goes for the earrings, large, and for the heavy necklaces or with obvious pendants (by Victoria Beckham ) and made to be noticed from a distance! The bags in general will instead be small but original, to the point of being looked at!

Outfit estivo in relax

Whether it’s the beach or the mountains or the countryside, to relax and feel good about yourself, here’s what we suggest this summer: swimsuit top, or a sporty tank top, with light and short-sleeved shoulder pads. Alternatively, long-sleeved linen shirt. Underneath, shorts – this year strictly with a high waist – or a miniskirt. On the feet, sandals or better still some nice flip flops, are back in fashion.

Summer outfit for work

There are those who also have to work in July and August, because the holidays do not last forever. So how to deal with the serious office environment with light summer clothing?

The answer is soon given: t-shirt or sleeveless blouse, in a neutral color, to be combined with a very light jacket or blazer. The trousers can be either in jeans (but not blue!) Or in cotton or linen, wide and fresh. Alternatively, long dress or full t-shirt and long skirt, according to current fashion. For the feet, flat shoes – with little heels – preferably a sandal or an open boot. 

elegant summer outfit

For special occasions, to be celebrated in the height of the summer heat, the sheath dress is recommended, always perfect, for an elegant summer evening, as long as it shows off very delicate pastel colors. It will match with cool, sleeveless blouses. If the dress is long, prefer those with floral patterns, a symbol of summer 2021 elegance. If you wear trousers, better the very wide ones, perhaps neutral or light colored to combine with floral-themed blouses. On the feet, high-heeled sandals.

Summer outfit for the evening

Sometimes the dresses that are worn on summer evenings have a style of their own, which does not recall the other outfits of the season: the classic dark dress must be short and combined with lace or veil shoulder pads. Alternatively, you can wear the long dress, which can also have floral themes but which is kept on dark colors. For a slightly less serious evening outing, dark jeans combined with a lighter silk blouse that does not break too much is also good. On the feet, cute sandals with a not excessively high heel.

 Our post dedicated to women’s summer fashion, with many useful tips for your summer outfit, ends here. See you next time with the insights dedicated to the latest fashion trends, by our portal!