Valentine’s Day is back again this year to remind everyone of the importance of love. And we are always ready to give the right advice to couples in love on such an important day. Specifically, we will give women useful advice on their outfits on Valentine’s Day, useful for reinvigorating a love relationship and making it stronger. In fact, the couples’ day is the celebration of the feelings that unite more deeply and there will be dinners, evenings at the disco, or simply the opportunities to carve out an intimate and magical moment for two. And if it is true that Valentine’s Day, for those you love, is all year round, it is also true that this day must be made unforgettable. Starting with clothing. For a woman it is very important to remind your man of the charm that led him to desire her, and this is why clothing is essential for an evening like this. Attention to the choice of your dress, it will make the difference.

Here in the following lines, our five ideas for your outfit on February 14th. 

Tubino chic

Since the sheath dress is back in fashion , why not show it off for your Valentine’s Day dinner? The ideal would be the classic elegant dress, black, with a few hints of sequins but without exaggerating.

But Valentine’s Day is a passionate party, so red, burgundy and the addition of sparkles just about everywhere are fine too. Don’t be afraid to go overboard with sequins, if it makes you sparkle with love!

Valentine’s day in blue

With all due respect to passion red, blue will be the color of the moment. In particular, the Pantone Blue – the marine one, so to speak. You can also show it off on Valentine’s Day if you want to look more sporty than elegant. A mid-thigh blue skirt , with a neutral blouse that partially recalls the color, neutral tights and a matching bag are an idea. Alternatively, blouse and binder and Pantone blue jeans with backpack and comfortable shoes for a prom Valentine’s Day. Or by excursion.

Bustier elegance

For a candlelit dinner in an elegant venue, the bustier dress with a fitted bodice and fluffy skirt, paired with a refined jacket or shrug , is an excellent choice . Obviously, a high heel and a neutral clutch to complete the whole. The knitted jacket is not a gamble, in this situation, and can serve as an elegant-sporty alternative to the ensemble. Elegance on Valentine’s Day is always welcome!

Aggressive passion

For those who want to send a very specific message – I’m crazy about you, but I’m in charge! – the more aggressive look can serve to enliven the evening. In this outfit, to be beautiful and sexy , the perfect outfit with dark leather trousers, neutral tank top and jacket or shrug in dark veil, or even in leather, combined with high heels and dark make-up and the effect that does not forget!

Long and with the puff

In order not to stray too far from tradition, those who love the classic can still choose the long dress , strictly black. But you can add a small novelty, which has come back into vogue after a long time: the sleeves with the puff of the Eighties . They are re-proposed on some fashion garments and in some evening dresses they could define a new elegant style that characterizes this year. If you don’t like puff sleeves, a long low-cut dress is always good, or with one shoulder strap, and obviously very tight.