Marriage is still called today “the most beautiful day” that a person can live . It certainly represents an important moment for the couple who not only crown their dream of love and make it official, but can also share it with friends and relatives.

According to the long experience  of wedding photographers , however, there are very important clues to understand if the relationship is destined to last over time or to be wrecked in an instant. There are in fact some very important moments to consider if you want to analyze the relationship between the married couple a little more thoroughly .

In the following article, some professional photographers have revealed the signs that could indicate a possible separation and being experts in the sector and spending a lot of time with the spouses, their considerations and experiences are not to be underestimated.

These are just some aspects that must be taken into consideration for a peaceful romantic relationship. Let’s find out together the 10 clues that a marriage will end , according to photographers:

1) The couple during the reception

To understand if the marriage will last, the first aspect to keep under control is the couple’s behavior throughout the day . In fact, if they will always stay away , this could mean that they already have some misunderstanding . As photographer Gretchen Wakeman puts it : ” When a couple separates to talk to guests or one leaves the other alone on the dance floor for hours and hours, it always raises some concerns .”

2) The moment of the photos

Another important moment for newlyweds is that of photos . In fact, thanks to these, they will have a memory to show to friends and relatives but not all of them prove to be so available. When one of you is reluctant to pose in front of the photographer is not a good sign . Rob Greer , a wedding photographer in Los Angeles, California, says: ” A willingness to consider a partner’s needs is a defining aspect of a satisfying long-term relationship .”

3) The guests refuse to attend the wedding

Another clue not to be overlooked is the percentage of guests who will not attend the wedding. As Brian Delia , owner of Brian Delia Photography in Clifton, New Jersey, states, when the threshold exceeds 20-25 percent, it is worth asking why. In fact, this could be a sign of how the couple is seen on the outside .

4) The guests argue at the wedding

On their wedding day, one of the spouses’ wishes is that everything runs smoothly and that the guests have fun and relax with them. However, sometimes it happens that peace does not reign at all and that guests start arguing . According to the most experts, this is also one of the signs that the marriage could fail .

5) There is little feeling between the two

The photographer’s job is to capture the couple’s moments of love during the wedding day. But it’s not such a trivial task. In fact, it is difficult to immortalize partners in harmony, when there is no shadow of feeling between them. Even the best photographer is unable to transform reality and any strained attitude will make the situation even more negative.

6) The couple does not agree on the costs

The bond of marriage should be “in wealth and poverty” but not for everyone and so. If before getting married you do not agree on the expenses to be faced for your wedding, it is better to leave it alone . It would be useless to invest time, money and energy in a project that is doomed to fail.

7) A relationship based on physical attraction

While it is true that the eye also wants its part, for a lasting bond , it is essential that the relationship is not based only on physical attraction. For a happy marriage it is also important to appreciate the character and habits of your partner and not just be attracted to her beauty .

8) The couple argues

Does the couple exchange sarcastic jokes and poison comments? It will certainly not be a happy marriage, indeed it is the beginning of the end . According to Rob Greer : ” Some couples say they’re actually just joking with each other, but usually there’s some truth behind a dig or a joke .”

9) Few mutual friends

A clue that the marriage could end is also represented by the fact that the spouses have very few friends in common . In fact, photographers have also identified as a telltale sign the excessive diversity between the groom and the bride that drives them to have completely different friends.

10) The family of the spouses

Although it is true that in the end what matters is the relationship between the two spouses, if the families of the two spouses are not so united, sooner or later the couple’s relationship could suffer . During the wedding, photographers are able to become aware of these contrasts just by noting how the groom approaches the family of his new wife and vice versa.