Remember those crazy comedies from the early 2000s?
Some of them didn’t do poorly at the box office, like the Title No. 1 + Movie parody franchise of ‘Date Movie’ (2006), ‘Epic Movie’ (2007), ‘Disaster Movie’ (2008), or ‘Nearly 300’ (2008).
Movies starring mostly spoiled 80’s actors, who kept their “Star” status, and then there were the bad buddy movies with a certain air of action, with which one could laugh from Easter to Palm. These were many times starring Martin Lawrence, all told.
‘Two blondes with chest hair’ (2004) was another one of those police buddy movies with an irreverent plot that we thought would end up being forgotten… Oh, no, whatAccording to Terry Crews (‘The Mercenaries’), there will be a sequel… Wow, great.
Terry Crews, supporting actor in ‘Two blondes with chest hair’ (2004) | Europa Press

‘Two blondes with chest hair 2’: 15 years later
Crews does not carry out this information right off the bat, but does so with firm solidity, given that it was Shawn Mayans himself (‘Small but thug’) , one of the two protagonists of the film, the other would be his brother, Marlon Wayans (‘Requiem for a Dream’), who told him that the project would finally be carried out.
It would make all the sense in the world, although we do not know the reasons why the long-awaited comedy by the protagonists of the film has not been carried out before. And it is that, although the film was panned by critics (and with compelling reasons, not for being haters), it was produced with thirty-seven million and raised a total of one hundred and thirteen million.
The Wayans brothers, protagonists of the original film. | Revolution Studios

¿A politically incorrect sequel
Taking into account the current panorama in the Hollywood industry, it could also be understandable that a film with the approach of ‘Two blondes with hair on chest’ is more complicated to carry out today .
They may wonder why: very simply, the group of African-American actors who championed the famous Oscars are so White emblem a few years ago, could return to the charge of learning that there is a sequel in which a couple of African-American actors have to Disguising as posh white girls to uncover a major kidnapping ring… Again.
Currently, certain studios carry out their policy of always introducing a quota of actors of different ethnicities in their casts, which is why we are also seeing more and more in large blockbusters there are lots of Chinese actors. And it is that China now co-produces with the United States, and it seems that some still have not found out.
Comedy films are increasingly being called into question due to their content, preventing an offense against “sensitive groups” or “minorities” that could be affected in their representation. But all this dear readers, are just speculations of this editor.

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