It is not necessary to spend a fortune to make an exquisite pasta dish, and the proof is this list of the eight best pasta brands that are marketed in Spain . The point is that you know how to cook each type of pasta to the right point and combine it with the right sauce. We have all tried macaroni bolognese or spaghetti carbonara, but variety is what is good. Have you ever tried cuore di zucca with pesto rosso sauce
? Delicious!

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The 8 best brands of pasta in shops in Spain
You will not find better value for money. These are the favorite brands of consumers and chefs in the country. 1. Garofalo
This brand of pasta is very good in the more expensive formats , used by many first-class restaurants, although it retains its quality in the mid-range of large establishments. An Italian pasta similar in taste to Barilla.
The package of 500 grams of spaghetti is sold for just 1.50 euros . 2. Sanmarti
A quality pasta of Spanish origin, more specifically made in Catalonia. The small business has been in business since the 18th century and has been expanding its reach into department stores. Experts recommend their pasta for soups .
The 500 gram package is soldin small and large shops for 1.90 euros . 3. Barilla
Although it has entered Spain relatively recently, it has become one of the best brands in the country and one of the best sellers. Sell ​​versatile formats at very affordable prices.
In any establishment we can find the package of 500 grams of macaroni for 1.30 euros . 4. Carrefour selection
Oddly enough, Carrefour’s selection pasta is one of the best. Although the private label does not stand out for its potential, the gourmet selection is one of the best there is , capable of emulating the taste of any prestigious Italian brand.
It is somewhat more expensive than the mid-range Carrefour, although it is still very affordable. The 500-gram package costs 1.82 euros . 5. Mancini
Owners of large Italian food establishments often recommend this brand of pasta. It is rough to the touch and that makes the sauce adhere better .
The 500-gram package costs 3 euros , so we can have a luxury brand at home without spending a fortune. 6. Rummo
Whenever a shop offers Rummo pasta, it soon runs out of stock. It is a brand of the highest quality in any format, although wholemeal pasta stands out. A plus point is the traditional manufacturing process and the type of wheat used.
The 500 grams of Rummo pasta can cost around 2.75 euros . Great value for the price. 7. Divella
Another common brand in supermarkets. We can also find flour and rice that deserve an egg in our fridge. It is the second brand of pasta in Italy for a reason , at least for regular consumption.
Although it is more difficult to find in supermarkets in Spain, it does not usually exceed one euro for 500-gram packages. 8. Lidl (Italiamo)
Another big surprise was given by Lidl by launching the Italiamo pasta in its theme weeks. This brand is of great quality and isthe cheapest on the list .
The best thing about Lidl pasta is the price, and that is that a half-kilo package costs 0.99 euros . Quite a bargain.