Like all things that go too far off the rails, and then come back in search of the flavor of the origins, even tattoos lately have gone a little further . They have become clusters of color scattered on the body, exaggerated drawings, which instead of striking weigh down the attention of the beholder. The new trend is to go back to simplicity , to vintage, to ancient, that is to say to the fashion  of old school tattoos! Not too old .. because the tattoo was invented by ancient populations, but vintage enough to savor a sober “I don’t know what”.

Old School, the tattoo to be rediscovered

The style known today as Old School is a type of tattoo that was invented in the United States in the early 20th century. It spread from the 1930s onwards and was inspired by the tribal signs of the natives or by seafaring and military symbology.

The rules on which these drawings were based were very simple: few lines, of a marked black, few colors . Better if you lack red. In fact, the palette included only yellow, green and black, sometimes light blue . Red was a very rare gift. The themes to be imprinted on the skin were also very specific: red Indian tribal symbols, anchors or mermaids, military symbols, little women and pin-ups, roses, eagles. Gypsy symbolism was also part of the heritage of these old school tattoos.

Old School Tattoos, which are the most fashionable ones even today

After World War II, this type of tattoos seem to disappear into thin air only to be rediscovered and celebrated in the seventies. Finally, another stop and today they are back in a big way. Perhaps because the seventies are inspiring the fashion of 2021 .

And if today the Old School is rediscovered, what are the symbols that tattoo artists are asking for this summer?

The rules have always remained the same, although today red is much more used and new ideas enrich the standard ones – for example, the bird cage , the compass or the feather is in great demand!

Among the most requested themes of all we find the eagle and the dagger , as far as men are concerned, but also gun, razor and feathered sword . Girls instead require roses, hearts , but they too love eagles, feathers and compasses.

For all, the most loved tattoo is the swallow, followed by the anchor and the heart with the parchment – on which to engrave a name, a motto or just “LOVE”.

Beyond the rose, it seems that in 2021 the floral theme in general is in great demand, perhaps to associate it with fashion that also includes it on clothes and accessories.

Something particular

Those who love to dare and go further, can take advantage of the Old School tattoo school to tattoo, for example, a vessel, a bird of prey with spread wings, a giant compass or even a lighthouse on top of a rock .

Always available the pin-up woman theme (always appreciated by men), while in the female version a handsome muscular sailor is fine too!

But with the Old School it is better to be daring a little … the beauty of this style lies in the visual impact that must be minimal to attract the eye right there.