They are the most shocking stories of the black chronicle for the common: these murderous children break with the logic that childhood is the age of innocence . With ages between 10 and 17 years old, these little monsters have perpetrated with their own hands the most aberrant crimes worthy of the most perverse psychopathic minds.

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1. The bloodiest child murderers
2. The youngest child murderers
3. Child murderers in Spain

The most bloodthirsty child murderers in the history of crime
These are the most horrifying cases of crimes committed by child murderers. You will be surprised by the cold blood with which these children exercised such levels of cruelty in the execution of their victims.

1. Joshua Phillips (14 years old)
Joshua Phillips, during the trial. | True Crime Magazine.
The mind of a psychopath is distinguished by the lack of empathy with his victim. This is the only way to understand how in 1998 Joshua Earl Patrick Phillips, a 14-year-old teenager, beat his neighbor to death, an 8-year-old girl named Maddie Clifton .
In his statement, Joshua Phillips assured that he accidentally killed the little girl with a baseball bat while they were playing, but his cold blood and intelligence made the police suspect. After an exhaustive investigation of her it was found that he had beaten her to death and had hidden her under her bed for a week.
It was her mother who discovered her corpse due to her bad smell. Joshua was sentenced to prison and is serving time in the Florida Correctional Center.

2. Brenda Spencer (14 years old)
Brenda Spencer, at the time of her arrest. | Youtube.
Brenda Spencer’s parents could barely suspect the outcome of the tragedy when they gave her a rifle for Christmas 1978. The mind of the young woman, who was then 14 years old, was later diagnosed as that of a true psychopath .
When asked why she had murdered two teachers and injured three classmates a few days after receiving the rifle from her, Ella brenda just said, “I don’t like Mondays . ” She is serving a life sentence at California Women’s Correctional Institution, and has already had three requests for parole denied.

3. Luke Woodham (16 years old)
Luke Woodham, after his arrest. | Youtube.In Luke’s story, cruel episodes of school siege, a notable lack of self-esteem and a disappointment in love
are mixed in an explosive cocktail . When in 1991 his girlfriend left him at the age of 16, Luke Woodham’s mind went into crisis and after stabbing his mother he went to his school armed with a rifle to kill the girl and a her friend
His attack left seven other students injured, and when he was questioned by the police he stated that he had been possessed by demons and that he was influenced by a classmate, Grant Boyette, who ran a satanic cult.
He apologized to his victims, but he was sentenced to two life sentences plus a sentence of 20 years, which he is serving in Mississippi.

4. Kipland Kinkel (15 years old)
Kip Kinkel, in the high school yearbook. | CBS.
The cold blood and cruelty of Kipland Kinkel go completely beyond the mind of a 15-year-old boy, the age at which he murdered his parents and perpetrated a massacre at his school. As usually happens in these cases, everything started due to an apparently casual event.
When one morning in May 1998 his father punished him for misbehavior at home and at school, the boy went crazy and neither short nor lazy shot him with a rifle. Then I patiently waited for his mother to arrive, shooting her in the head and heart . Once the crime was committed, he dragged the corpses to his room.
In a fit of rage, the child killer wrote a note in which he declared his love for his parents.and his wish that he had been aborted before birth. Which did not prevent him, immediately afterwards, from going to his school and murdering several students. He was sentenced to 111 years in prison.

5. George Stinney (14 years old)
George Stinney, character who inspired The Green Mile. | Youtube.
George Stinney has the tragic achievement of being the youngest person to be executed in the United States: he died in the electric chair, in 1944, at just 14 years old. He was tried as an adult, but even today it is considered a state crime for racist reasons.
This teenager acknowledged being the material author of the death of Betty Jane Binnicker, 11 years old, and Mary Emma Thames, 8 years old, whom he killed according to his statement because the two refused to have sexual relations with him.. However, the trial lasted 10 minutes and the minor was executed only a few weeks later.
70 years later, a South Carolina judge ruled that the boy had not received a fair trial and that the beam with which the victims had been killed weighed 20 kilos and could not have been wielded by a 14-year-old boy.

6. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold (17 years old)
Eric and Dylan, perpetrators of the Columbine massacre. | Youtube.
The black chronicle of the United States is full of bloody episodes in school massacres, but the most famous one was carried out by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebolds, two 17-year-old teenagers. They sowed terror at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999.
The personal diaries of the assassins speak of traumatized personalities with a desire for notoriety. They wanted to do something big and go down in history. That is why they planned a detailed plan of pure terrorism that included explosive devices and a bomb to distract the fire team. The result, 12 students and a teacher killed.
After committing the massacre, both committed suicide in the library. The events opened a debate about firearms and bullying in the United States.

7. Jesse Pomeroy (14 years old)
Jesse Pomeroy, author of the death of eight minors. | Gizmodo.
The precedent of this chilling list of child killers is the story of Jesse Pomeroy, a 14-year-old teenager who at the end of the 19th centurykidnapped, tortured and murdered eight children under the age of ten.
After recording the disappearance of several children in Massachusetts, a survivor was able to identify Pomeroy at the train station where he used to kidnap his children. The psychopath recognized it all: he cruelly murdered his victims, stripping them naked and forcing them to curse while he masturbated.
He was sentenced to death, but his sentence was commuted due to his young age to life imprisonment. He died years later in a long agony due to diseases contracted in prison.

8. Graham Young (14 years old)
Graham Young, fascinated by poisons. | Youtube.
Young Graham Young’s relationship with death dates back to his early interest in toxins and their effects on the human body. His fascination with poisons and chemicals awoke in his mind, at only 14 years old, the macabre idea of ​​experimenting with his own relatives and friends.
It was in 1962. First his father, then his stepmother and his sister , fell ill with similar symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting and severe pain. Finally Graham’s stepmother ended up dying, while the boy continued experimenting with friends.
Finally, his teacher suspected him because of his behaviorin class and discovered chemicals in his locker. He was the one who sounded the alarm to the police. Graham was sent to a psychiatric center where he did not abandon his macabre passion for toxics.

9. Craig Price (15 years old)
Craig Price, after being sentenced. |
Craig Chandler Price became a serial killer at the age of 15 responsible for the deaths of four people. Being sentenced a few days before his 16th birthday, he was treated as a minor, for which he had to be released five years later . His case prompted a change in the law to allow juveniles to be sentenced as adults.
Due to the cruelty of his crimes, Price received an additional 25 years.
In 1989 this young marijuana and LSD addict killed Joan Heaton and her two daughters, Jennifer and Melissa, aged 10 and 8, in cold blood. The corpse of her mother had more than 60 stab wounds, and the little ones had their skulls shattered . A real animal. In the investigation it was discovered that two years earlier Price had killed a 27-year-old girl.

10. Edmund Kemper (15 years old)
Ed Kemper in prison. | oxygen.
Edmund Emil Kemper’s long criminal history includes necrophilia, cannibalism, kidnapping and murder of several women during the 1970s. His first crimes, the murder of his two grandparents, were committed when he was 15 years old.
Kemper’s psychiatric file revealed a complex personality due torepeated abuses that he received in his own home . Being her own mother the cause of the abuse, he developed a visceral hatred towards women that pushed him to carry out the wave of crimes among which is the murder of her own mother.
Kemper killed her victims, usually schoolgirls , and then had sex with her corpse before dismembering them. He pleaded insanity and asked for capital punishment for himself, but he was sentenced to eight consecutive life sentences.

11. David Brom (16 years old)
David Brom, 30 years after the murder. | Youtube.
David Brom’s defense has applied for parole and is being studied by the criminal court. He could be free in 2041.
Meanwhile, this psychopath is serving three life sentences for the ax murder of his parents and two brothers in Rochester, Minnesota. It happened in February 1988 and she told everything to a classmate from high school who notified the police.
According to her account, after a strong argument with his father, she went to his parents’ room where he first killed his father and then his mother . Then he went to the room of his brother, 11 years old, and his sister, 13, ending his life.

The Littlest Killer Kids
The following list is even more chilling because, despite the fact that the average age is lower, the brutality of the crimes does not decrease in intensity and in some cases increases. This is the list of the smallest criminals.

12. Jon Venables and Robert Thompson (10 years old)
Jon and Robert, after being arrested. | Youtube.
The story of the Liverpool child killers is one of the most shocking pages of the black chronicle. The world was shocked in 1993 by the images of the New Strand shopping center where two ten-year-old boys are seen kidnapping a two-year-old . Then they would end up killing him. Childhood sadism or just a game?
The unknowns addressed this macabre case after which a shared history ofabuse, family violence, alcoholism and school failure of these two children. Both joined in a strong friendship and days before the crime they saw the movie Chucky, the diabolical doll, which in the interrogation they confessed as inspiring.
The minors took the little boy to a vacant lot where they tortured him and beat him to death before leaving him on the train track to make it look like an accident .
Before killing him, they threw bricks at him, kicked him, broke his fingers, penetrated him anally with batteries and jumped on his stomach until he burst. Due to the brutality of the case, the minors were tried as adults.

13. Mary Bell (11 years old)
Mary Bell left a mark on the stomach. | Youtube.
Another very macabre case is that of the murderous girl Mary Bell, famous for the cruelty she showed in the execution of her victims. In fact, she had already been in jail for having strangled a child with her friend Norma Bell, but after being released she repeated the misdeed with extra cruelty.
In the murder of Brian Howe in 1968 she used scissors to cut his hair and leave a mark on his stomach with the letter “M” . After learning of the new crime, it was discovered that Mary Bell had been subjected to abuse and humiliation by her mother and stepfather, and had even been forced into prostitution.
That did not prevent her from being hospitalized, but her family was considered responsible for her behavior. I am released 23 years later.

14. Jordan Brown (11 years old)
Jordan Brown after being arrested. | Lawrence County Jail.
It takes a lot of cold blood to kill someone with a shot to the back of the head. However, this is what Jordan Brown did when he was only 11 years old, a boy who waited for his father to go to work to execute his partner , who was pregnant. Then he took the bus to go to school as if it were a normal day.
It happened in 2009, in Pennsylvania, and the minor’s psychopathic traits led the judges to judge him as an adult. Having not accepted self-incrimination as the first step towards rehabilitation, the jury determined the non-reviewable life sentence despite criticism from various entities, including Amnesty International.

15. Cristian Fernandez (12 years old)
Cristian Fernandez, the youngest prisoner in the United States. | News4Jax.
At just twelve years old, Cristian Fernandez had lived through traumatic experiences that no human being could bear: his mother was raped, his father committed suicide in front of him and his cousin raped him on more than one occasion.
The mind of this child collapsed on the afternoon of March 14, 2011, when he was in the care of his siblings, ending the life of the youngest, two years old. His mother had left the house and when she returned she found her unconscious son bleeding from the nose and ears .
Although his mother tried to cover for him, Cristian became the youngest inmate in the United States. Six years later, he got parole.

16. Eric Smith (13 years old)
Eric Smith, looking at the camera at the trial. | ABC.
The disturbing gaze of the boy Eric Smith continues to scrutinize us from the image of the true face of evil. More disturbing is that at only 13 years old this little redhead will kill a four year old boy by strangling him, beating him and sodomizing himwith a stick.
Eric Smith’s story raised the question of the limits of evil in such young children, but the law is the law, and when tried as a minor he received a maximum sentence of nine years. Only the lack of remorse allowed the sentence to be increased.
Eric stated that he had been the repeated target of abuse at school, but everything seems irrelevant to the account of the events : on August 2, 1993, the minor took Derrick Robie to a wooded area and subjected him to torture before strangling him. .

17. Lionel Tate (13 years old)
Lionel Tate, after parole. | Youtube.
When he was sentenced in 2001, Lionel Tate became the youngest ever sentenced to a non-reviewable life sentence. In 2004 the sentence was revoked and he was granted parole , although after the assault on a pizzeria he was sentenced again, this time to a forty-year sentence.
Lionel Tate presents a truly disturbing personality. The crime for which he was punished occurred when he was 13 years old. It all happened when the girl’s mother Tiffany Eunick, 6 years old , left her with her friend Kathleen and she went up to her room for a moment leaving her son Lionel in charge of hers.
After listening to some sobs, the woman believed that she was a child’s rina. An hour later , her son told him that the girl was not breathing.. She had killed her.

The most famous child murderers in Spain
Although in the Spanish black chronicle it is rarer to find cases of child murderers, there have also been some macabre cases that will remain forever in everyone’s memory. These are the most famous.

18. Jose Rabadan (16 years old)
Jose Rabadan, the murderer of the katana. | Youtube.
“Was not me. The sword fell alone”, declared years later the most famous minor murderer in Spain, Jose Rabadan, known as “the murderer of the katana”. On April 1, 2000, this fan of role-playing games and martial arts murdered his parents and his 9-year-old sister with a katana. He was only 16 years old.
Years later, Jose Rabadan appears in the mediawith a much changed appearance . He is no longer that boy with long hair and a strange shyness, but a muscular boy, with short hair and a woman with whom he married and had a daughter. He is a stockbroker.
But in the collective memory of all Spaniards remains the shocking memory of those events, when at six in the morning the teenager killed his parents and his sister with a Japanese katana and left the bodies in the bathroom before escaping. He was arrested two days later and sentenced to six years in a juvenile facility.

19. Raquel and Iria (16 and 17 years old)
Raquel, on the left, with her face uncovered. | The Spanish
The trivialization of evil is embodied in this case in two friends, Raquel and Iria, aged 16 and 17, who in May 2000 murdered their friend to “know what it feels like to kill . ” The curious thing about the case is that these two girls had professed admiration for the murderer of the katana, and even sent him letters to the center where he was interned asking him to marry her.
Their fascination with crime led them to commit the savagery of stabbing to death a friend, Klara Garcia, who was 16 years old at the time. The coldness of these two psychopaths surprised the investigators in the reconstruction of the crime.
There they explained how they convinced her friend to lie on a mound to see the stars and, with premeditation, they stabbed her to death. They only served six years of internment and have been free since 2006.

20. El Rafita (14 years old)
El Rafita, in a recent arrest. | Youtube.
The biography of another of the most famous minor murderers in Spain, nicknamed El Rafita, is a true history of crime and drug addiction. At only 14 years old, he was accused as the material co -author of the murder and rape of Sandra Palo , a 22-year-old adolescent with a mental disability.
In this case he puts the hairs on end the cruelty of the authors with the victim . The investigations found that “El malaguita”, 18 years old, led a group of minors who acted together in the events.
On May 17, 2003, the four defendants forced Sandra to get into the car and took her to a vacant lot, where they raped her, leaving her badly injured. To prevent her from denouncing them, she was run over seven times. She is still alive, she is doused with gasoline and burned alive .
El Malaguita was charged with 64 years in prison. Two others, aged 17, were sentenced to 17 years in prison, and El Rafita served 4 years of sentence, after which he continued to commit crimes .

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