Following in the wake of movies like 28 Weeks Later or any of George A. Romero, we can find zombie series that have delighted fans of the genre. We bring you a list of the essential series of the zombie theme .
Don’t expect them all to be a copy of The Walking Dead, as each one seeks to recreate, in its own way, a post-apocalyptic world full of the undead.

8 zombie series to have a hard time (or not)
In this list we talk about the most recent zombie series, so you’re still in time to catch up. On the other hand, some of the rankings that we have seen include fictions such as ‘Resurrection’ or ‘Les Revenants, which deal with life after death, but we lean towards the series in which the infected are less friendly.

1. Z Nation
If you have too many inconsequential dialogues and you are content with a good display of action and undead brains , you should take a look at Z Nation, a series that came to Spain from Syfy two years after its premiere in United States.
More than once we will find ridiculously absurd situations , nonsense that has not sat well with purists. Despite the criticism of the experts of the genre (if there are any), Z Nation is on its way to becoming one of the longest-running zombie series, and it has been renewed for a fifth season.

In the first few minutes, it seems that Helix is ​​following very different paths, but has finally been inclined to tell a plot of infected (not zombies) by some kind of virus in an arctic base.
This zombie series is inspired by video games like Resident Evil (they even present us with an evil pharmaceutical corporation that reminds us of Umbrella Corp) and movies like The Thing. You can already watch two seasons on SyFy.

3. Santa Clarita Diet
Netflix has wanted to get their hands on the genre of walkers and has done it in a rather peculiar way. Santa Clarita Diet is not a zombie series to use, but a horror comedy that, for the moment, has only one season.
A good daySheila Hammond, played by Drew Barrymore , discovers that her heart has stopped beating and that she feels an overwhelming urge to bite those she loves, including her husband Joel. The reviews have been favorable and it looks to be one of the most enduring series on the list.

4. iZombie
This adaptation of a DC comic follows the misfortune of Olivia Moore, a young medical student who, by fate, has just become the living dead. In order not to have to feed on living people, she ends up working in a forensic clinic, where she discovers that she absorbs the memories of the brains that she devours.
With this premise, iZombie is often transformed into a series of superheroesthat fails to fully capture the setting of the DC universe. At the moment, we can see about four seasons.

5. The Walking Dead
The AMC series on walkers is a legend of the genre . Despite the drop in audience over the last two seasons, The Walking Dead has always been at the top of the US share charts.
To an incomparable characterization is added an atmosphere that, on countless occasions, has made my hair stand on end. It has the right dose of blood and guts and some dialogues that define very well what each character feels in a world where survival is above all else.
(SPOILER ALERT!) The main character, Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln, will leave the series in the middle of the ninth season, so we cannot predict how this important departure will sit with the fiction.

6. Fear The Walking Dead
The spin-off of The Walking Dead promised to be a really interesting alternative , but after some heart-stopping first chapters, the series has entered into a very similar dynamic, so much so that it has incorporated the plot of Morgan (Lennie James ), one of the most relevant characters of TWD.
According to its creators, Fear The Walking Dead will not allow us to know why the terrible zombie apocalypse began , but at the moment it represents one of the best television fictions of the genre.

7.Dead Set
That Charlie Brooker, creator of a masterpiece like Black Mirror , has decided to create a zombie series is great news. The result is Dead Set, a three-episode miniseries that kicks off when a Big Brother-type reality show broadcasts its grand finale. An ending that is cut short by the apocalypse.
This approach hides an acid criticism, like Black Mirror, of the current value system and modern television. What would an invasion of walkers be like in the Big Brother of Spain
? Can you imagine Jorge Javier Vazquez wanting to eat brains?

8. Dead Valley
On many occasions , the zombie genre serves as a pretext to present a black comedy, and the perfect example is Dead Valley, presented on MTV. Like a reality documentary, the series follows the lives of a group of Los Angeles police officers who must maintain order in the streets of the city, a task that is not easy.
Each episode lasts about twenty minutes and has only one season, so you can finish it in a single afternoon. To enjoy!

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