When you think about a couple in love there are some things that immediately come to mind. A fact that most people assume is that couples who live together and love each other share the same bed at night to sleep.

Strange but true, not all great relationships are based on falling asleep together hugging each other or holding hands and perhaps some will find it strange that many very close-knit VIP couples don’t spend the night together .

One might think that such a situation is the beginning of a separation but the reality and that, in many cases, it seems to be the key to success of many inseparable couples.

Very young lovers, famous people with lifelong weddings, many seem to appreciate a little privacy at night even if, for not all the stars we will see, there is a romantic reason .

Let ‘s find out why these 10 VIP couples don’t sleep together in bed at night:

1) Paolo Bonolis and Sonia Bruganelli

Although they are a close-knit couple and have had a large family, the host and his wife prefer to sleep in separate beds. According to what Sonia stated in Novella 2000 , the reason would be to guarantee freedom to one’s partner even at night. This habit would guarantee longevity to the couple moreover, according to the statements of Mrs. Bonolis “ it is essential to have time only for oneself . Open in your daily the gates of autonomy and freedom in which your partner does not intervene. I believe it is an act of civilization to sleep in separate rooms “.

2) Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip also have separate bedrooms. As revealed in a biography by the queen’s cousin, Lady Pamela Hicks , there is a historical reason behind it: “ In England, the upper class has always had separate bedrooms . You don’t want to be bothered by snoring or someone twisting a leg. Then, when you feel like sleeping together, you can share your room. It’s nice to be able to choose . “


3) Tim Burton & Helena Bonham Carter

During their 13-year relationship which saw the birth of 2 children, director Tim Burton and actress Helena Bonham Carter shared not only two different bedrooms but also two houses , despite being located next to each other. ‘other. Reportedly, Carter didn’t like sleeping with the director because she snored and she also used to walk around the room and watch TV when she couldn’t sleep .


4) Maurizio Costanzo and Maria De Filippi

Maria De Filippi and Maurizio Costanzo have been a couple for many years now and do not let much of their private life leak out, however, it was Costanzo himself who declared that he had not slept with his wife for many years. In fact, according to what was revealed to the Corriere , the decision was made so that both could rest as they see fit , since the conductor watches television until morning .

5) David e Victoria Beckham

Even though David and Victoria Beckham renewed their wedding vows in January 2017, there have been many rumors over the years about how things haven’t always been what they seem in the spotlight. Beyond the details about their love life, it is undeniable that their love story is among the longest-lived in the star system. They too seem to have slept in separate rooms more than once .

6) Kevin Jonas and Danielle Deleasa

Singer Kevin Jonas was just 22 when he married Danielle Deleasa and after just five months of marriage it was revealed that the couple were sleeping separately. A source told In Touch Weekly that the couple preferred different beds because Danielle couldn’t rest due to her husband’s snoring and that “ Kevin and Danielle had never spent a night together until their wedding night, so she had no idea that he was snoring so loud. She loves her husband, but now she sleeps in a guest room when it gets too noisy . “

7) Brad Pitt e Angelina Jolie

After over 10 years together and six children, they seemed like the perfect match. Instead, in 2016 comes the divorce petition, officially ratified in 2019. A former bodyguard of the couple told In Touch Weekly that the husband and wife often slept in separate bedrooms , perhaps alluding to the fact that there is. they were troubles in heaven before the great breakup was announced. The statement has never been confirmed by the VIPs.

8) Tom Cruise e Katie Holmes

Before the divorce, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes also slept in different rooms during their marriage. Star magazine reported that the decision was made because Cruise snored too much and that it was a workable solution for both of them and that the two even jokingly talked about it with their friends.

9) Donald e Melania Trump

According to the reconstruction of the Washington Post , the president and his wife do not sleep together and do not eat together and also spend little time with each other. The distance between the two would have increased after the scandal of pornstar Stormy Daniels and Playboy bunny Karen McDougal , even if Melania’s staff denies the reconstructions, claiming that totally different lifestyles do not make normal coexistence possible.

10) Mara Venier and Nicola Carraro

Mara Venier revealed, in a long interview with Fabio Fazio, that she does not go to sleep in bed with her husband Nicola. The reason? It seems that Mara cannot bear the fact that Nicola watches TV until late and snores very loudly . For someone like her who wakes up at 5 in the morning it would have been too tiring to endure such a rhythm.