The world of fashion: opportunities and risks for the stars

Celebrity and fashion: a perfect match? It is not just about incredible outfits and important collaborations, but also about the risky moment when a VIP decides to go to the other side of business and create their own clothing or accessories brand, to promote their career but also for passion. The results are often surprising, even if the slips are not lacking!

The fashion adventure of Gwen Stefani and Jessica Simpson

Talented and irreverent both in the music of her group ” No Doubt ” and as a soloist, singer Gwen Stefani has a life full and full of twists. In 2003 she launched a line that perfectly reflects her talents and her taste: the LAMB brand, from the initials of the name of her first solo album “ Love Angel Music Baby ”. The fashion line sells clothing, bags, watches, shoes and perfumes and has been a huge success for the artist, with outlets in 275 stores around the world and revenues of $ 90 million in 2007. But not only: has made such an impact in the fashion world that it has appeared in numerous fashion magazines such as W, Elle and MarieClaire.

An unexpected success is instead that of Jessica Simpson : the American artist, after an unsatisfactory career as a singer and actress, has launched into one of her great passions, fashion. Well, it was the right choice: the fashion empire of the homonymous brand has reached the value of one billion dollars, with collections presented in the fashion shows of the most prestigious fashion weeks and sold in the most important shopping center chains, the perfect showcase for the casual style, without disdaining the covers for magazines such as New York Magazine.

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Jennifer Lopez and Madonna: risky choices with unpredictable results

The fascination of having their own fashion line has not left indifferent even two of the biggest stars of pop music: Jennifer Lopez and Madonna .

JLo , however, suffered a great disappointment from this experience: his fashion line Sweetface, born in 2001 thanks to the collaboration with Andy Hilfiger , brother of the famous stylist Tommy Hilfiger , known for collaborations with high-caliber models among which we find more recently Gigi Hadid, had a short life due to the lack of success. The news came unexpected, given that the Puerto Rican-born singer is known for being an unstoppable business woman: as told by Betway’s special on the best showsof the entertainment capital of the world, the queen of pop earned a staggering $ 460,000 for each show in one of Sin City’s largest two-year casinos.

The other queen of pop, Madonna , has once again chosen to amaze and has launched herself into the world of cosmetics, with the MDNA brand in collaboration with her dermatologist , and her own fashion brand for teenagers, Material Girl, launched in 2010 together with his daughter Lourdes. The garments of the collection were put on sale in the chain of American department stores Macy’s , focusing everything on the target of very young people and on more than reachable prices: yet another success for the queen of pop who loves to choose her “colleagues” as testimonial! The singer also does not disdain sporadic collaborations with brands that require her “magic touch”, as evidenced by the 2007 collection created for H&M, Swedish fast fashion and low cost giant.

The high fashion of the Olsen twins and the vintage charm of Dita Von Teese

The world of fashion, however, is not only tempting for talented singers in search of new stimuli: even actresses love to lend their skills and their style to special lines designed for them and by themselves. One of the most successful cases is The Row , the high fashion line created in 2007 by the Olsen twins : the two American actresses have now stopped acting for years to devote themselves full time to their more than successful fashion line. In fact, the brand, in addition to the prestige and recognition by the world of fashion, has a turnover of over 1 billion dollars, and the twins themselves have been awarded several times for the incredible success of the line.

Another interesting story is that of Dita Von Teese , model and burlesque show girl. The artist, recognizable thanks to a constant look over time inspired by the glamor of the past years, and universally known as an icon of retro charm and elegance, so much so that the famous underwear brand Wonderbra has chosen her to create a lingerie line inspired by herself and in the 40s and 50s, knowing well the seductive power of the right underwear.

The results were excellent given the success achieved by the line, and it is undeniable that they were also obtained thanks to the recall of the testimonial: Dita Von Teese herself!

Launching your own fashion line is an activity that all fashion lovers would like to be able to indulge in at least once in their life: being a celebrity is not enough to achieve the much hoped-for success: sometimes the results can leave something to be desired … other times astonish incredibly.