The expectations surrounding the fifth season of ‘Black Mirror’ were through the roof. After Game of Thrones there was nothing in the serious universe that could be compared in anticipation with the premiere of the new season of ‘Black Mirror’.

The Charlie Booker series is, without a doubt, one of the best conceived and carried television products in the history of the small screen. It has stood out for always evolving and for offering different proposals to the viewer that have shaken the networks and bar talks with each chapter. At least for the first four seasonsthat was so, even (despite its poor gameplay) with the interactive chapter of ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’. But something has happened in this fifth season that has finished breaking the black mirror from which we looked at ourselves.

The fifth season harvests bad reviews
Without being inside the mind of Charlie Brooker it seems clear that something has happened with the series . Without becoming negative criticism, because the chapters are good, it seems that Brooker’s worst enemy has been the same and the excellent level harvested in other seasons. If someone started watching the series from this season and finished with the first one, they would think that they are experiencing a perfect in-crescendo. Unfortunately it is not.
National and international criticism has been very harsh with this fifth season. It seems that neither locals nor strangers have liked it , even from Urban Character we have seen that the level has dropped. The most common criticism
Netflix’s Black Mirror has ended up becoming a remake of the Channel 4 original and the lack of the spirit of ‘Black Mirror’ in most of the chapters. We leave you with a sample for you to check for yourselves:
“Watching the fifth season I wonder what the fuss around the spoilers is about. Would it be a spoiler to say that there are no possible spoilers?There are plot twists, sure, but it would be very difficult to make a devastating spoiler. And that’s part of the problem. Compared to the imaginative journeys of past seasons… the new one is sadly far below. – GC
“It is possible that Brooker -who has written almost every chapter of the series, sometimes using a co-author- is running out of ‘what ifs’ powerful enough to strike fear into the heart of the average twitterer. While in the previous seasons Netflix had released six episodes, the new one only has three. And instead of keeping viewers up all night with political nightmares and other terrifying scenarios, season five barely goes into enough depth about what’s possible today.” – Time
It seems that Charlie Brooker has not been entirely successful in this new season of ‘Black Mirror’

But… what happened to the new season of ‘Black Mirror’?
As we can see in most of the critics , the poor results are attributed to exhaustion from a creative who has given us some of the best fiction stories of the last 10 years in his own handwriting. Specifically with his lack of vision when it comes to carrying out delusional situations that will be several years ahead (mental or temporary) to the current situation of man in relation to technology.
The general impression is that of a decaffeinated ‘Black Mirror’ , without major script twistsnor, as I commented in the analysis of one of these chapters, without moments in which you cling to the armchair as if it were the only safe place in the world; nothing to call anyone on the mobile, of course.
First of all, it is a real pity that Black Mirror’, in this fifth season, has wasted an opportunity to keep its record pristine . Reviews have been low for the first time in its history. Beyond those that we have reflected here, on the Rotten Tomatoes website, one of the world references in terms of film and series criticism, this last season scores with 63% while the others are around 80% , surpassing it in most of occasions.

‘Black Mirror’ has time and room to return with new episodes as good as the previous ones. It has the format, the time (perhaps the rush to make Bandersnatch a milestone in history caused the creation process to change), and enough talent to do it.
After all, the new episodes are not bad, they have only been below expectations. We will have to give them, like everything, a second chance .
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