Whether you are a man or a woman, a pair of sneakers is a must to have in your shoe cabinet like it or not. It is a versatile shoe, which goes well with both more sporty and more elegant looks.

What matters is knowing how to combine the shoe with the rest of the outfit, recreating pleasant, fashionable combinations that make you feel confident.

In this guide article created with the advice of industry experts, the friends of www.kosmosstore.com ( buy the latest fashion sneakers on the Kosmos Store ), we will list tips and tricks for men and women to match sneakers with every type of outfit, because despite being part of the “street clothes” category we can really use them in every situation.

Outfit / sneakers combinations for women

Who says that for women only very high shoes with stiletto heels are the symbol of femininity?

There are many situations in which they can be replaced with other pairs of shoes, including sneakers, all without losing sensuality and gaining comfort. Now we explain how:

Combine sneakers with a suit, based on contrasts

If you want your sneakers to go well with an elegant suit, which would otherwise have required other shoe models, all you have to do is focus on contrasts .

Sneakers are sports shoes, ideal for casual fashion to wear every day, so when they are worn with more formal garments you have to do it with cunning.

A serious and elegant suit jacket and trousers can be toned down in its formal line with a super sporty cut shoe capable of giving sparkle to your look.

He plays a lot with colors, volumes and fabrics to create a cheerful mix… but not too much, so as not to fall into ridicule, when too much is good!

Be daring with the skirt, both midi and pleated

It is not a novelty that sneakers can also be worn with skirts, both midi and pleated, especially if you are not too old.

In the first case you can recreate an effect halfway between chic and sporty, using a midi skirt in satin fabric. In this case you will get a practical, well-groomed look, perfect both for leisure time and for an aperitif with friends, and for a slightly more formal occasion.

As for the pleated skirts, they are perfect with white sneakers. For the nuance of the skirt you can opt for red, pastel colors and metal textures.

Remember that in addition to being an evergreen combination, it is suitable for every body because it is the pleated skirt that looks good on everyone.

Sneakers with leggings? Try the most sophisticated look

We can say loudly that perhaps the most refined and easily repeatable look at home with sneakers involves the choice of leggings .

The most beautiful? Obviously those in leather for a guaranteed sensual and feminine effect.

Wear leggings and slippers with a formal and elegant blouse, perhaps a fitted coat during the winter. And if elegant garments aren’t your thing, go with a sweatshirt, tee or oversized sweater.

Pairings for men

Man is much more advantaged when it comes to combinations with sneakers because even under elegant garments, this model of shoe has become a real must.

However, in order not to fall into ridicule, it is always necessary to pay maximum attention to the rules dictated by the world of fashion, rules that are not written, but that you know well!

Bet on quality shoes

To show off your pair of shoes under an elegant suit, perhaps to go to work, focus on quality collections.

This aspect is important to try to give sneakers a much more formal look.

Create elegant contrasts

A cool , trendy pair of sneakers that can make a difference, can create elegant contrasts whatever combination you intend to do.

If you want to go to work in slippers, then wear them with a modern trench coat or a refined cut blazer paired with cotton chinos.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for an outfit for free time, a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans will be perfect with a pair of low-profile sneakers.

Go in search of simplicity

Sneakers can be synonymous with completing the look.

To be simple, but at the same time fashionable, combine your shoes with carefully selected small leather goods, for a coordinated style.

Remember that simplicity is the best ally of a look that includes sneakers instead of other shoe models.

The simpler and more minimal your look, the greater the visual impact you will be able to create. Simplicity advice? Match the sneakers with neutral colors such as white, black, brown or navy blue.

Do not hide the ankle and prefer the white color

Pants and sneakers are perfect together if you show a couple of cm of your ankle.

Particularly in summer, spring and early autumn, use panty liners instead of socks and show off your lower legs. For a noteworthy pairing, opt for white shoes. This is a color that recalls freshness and lightness, so they are an inevitable must have .

If you can, opt for shoes with cream or gray lining adds a particularly elegant touch.

Also combined with bright colors, the white sneakers create an interesting contrasting element.

Always clean your shoes

For combinations that are fashionable and imitable, don’t forget the cleanliness of your shoes .

Remember to always use proper care products, try to keep the texture of your sneakers intact so as to always keep them in perfect condition and protect them from the elements. When you’re not wearing them, use shoe lasts to prevent unwanted wrinkles.