Nobody predicted that the shadow of fiction constituted by the Duffer Brothers, ‘Stranger Things’ (2016) would have a more than worthy doppelganger (with the permission of Lynch, and never better said) in ‘Dark’ (2017), created by Baran Bo Odar (‘Silence of ice’), was to be another of the most powerful pillars of Netflix .
The German fiction returns with the long-awaited trailer for its second season, but it also announces and confirms, get ready fans of the supernatural … That is, a third season.

‘Dark’: beyond the Demogorgon
If there is something that stands out in ‘Dark’ (without this server being a follower of the series either) it is the dark atmosphere that surrounds the whole thing, being truly disturbing and disturbing. Nothing to do with her American counterpart.
This new trailer delves even more into what happened in its first season, about the disappearance of little Mads, closely related to the suicide of Michael Kahanwald, whose son Jonas tries to overcome this fact, investigating what causes could lead to it.
In the hodgepodge of images that are certainly apocalyptic (it seems to be the main theme in this trailer) and viscerally paradoxical in time , we can understand how the plot becomes truly convoluted in order to capture even more of the viewer’s attention.
It is a series that apparently only uses the aesthetic of ‘Stranger Things’, butAt the plot level, it plays more in the league of ‘Twin Peaks II: The Return’ by David Lynch and Mark Frost (2017). And it is that ‘Dark’ does not need a Demogorgon to assert itself.
Being aware that ‘Dark’ has its own legion of unconditional followers, fans of the series will have been enormously satisfied and wanting more .
‘Dark’ confirms in a new trailer that it will be a trilogy. | Netflix.

The ‘Dark’ trilogy: there are not two without three
Wiedemann & Berg Television, the main producer of the television project, being the platform Netflix, its distributor, has confirmed that the 3rd Season of ‘Dark’ will mean the final closure of the series.
And it is that the tendency to a triangular structure or with clear intentions of trilogy could gain intensity in the next television productions, not being an area only fenced to the cinematographic .
This does not close the door to the possibility of generating other products as spin-offs, if the impact of fiction reaches truly global levels . Such a case would be that of the international phenomenon that ‘La Casa de Papel’ (2017) has meant in Spain.
‘Dark’ has clearly distinguished itself for its seriousness, its dramatic depth, associated with the best television drama in the Nordic countries(where contention is a characteristic element in the social interrelation); as well as its fake lack of humor, which is not necessary at any time, turning it into a different product.

Release date
Fans of the series will be in luck, since they will only have to wait until June 21, 2019 for the next ten episodes of Season 2. The 3rd will begin production this year.
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