Those who love to be fashionable pay attention to many details. Because fashion is not just the dress you wear, or the shoes of the moment, or the trends in bags. Fashion also passes through make-up . And with the warm season approaching, we could only provide useful tips on summer make-up, and specifically useful tricks to always be beautiful and radiant, even in summer. In fact , not only do the colors and makeup methods change, but makeup trends also change according to the seasons. Summer has arrived and the hot season of this particular year requires news that cannot fail to be noticed and appreciated.

So here are our ideas for your summer make-up. 

Summer makeup: hottest colors and trends

Make-up is not always the same . Not everyone notices the difference, but it exists and often goes through seasons. Winter colors adapt to darker tints and lights, spring and summer ones tend to be brighter. Colors change too , but not always as expected. Bright colors are not necessarily the trend of the summer! Each time has its own trend, even for face makeup. And here are the trends that are expected for the summer.

Summer make-up, four rules to follow

To wear make-up in the summer of 2021 it will not be enough just to buy cosmetics and make-up. It is necessary to faithfully follow some rules imposed by the style of the moment, which is well suited to trendy make-up.

  • First rule: the skin in the foreground . Don’t disguise, but expose. The skin – fresh, light, graceful – will be the protagonist and therefore the make-up must be light, never exaggerated;
  • Second: glamor . Not intended as exaggeration and clamor but as an underlining of the most beautiful aspects of the face, with particular attention to the eyes;
  • Third rule: the nuanced . Staying on the subject of lightness and freshness, the great “blur” effect (shaded) will be the trend to be adapted to summer make-up, with particular skill in the use of foundation and blush;
  • Fourth rule: individuality . You have to celebrate yourself for how you are and, even through a do-it-yourself make-up and it doesn’t matter if there will be mistakes and smudges. Do you want to be excessive in the season of moderation? You can do it, if this is what your “I” expresses;

Trendy colors

Summer 2021 is the season of delicate colors and that rare touch of excess that must integrate them and not displace them. Tints, eyeshadows, nail polishes and lipsticks will follow the gentle shades of pastel colors, preferably pink, light red, washed-out coral and the like . They must recall the naturalness of the face, so a light pink lipstick will be preferable to a bright red one. A separate trend will be the orange-toned lipstick , very suitable for this summer.

The eyes must stand out, and therefore – in addition to the intense eyeliner – bolder eyeshadows (for example fuchsia, gold, bright blue ) will also be allowed, as long as they perfectly match the color of the iris. Alternatively, colored pencils instead of eyeshadows. It goes without saying that the foundations and blushes will be very natural, flesh-colored , with shades that differ slightly from the shy natural blush of the cheeks.

What makeup will be the top of the summer?

The eyes and the skin will be the protagonists of summer 2021. So the make-up to pay attention, in these months, will be: eyeshadow, rimmel, pencil or face powders and foundations of all kinds.

As mentioned, eye shadows will be the revelation of summer: they can highlight the eyes with very vivid blue, green, golden colors, or they can simply accompany the beauty of the eye with a few shades. Better if accompanied by an eyeliner and a rimmel, which creates even more contrast. To ” enhance the eye ” you can also intervene on the eyebrows, not necessarily shaved, but definitely “combed” up!

For the skin, each choice must recall the natural freshness and beauty of every day. Blushes, powders and foundation will have the colors of the wearer’s complexion.