Who, once in a lifetime, wouldn’t want to know their future? There are practices that look for it in coffee grounds, others in playing cards, still others in a crystal ball.

However, many believe that what will happen to us has already been written and that there are signs that can tell us precisely about our body and, in particular, on our hands. Knowing how to interpret the lines that flow on the palm of your hand means having the opportunity to know something more about your future and your life.

In particular, enthusiasts and followers of new age philosophies believe that the palms of the hands have the ability to reveal the characteristics of the personality of men and women through the signs by which they are traversed. To read the hand it is necessary to evaluate a very important factor, in the sense that there is a dominant hand – the so-called active hand – and there is a passive hand.

The signs present on the palm of the active hand must be taken into consideration if one intends to know the changes to which one is destined in the course of one’s existence, while those present on the palm of the passive hand tell the hereditary traits.

Here’s what meanings are hidden in the palms of your hands and how to read them >>

5) The meanings

But what are the meanings of the different lines? Let’s start from the top: the semi-horizontal line that can be seen on the palm, in the upper part, and the line of the heart, which, in a certain sense, tells the inner emotions. Under this line there is another, a curved line : and that of life, which indicates the vitality and strength of a person (and not his length, as one is mistakenly led to think). Then there is the central line , which speaks of the condition of the mind: and, in fact, the head line.

4) The line of the heart

At this point, it is worthwhile to learn how to interpret and know the different lines. For example, the heart line is not always present: in the case in which it is lacking, it means that one can count on a high rate of rationality and that one indulges in emotions with many difficulties. If the line of the heart, on the other hand, is straight and short , it means that you are not very romantic. The heart line can be read from both left to right and right to left, as what is important is where it begins. In particular, if the line is born under the middle finger it means that you are selfish, while if the line is born under the index finger you are difficult and selective in love.

3) The line of life

As for the life line, it is an indicator of both the physical and psychological state of a person. For example, people without it are often the victims of worry and anxiety. In the event that this line is not very evident , however, the person is not very courageous and is content to live – so to speak – in his own comfort zone, spending a rather monotonous existence. Finally, in case the line is straight , the person is shrewd and prudent, taking precautions.

2) The line of the head and the line of destiny

The line of the head – straight or curved – is placed between the line of the heart and the line of life, while the line of destiny may be present in a few cases, and is located at the base of the palm. 

1) The lines that cross

It can happen, at times, that the lines of the palms of the hands cross: in most cases, they touch the line of life and the line of the heart , indicating a person who has had to face disappointments and traumas in the course of their existence. and, therefore, a fragile heart. In some circumstances, on the other hand, the line of the heart and the line of the head touch each other, indicating a person who behaves according to not logic but instincts and sensations. Finally, the line of destiny can intersect with the line of life, indicating an autonomous subject who has been able to build himself.