Some of the best PSX (PlayStation) games correspond to the first installments of mythical sagas that have lasted to this day . Sony’s foray into the video game market marked the beginning of a hegemony that was consolidated with PS2 and PS3, two consoles that far surpassed their competitors and paved the way for the new generation.

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Currently, Microsoft has shown itself to be a worthy competitor and looks Sony in the face, because Xbox One X is a more powerful machine than PS4 Pro, but nobody knows for sure what the future of the industry holds for us. More powerful consoles
? Or maybe streaming

gaming? Top 20 PSX Games
For now, we look back and focus on the great PSX games, the first 32-bit PlayStation . If you still have the console at home, collecting dust on a shelf, it’s time to rescue old glories and get carried away by nostalgia.

20.Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2
If we include a skating game among the best PSX games, it is because the Tony Hawk series is brutally fun. Several game modes and levels, as well as a soundtrack to match, kept us hooked on the first DualShock for hours and hours. In this installment they incorporated the possibility of creating new skaters and accessories for the skateboard.

19. ISS PRO Evolution 2
Currently, the monopoly of sports games is between FIFA and Pro Evolution, but at the time of the first PlayStation there was no debate . ISS PRO Evolution 2 (in Japanese known as Winning Eleven) is the best PSX soccer game for its arcade gameplay, a legacy of arcade machines.

18. Tenchu
It has never been so fascinating to be a ninja as in Tenchu, the most famous precedent of Onimusha. That mix of Japanese mythology and stealth-based gameplay left us all speechless. In fact, and saving generational distances, Assassin’s Creed draws from this classic, imitating its stealth assassination system and the use of various weapons to finish off our enemies.

17. Spyro the dragon
If you are an inveterate nostalgic you will remember Spyro, the nice dragon protagonist of one of the most remembered PSX games. On his day , he presented himself to us as a worthy competitor of Mario, but the trajectory of the developer Insomniac Games was not so constant that we saw a second installment. The game makes the most of the hardware potential of the first PlayStation, so you won’t find a title with better graphics for this console.

16. Broken Sword
The graphic adventure is a dead genre, and the fault lies with the new possibilities offered by open world games. In its day Broken Sword was recognized as one of the best of PSX thanks to a memorable story and the point and click system, in which the graphics are drawn by hand and hide some clues that must be discovered.

15. Silent Hill
In view of the success of the Resident Evil saga, other developers ventured into the horror genre, although none gave as much trouble as Silent Hill, with a dirty and dark atmosphere that chilled the blood of Generation X players. All works later share the same setting, which has given the saga a huge personality.

14. Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee
It is not the best game in the technical section nor does it have a deep story, but we remember with special affection the adventures of the alien Abe. Many current indie games are inspired by this classic from 97, which contained intricate puzzles and levels so that you would not lose interest at any time.

13.Tekken 3
Many believed that fighting games were something typical of arcade machines, retro titles that had no place in the new generations. Tekken 3 is proof that a good fight between two opponents always works . Although the saga has lost weight to the detriment of other games like Soul Calibur, Tekken will always be a great successor to Street Fighter. Which fighter did you choose?

12. Medievil
Everyone fondly remembers the adventures and misadventures of Daniel Fortesque. The nostalgia for this game is so strong that in 2018 the title receives a remake for PS4 as a result of popular demand. A very varied and fun hack and slash through levelsthat did not neglect history. The second part of it, released a few years later, bordered on the same level, although it did not cause the impact of the first installment.

11. Crash Bandicoot 3
There’s no doubt in our minds that Crash Bandicoot is the best platformer on PSX . In subsequent consoles, attempts have been made to repeat the formula with titles like Ratchet & Clank, but none have remained engraved in the memory of the gamer collective as much as this fox. Thus, it became the ninth best-selling game in PlayStation history.

10. Siphon Filter
Siphon Filter is a very complete game, with action, stealth and puzzles in equal parts. If we compare it with modern titles, it is clear that it loses spectacularity, but at the dawn of the year 2000 this title was as frenetic as any James Bond movie. The critics also highlighted the taste for detail and a very successful dubbing into Spanish.

9. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
It is difficult to imagine a game from the first PlayStation with such a successful graphic section. That translates into a greater sense of realism and guaranteed scares when it comes to Resident Evil. In the third installment we follow the young Jill Valentine who survived the viral disaster of the Spencer mansion. Fans of the series are still divided between this and the second installment.

8.Final Fantasy VII
The first of the saga in three dimensions also became one of the essential PSX games, to the point that it is still one of the best valued installments . It was conceived as a two-dimensional Super Nintendo project, but after several years of development, it exploited the potential of Sony’s new console to take the Japanese role to new heights.

7. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Despite being recognized as one of the best PSX titles, Castlevania received quite a few negative reviews upon its release. An old-fashioned platform game that incorporated role-playing elements. The beginning of Dante’s long reign in the world of video games.

6. Grand Touring
It doesn’t often happen that a driving game is placed among the best on a console, but Gran Turismo was an example of good work . It was placed at the height of other great references such as Sega Rally Championship, squeezing the maximum of the potential of PSX. Nor can we ignore a soundtrack that many will still remember.

5. Tomb Raider
The PC classic was successfully transferred to consoles. The great assets of the game were properly designed environments, challenging puzzles for the most experienced playersand the realism in Lara’s animations. The explorer has become, over the years, a symbol of video games. If you are immersed in the new trilogy, we strongly recommend that you revisit this classic to see how things have changed.

4. Driver
If we talk about sandbox or open world games we must mention Driver. It is true that the first Grand Theft Auto already exploited this mechanic, but Driver’s third-person perspective and 3D modeling give it the title of the first modern open world game . The objective was simple and fun: escape from the police while committing all kinds of misdeeds. Absolute freedom.

3.Final Fantasy VIII
After the resounding success of the seventh installment, the public was eager to see what the new Final Fantasy held. The result was a delivery with impeccable graphics (one of the best on PSX) and a story that once again captivated thousands of players . The maximum expression of the Japanese RPG.

2. Final Fantasy IX
When everyone thought that the saga could not improve, Final Fantasy IX arrived, a return to the origins of the saga . This time Squaresoft opted for a medieval aesthetic and classic combat system. The possibility of incorporating a fourth character and the continuous nods to previous installments made the ninth Final Fantasy the second best PlayStation game.

1. Metal Gear Solid
Video game master Hideo Kojima made the leap to 32 bits with a sublime adventure, not only because of the graphics but because of the game’s approach. To date, there hadn’t been a title on the market where stealth was so important and the artificial intelligence of enemies was taken care of. Brutal in all aspects.

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