The Italian comedy, or “all’italiana”, is a genre that has always existed even if it developed more in the middle of the twentieth century. After all we are children of the Greek genius , of the direct and somewhat vulgar irony that derives from the Spanish, the backbone of the theater of our south. However, we also owe a lot to Italian comedians who were trained in Lombardy or Liguria, leaving a profound mark on the comedy tradition of our country .

So let’s find out in this new post who are the 10 best Italian comedians ever, the ones we will remember forever … with a good laugh!


  • Antonio De Curtis, known as Toto
  • Alberto Sordi
  • Roberto Benigni
  • Paolo Villaggio
  • Carlo Verdone
  • Massimo Troisi
  • Lino Banfi
  • Renato Pozzetto
  • Diego Abatantuono
  • Claudio Bisio

Antonio De Curtis, known as Toto

Neapolitan, illegitimate son of a noble, he demonstrated with facts that the aristocracy must have it inside and not on a sheet of paper. He established himself with his sympathy and skill , making hundreds of films in a few years (between 1950 and 1967) and although before he suffered devastating criticism, he was re-evaluated over time to the point that today his genre, his “mask ”, And pure cinematographic literature.

Unforgettable, eternal number one!

Alberto Sordi

He has played thousands of parts, from when he began his career at a very young age on the radio (1940s) until his death in 2003. His face has become the face of all Italians, of every region and of every mentality. A unique encyclopedia of never excessive comedy, it is in second place only because there is a myth in the first.

Roberto Benigni

As he matured, the diabolical toscanaccio showed an incredible capacity for transformation. His first films were crazy, excessive, a little vulgar while the last ones are works of art of refined irony, and also bearers of serious messages. 

Paolo Villaggio

Genoese employee who became famous for having written, with his own hands, the story of his own workplace bullying. That screenplay became a series of successful films, Fantozzi , interpreted by himself, which made history and also vocabulary in Italy.

All of us happened to say, at least once, “Ninety minutes of applause”, or that something resembles the “Battleship Potemkin, or a …… crazy!”

Carlo Verdone

Heir to Alberto Sordi, and still young – cinematically speaking – but he is already leaving a mark on history. Many lines of his films are now idioms of the Italian language.

Massimo Troisi

Another Neapolitan who creates history and Massimo Troisi. His films exude Neapolitan comedy, starting from the scripts strictly in dialect.

Twisted, a little hermetic, his films still make you laugh heartily. He left too soon.

Lino Banfi

He has never betrayed his roots and the Apulian dialect, and for this he has become a great in his comic parts. Linked to a not so glorious past, with banal and scurrilous films, he was able to make up for himself in full maturity.

Renato Pozzetto

The Milanese par excellence, with that critical gaze and that sung dialect that arouses sympathy and antipathy at the same time.

Interpreter of highly successful films, also unforgettable as an Italian comedian in the history of our cinema.

Diego Abatantuono

Beautiful, imposing, severe air. You would never expect this immense skill of his in comedy. Also because he is equally good at the dramatic parts.

It can also boast an Oscar, for the Mediterranean film .

Claudio Bisio

Oscar also for the Mediterranean , is proving to be a great comedian capable of passing from comic to dramatic expression in just a few lines. Very good indeed, for starting from a television cabaret.