‘Red Notice’, the robbery thriller that Universal Pictures was scheduled to release in November 2020 under the direction of Rawson Marshall Thurber (‘The Skyscraper’), has been replaced by another film with an unknown title. Netflix, which does not miss one, has acquired the rights to the project and, in addition to Dwayne Johnson, adds Ryan Reynolds to the cast.

Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds, star cast for ‘Red Notice’
Dwayne Johnson has long established himself as one of the favorite actors for action movies, and his name is usually synonymous with success. Universal Pictures had scheduled a robbery thriller called ‘Red Notice’ in its 2020 agenda in which ‘The Rock’I would work again under the direction of director Rawson Marshall Thurber.
The actor and the director met in 2016 when they shot together a comedy action movie called ‘A Spy and a Half’, and in 2018 they worked together again on ‘The Skyscraper’, an action thriller with a lot of vertigo that for many did not happen of the approved
Now, Universal Pictures had projected a new movie that, under the orders of the same director, would star Dwayne Johnson (‘Jumanji’) and Gal Gadot (‘Wonder Woman’), but finally the tape has been acquired by the streaming platform Netflix that, in addition, incorporates the star of ‘Deadpool’, Ryan Reynolds , into the cast .
Ryan Reynolds, star of ‘Deadpool’, joins the cast of ‘Red Notice’ | B&C
Apparently, after a meeting with the director, Universal Pictures decided to withdraw from the project and schedules another movie with an unknown title for the scheduled release date of November 2020 . Thurber then met with those responsible for Netflix and reached an agreement to start production work in 2020.

What will ‘Red Notice’ be about?
The project is still in the early stages, but it has transpired that the story will revolve around to the persecution of an international agent after a thief of luxurious works of art. The script, which is also in charge of Rawson Marshall Thurber, foresees a third main character, in the role of villain, but it is unknown who will play who.
Early speculation suggests that Dwayne Johnson could play a special agent, Gal Gadot could play an art thief, and the role of villain would go to Ryan Reynolds .
Among the movie premieres on Netflix there are some titles that did well, such as ‘Blind’, with Sandra Bullock, ‘Bright’, with Will Smith, and ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’, with Lana Condor and Noah Centineo, but some blunders like the premiere of ‘Triple Frontier’, by JC Chandor , make the platform still cautious with the acquisition of new movies.
Dwayne Johnson,owner of the production company Seven Bucks , which will produce the film ‘Red Notice’, has stated that his intention is to break traditional barriers and create a global event, for which purpose the best partner, for its ambition and the quality of its original products, it’s Netflix.

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