Halloween outfit: Fashionaut’s advice for the scariest night of the year

Welcome to Fashionaut, the online magazine dedicated to fashion and lifestyle. For today’s post, we want to give you some useful tips for your Halloween outfit, which will take place on October 31st.

Halloween is a relatively young party, at least here in Italy . Despite having celtic origins dating back thousands of years, the “evening of saints” and monsters was imported into our country after it became a tradition in the United States.

Here it is hard to take root , despite the fact that for twenty years it has been celebrated above all in schools. But if you are not a child who goes into masks asking for sweets, you may want to have fun anyway.

If you too want to celebrate the mysterious night of October 31st, you will need a suitable Halloween outfit . Because you know, even on these occasions, dressing with class and a certain style is always needed. At least to keep away the monsters, the real ones!

Here are some ideas for your Halloween outfit .

Halloween costumes for adults

The grown-ups love Halloween too, and they dress up in masks too , if they can. But an adult will not be able to dress up as a skeleton or a ghost. So your costume for this party must also have a certain style rule. Here’s how to do it in the following lines.

Outfit Halloween femminile

If you are a woman, a black evening dress to combine with a veil and dark make-up is enough to look like movie diva Angelina Jolie and her character Maleficent . And with the addition of a witch hat you will be a beautiful and sexy enchantress!

Alternatively, wear old clothes – in black, burgundy or orange shades – on which you will paint a huge spider or a cobweb with the fabric colors, to match the face mask, preferably in the shape of a pumpkin .

In fact, for girls, the witch one is the most common Halloween disguise. 

Outfit Halloween maschile

For men: old clothes that you can ruin to your liking, or worn t-shirts paired with the beautiful trendy jeans of the moment – the ripped ones, and a white make-up that covers your entire face making you look pale. The rest – the dark circles, the zombie blood – will do the trick of your hers, so she can play a terrifying zombie.  

Alternatively, you can wear a black suit and a red cape with little makeup, and you are transformed into Count Dracula.

In fact, for men, zombies and vampires are the most used disguises for their Halloween outfit.

Finally, for those who want to dare, the killer clown disguise, the one of “It”, a film that became famous in the cinema and based on a book by Stephen King, could turn out to be a pleasant and fun surprise with which to go out and have a drink in the scariest night of the year. Alternatively, the Joker character also seems to be very much in vogue in disguise choices for Halloween!

Also, very popular will be the disguises related to the Netflix TV series “Squid Game”, which in recent weeks has garnered endless acclaim, and which we bet many (both men and women) will decide to use as a disguise in the scariest night of the ‘year!

Dressing up for Halloween without masking

If you don’t want to wear a specially designed costume or Halloween mask, no problem. However, you can still go around on the night of October 31st.

The winning idea could be to use colors that recall the party and its symbols – black, blood red, pumpkin orange – or extravagances that make you particularly “monstrous”.

For the women’s outfit, women won’t have much trouble finding black garments in the closet. In fact , pointed boots , as they were used a few years ago, evening veils or shawls, special scarves, are always available in your closet.

If you have leather clothes (trousers, jackets, accessories) it is the right time to show them off. The ripped “eighties” jeans that are back in fashion now will help you look like a zombie even without a mask !

Any advice for your hair?

Use gel and lacquer to give them the shape you want: pointed, devil’s horns … you can also dye them with washable bright colors, which will go away with the first shampoo.

And for men instead?

Same ideas for men: ripped jeans, black leather shirts or jackets, studs, real or fake piercings will make the right scene on Halloween. Maybe you could even paint some fake blood around your new earring! Everything as long as it looks fascinatingly dark.


See you next time with the magazine’s tips on fashion and lifestyle!