Technological research  is destined to revolutionize the world of washing machines of the future : over the next few years, the appliances that will be placed on the market will have distinctly different characteristics from those of today. And the same goes for clothing. For example, chips will be placed on the garments   that will provide all the information relating to their manufacture and, therefore, the washing methods to be respected: this information will concern the history of the brand, the materials used for their production, their degree of sustainability and many other data.

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Smart clothes

Not only the  washing machines will become intelligent , but also the clothes we will use.

The tights, for example, will have the ability to communicate the level of wear reached, and therefore will indicate by themselves when it is time to replace them. But there is more: the order for  the purchase of new models  in an e-commerce, with the necessary settings, could start automatically, obviously in line with what was decided and established in advance by consumers.

What will change for washing machines

Even the  ways of using  washing machines are about to be revolutionized. Imagine, for example, that you have purchased a “smart” jacket like the clothes described above. To clean it, it will be necessary to put it in the washing machine, but at this point you will not need to do anything else: the chip contained inside the garment, in fact, will ensure that  the most appropriate washing program  for that garment starts automatically, and even the use of softener and detergent will be managed by the appliance, which takes the necessary quantity of products by itself. This leads to the question, however, if in the future each garment will have to be washed alone, perhaps inside washing machines much smaller than those of today, with  much more specific functions. and much faster times. On the other hand, there are those who hypothesize that compact appliances will be offered on the market and at the same time divided into various compartments, so that different types of laundry can be washed at the same time. For now, there is no answer.

How the relationship with clothing changes

The only certainty that it seems cannot be denied and that in the not too distant future will change the relationship between people and the clothes they wear, but a little big revolution will also affect the entire experience of managing the  clean / dirty cycle . Clothes capable of washing themselves have not yet been invented, while smart washing machines are already present, with brands such as Samsung and LG making very significant investments in  the research and development sector .

Networked washing machines

Already today in the most modern homes there are  washing machines connected to the network , which can be operated remotely and perhaps in advance, simply through the smartphone. Soon, there may no longer be a need for all this, with the garments that will be able to be recognized automatically, will in turn be connected to the network and, consequently, will have the ability to communicate alone with the washing machines, indicating the necessary types of washing, indicating the  required temperatures  and providing details on the timing.

And what if the garments of the future were only the result of augmented reality?