There are many types of beards, but each one favors a specific face , giving it personality and masculinity. We present all that we have been able to collect, long and short, to make a list as complete as possible.
The beard, formed by the hairs on the lower part of the face, appears during puberty due to testosterone. This symbol of virility has not always been in fashion, although in recent years it seems that the model of masculine beauty is once again that of a man with a bushy beard , although that is, if taken care of.

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15 types of beards for all faces
Without further delay, we present all the types of beards that exist according to the face they favor.

1. Types of beard for an oval
face An oval face usually has symmetrical features, so they should not have a problem with any type of beard. If we are looking for the perfect balance, neither too long nor too short , the ideals are the following.

1.1 Medium Beard
We start the list of beard types with the simplest. It is about adjusting the proportion of hair both on the chin and on the cheekbones so that it does not protrude more than two centimeters , always keeping the line well defined below the cheeks.

1.2 Beard shaded (or three days)
The typical shade of beard that looks so good on some men. Many and many defend that this is the perfect amount of hair that should occupy the face , although it is difficult to maintain.

2. Types of beards for round
faces Round faces are favored by straight and angular shaves in the area of ​​​​the cheekbones, to sharpen the features.

3.1 Sideburns
Letting your sideburns grow is the most logical way to lengthen your face . In any case, we will avoid the curved lines on the cheek.

3.2 Short beard
The width of each part of the beard must not exceed three centimeters . Halfway between a goatee and a beard, very popular in the UK.

3. Types of beard for a square face
In this case, we will try to get the most out of a square jaw . The best way is to keep your hair short and neat on the sides, while letting your chin grow as much as possible.

3.1 Circular
beard This type of beard surrounds the mouth and leaves everything else free . It does not tend to be very bushy and should be well defined, also between the goatee and the lower lip.

3.2 The Knob
Knobs are ideal for marking the square angles of the jaw. They can be very defined or cover the chin widthwise, but they will never be accompanied by a mustache .

3.3 Prism beard
In this case, the sides should not exceed two centimeters, while the chin can be as long as desired, as long as it ends straight , reminiscent of the shape of a prism.

3.4 Spartan beard
It differs from the prism beard in the fall of the chin, much sharper . It reminds of the beards of the Hellenic warriors in the Ancient Age, hence its name.
Beards, long or short, must be groomed. | Image from: Free-photos.

3.5 Bandholz Beard
The beard that has made beards fashionable. Eric Bandholz, founder of Beardbrand beard products, has made this way of wearing a beard popular. It falls in a disorderly way downwards and has a length of seven months, butmaintains the defined line and must have a careful appearance . You have to find the balance.

4. Types of beards for bald men
That we no longer have hair on top does not mean that we should deprive ourselves of having them on our faces. There are some beards that benefit people without hair the most, and they are the following.

4.1 Van Dyke Beard

Pointy goatee, shaped like an inverted T, and a long , tapered mustache. It is difficult to achieve, but it can be achieved thanks to a skilled barber or a machine. Sideburns must be completely shaved.

4.2 Collar
beard Another ideal type of beard for people with little hair is the collar beard, which we will achieve by leaving a centimeter of hair or two below the jaw, just above the jowls. They are not usually accompanied by a mustache or goatee.

5. Other types of beards
But not everything ends here in the world of beards. We leave you with four types that are not very frequent.

5.1 Dutch beard
It is characterized by a classic cut, very circular, shaved in the jowls and mustache . Remember the style of the “amish”, so there are very few who wear this beard and even fewer who are favored.

5.2 Imperial beard
One of the most complex types of beard. The goatee should be very fine and fall in a point , just like the mustache. The result is impressive, but we must help ourselves with some type of fixation.

5.3 Verdi Beard
In honor of the famous Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi. Very thin mustache and very bushy beard , a very stylish contrast that, however, favors few.

5.4 Mutton Chops Beard
Perhaps this is the most eccentric of beards. It consists of populating the cheek area and shaving the chin , so that the difference is very evident. would you dare with this

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