Ischia: what to see on the Green Island

Welcome to the world of Fashionaut travel! Summer (I know the weather is still naughty) is upon us and we want to talk to you today about one of the most popular islands every year and the destination of thousands of tourists who decide to visit it: we are talking about the Island of Ischia, in Campania, defined also Isola Verde for the presence of tuff on Mount Epomeo, a gray-green stone, which owes its color to the prolonged contact with sea water and used in the past for the construction of buildings.

In this post we will try specifically to answer the question “Ischia, what to see?” , that every tourist asks when booking his hotel in Ischia or taking one of the means of transport that arrive at the pier every day.

If you decide to go to the discovery of this splendid island, you cannot fail to visit at least 5 symbolic places of the beautiful Ischia. Let’s see them together in the following lines!

The Ischia thermal baths

On a sun-kissed island, where relaxation is almost a must, you cannot miss a day at the Ischia thermal baths. Among the most famous in Europe and in the world, they have been appreciated and used since the ancient Greeks.

These in fact used to relax and restore themselves with the waters and vapors that escaped from the volcanic rocks, and it was even thought that they had magical powers, since they were able to heal even the wounds caused in battle.

Today the Ischia thermal baths are a fundamental stop for anyone who decides to visit Ischia. Among the most important thermal parks of the island it is possible to mention the Gardens of Poseidon , known throughout the world for well-being and relaxation.

La Mortella Gardens

Another place not to be missed is the Giardini La Mortella , located in Forio and open to the public since the early 90s. These were born on the idea of ​​Susana Walton , William’s wife and this place is so fascinating because it represents a real journey to discover the species of flora typical of continents far from ours, such as South America and Oceania. In the same place you can also visit the house-museum, located right next to the gardens. A wonderful place and recommended for all nature lovers.

Aragonese castle

A true symbol of the island is the Aragonese Castle, a fortification commissioned in 1400 by Alfonso V of Aragon and placed on an islet adjacent to Ischia Ponte. This castle for years served as a defense of the island and the kingdom from attacks by sea. The Aragonese Castle is one of the fortifications present in Campania together with the Castello di Baia, Maschio Angioino, Castel dell’Ovo and Castel Sant’Elmo, and represents one of the intangible heritages of the history of the entire region.

Borgo Sant’Angelo

The Borgo di Sant’Angelo is one of the gems of the Ischian island, and contains naturalistic and architectural beauties, which the tourist can rediscover in a walk through narrow streets and typical shops, until stopping at one of the many family-run restaurants present. , where you can taste one of the typical dishes of the island’s culinary tradition, such as the Ischia-style rabbit or one of the many fish-based specialties of an island famous for its agricultural but also maritime tradition.

The beaches of Ischia

Among the many things to see in Ischia you can only visit all the most beautiful beaches in the area. In fact, from north to south you can visit beaches and coves where you can swim in complete tranquility and abandon yourself to the summer, between dives and tans.

Among the most famous beaches of the island we cannot fail to mention the Maronti beach, the longest of the whole Campania island with its 3 km in length; Citara beach , adjacent to the other main attraction, namely the aforementioned Poseidon Gardens; the Bay of Sorgeto , where you can also take beautiful baths out of season; the beach of San Montano , a real Mediterranean oasis in the heart of the island.

These are just some of the most famous beaches of Ischia in existence. But don’t worry about the choice, everywhere in Ischia you can enjoy a splendid sea, full of wonderful coves in which beaches are set that frame a perfect holiday.


Visiting Ischia mainly means taking part in a first-rate cultural, eno-gastronomic and naturalistic journey, immersed in an area rich in history and traditions, with a local population ready to welcome you and make you feel at home. We hope with this post to have fully answered the initial question “Ischia, what to see” ? that we placed at the beginning of this article.