The presence of a swimming pool in the outdoor area allows to increase the prestige and value of the home, optimizing the external area of ​​the house to make it a more pleasant place to spend free time and moments dedicated to relaxation. 

However, it is essential not to neglect safety , making sure that the swimming pool is not only a place to have fun and relax, but also a protected place in which to enjoy pleasant experiences with family and friends.

The most suitable solution to ensure maximum safety and the installation of a quality pool cover , choosing a model suited to your needs and able to offer the best possible protection. 

A cover allows you to protect yourself against a series of risks, especially in the presence of small children, the elderly and pets inside the residence, for example by avoiding damage caused by any accidental falls .

At the same time, a pool cover protects the pool all year round, preserving it from the elements and preventing the water from getting dirty easily with debris and leaves. 

This allows to simplify the maintenance of the pool, reducing the interventions necessary for cleaning the pool thanks to a lower proliferation of bacteria and algae. Some models also allow you to experience the pool in any season , creating a sheltered, suggestive and welcoming area even in winter.

Things to consider in a safe and reliable pool enclosure

When you want to secure your pool, you need to contact expert professionals , evaluating the proposals offered by the best companies on the market. 

In this regard, for example , the pool covers of , a Made in Italy company that has been involved in the creation of quality and Italian design covers for swimming pools, are very popular , providing a rich catalog of products. patented.

Choosing a patented cover allows you to benefit from a structure approved according to the European reference standards for the sector, with the safety of a product that complies with the most stringent technical standards , such as UNI 11718 , within which the parameters to be respected are defined. for the performance of soft, rigid and semi-rigid covers for swimming pools. 

In this way, it is possible to guarantee maximum safety in the prevention of accidents and injuries and to ensure adequate construction quality, with the use of certified materials suitable for the application context, resistant to atmospheric agents such as wind, snow and hail.

Furthermore, it is possible to enhance the swimming pool area with a specially designed cover , capable of increasing the aesthetic quality of the external area of ​​the house and at the same time also protecting the pool.

The best pool cover for child safety

When you have a home swimming pool, the greatest attention should be paid to children , as you must guarantee them maximum safety, especially when they are by the pool. 

An optimal solution in these circumstances is a walkable sliding cover , a perfect structure to protect not only the little ones but also any accidental falls of pets. 

Nowadays, it is possible to find models made with hi-tech materials , able to offer a minimalist design with essential lines and an invisible configuration to camouflage the roof with the surrounding landscape. The opening and closing system can be manual or motorized, with a walkable surface that allows you to optimize the space in the outdoor area of ​​the house. 

Abritaly , for example, in this regard proposes the manual Coverseal cover , which can be operated easily and effortlessly with a ratchet, to unfold the high-resistance anti-tear sheet in reinforced PVC in a few moments. This minimal style cover can be customized by choosing the colors of the cloth and the box, with the possibility of recessing the rails for greater safety of the structure.

Alternatively, for the protection of children it is possible to opt for an automatic Coverseal , a flat self-powered cover for a green and ecological solution. The structure has a patented fabric in reinforced and walkable PVC. 

Obviously, to evaluate the option that best suits your needs, it is also possible to request specialized advice , with the support of highly qualified professionals.