Surely you have already heard of the fact that for some time tattoos have entered the istat basket . What does it mean? That tattoos have also become part of our country’s inflation control tool. This is because for Italians it has become customary and customary to get at least one tattoo.

Precisely for this reason in recent years we have seen more and more drawings and circular writings around. If on the one hand those who tattoo can be defined as a real artist, on the other, many of those who are made are real opprobrium and sometimes even with obvious errors .

In addition to the skill of the tattoo artist, it also takes some good starting ideas and this is known to be a sore point for many. Because let’s face it, some tattoos really have the absurd, or instead of creating something unique and special, in the end it falls into the banal, as well as the overblown symbol of infinity .

Our VIPs know something about it, some of them have really been able to indulge themselves when it comes to tattoos.

11) Adele

Let’s start with the famous singer of Rolling in the deep, who certainly has come a long way between her singing successes and the fact that she has lost a few pounds since her first appearances in video clips. But she has a flaw too. She or she boasts one of the ugliest tattoos among celebrities. What does what she has on her wrist mean? A circle, with a heart in the middle and three dots. It’s not even aesthetically beautiful.

10) Angelina Jolie

The famous Lara Croft in terms of madness can be said to have made several. After she bottled her ex-husband’s blood in a pendant to carry around, she can be said to have reached the top of her. Obviously, tattoos cannot be missing on such a character. The ugliest? Probably the stylized Chinese dragon on the left shoulder, but the cross on the crotch  is no joke either.

9) Asia Argento

The daughter of the famous director Dario Argento , as well as former historical partner of the singer Morgan . Asia Argento has never shone for her film career, what made her talk about her unfortunately was something else. What about tattoos? A horrible eye, badly tattooed and of dubious meaning on the left shoulder.

8) Britney Spears

The famous singer who made us dance at the end of the 90s, with Baby one more time , has made a lot of evolution. She has changed both her look and her singing genre. She was hospitalized for drug and alcohol abuse, collapsing her career, but she was able to rise and be reborn just like a phoenix. Do you think if she has her tattooed? No. She has a pair of very ugly pink dice on her left wrist.

7) Rihanna

She can truly be defined as an icon of eccentricity and if for some she is also comparable to a style icon, for others it is just the opposite. What is certain is that Rihanna with her 17 tattoos of her really boasts a huge repertoire. The ugliest? Surely the gun tattooed on her right thigh.

6) Kelly Osbourne

Daughter of the crazy singer Ozzy Osbourne . She and she best known for portraying herself in the fictional The Osbournes, based on her family. She is also a singer, actress and stylist. She too, like Adele, has gone from a period in which she was much more overweight and with an ambiguous look, to today in which she has lost weight and is much more bon ton. Too bad that her tattoos remain and also those two colored skulls that she got branded on her feet, not to mention what she got done on her head. Maybe it’s not really bon ton.

5) Belen

Let’s finally move on to some local stars. The beautiful Belen Rodriguez. A charm and curves to take your breath away. Too bad that since she decided to share that huge colored drawing of her on her right shoulder, with her now ex Stefano De Martino , her charm has been ruined. Certainly we do not be moralists, because she remains beautiful and beautiful, but the fact remains that that patacca makes you turn up your nose.

4) Cheryl Cole

Known above all as a singer and for having been one of the judges of X Factor UK , in the years 2008 and 2009. With her we touch the absurd, not so much because the tattoo is ugly, but because it is incredible. Cheryl decided to have giant roses tattooed all over her lower back and lower back. Suffice it to say that from a distance it looks like a huge stain.

3) Pamela Anderson

The famous Baywatch lifeguard, who went down in history for her exuberant breasts, super blonde and that made most boys dream, decided to have a line of barbed wire tattooed on her right arm . Very 80s by the way. It’s not ugly, it’s not vulgar, but it doesn’t taste like meat or fish.

2) Laura Chiatti

Here is another local. Italian actress and model, beautiful, blonde and blue eyes. In addition to the ugly tattoo that she already had done behind her neck, which besides it is not clear what it represents, now she has had another one done on her leg. A red heart, with the name of the  newborn child inside. The realization, however, definitely leaves something to be desired, seeing is believing …

1) Eve

Eve is an american rapper and actress. She collaborated with Gwen Stefani and Alicia Keys. And she has also starred in several films, including xXx, Charlie’s Angels and The Barber’s Shop.
Her tattoo is more than ugly and questionable and not to be copied, that is the feline footprints right on her breast.