Whether in the towns guarded by the enormous Popocatepetl volcano or in the municipalities that seem to engulf the mountains in a set of valleys and ravines, the magical towns of Puebla envelop the visitor in a particular atmosphere in which ancestral traditions, local gastronomy are mixed and an incomparable natural environment.

  • Complete list of the 20 most beautiful Magical Towns of Mexico.

1. The most interesting tourist places in Puebla
2. The 9 magical towns of Puebla

The most interesting tourist places in Puebla
Puebla is one of the Mexican states that receives the most visits throughout the year. In addition to the undoubted charm of the magical towns of Puebla, there are other highly recommended tourist destinations for everything they offer.

1. Serdan
City Serdan City. | Wikimedia Commons.
One of the most attractive rural areas in the Mexican state of Pueblo can be found in Ciudad Serdan, a small municipality nestled in a valley bordered by mountains .and bathed by plains. In the sight of the foreigner, the image of the dome of the church with a cut-out background where the snow-capped hills can be seen rises imperiously.
In recent years this town has made a notable effort to develop tourism and offers various activities such as mountaineering, extreme sports, and the first eco-park in the region called Volcanic Park .

2. Vicente Guerrero
Lake in Vicente Guerrero. | Wikimedia Commons.
Among the 217 towns that make up the Mexican state of Puebla, Vicente Guerrero is one of the most recommended to visit. Its great attraction is the vegetation, the natural environment that over the years has survived several fires and systematic felling of trees.
One of the most emblematic areas is San Bernardino Lagunas, which contains two lakes and a peak of what was once a volcano, the Otzelotzi.

3. Izucar of Matamoros
Izucar of Matamoros. | Flickr.
This town in Puebla is known for its spas with sulphurous and medicinal waters, such as San Carlos. It is also very interesting to visit Izucar de Matamoros to admire the crafts of the place: the trees of life are ceramic sculptures of biblical characters that are used for processions.
In this municipality you can also visit one of the most beautiful temples of antiquity and an old monastery from the 16th century, called the Santo Domingo convent.

The 9 magical towns of Puebla
As soon as you enter the so-called magical towns of Puebla one realizes why this denomination. It is a very particular universe in which the past and the present go hand in hand between volcanoes, pure air and fog.

4. Cuetzalan
Cuetzalan. | Pixabay.
The ancestral past, the natural environment and the indigenous tradition go hand in hand and give identity to the cobbled streets and the white buildings of the town of Cuetzalan. It is surrounded by forests in the Sierra de Puebla, and in it the smell of coffee blends harmoniously with the rain and the humidity of the fog that descends in the morning.
As one of the oldest towns, the natives of Cuetzalan have kept Nahua traditions alive throughout the centuries and continue to exhibit their artisan arts . It is highly recommended to visit the botanical garden full of orchids and ferns, and enter the parish of San Francisco de Asis.
In addition, Cuetzalan hides a treasure in its bowels: the underground landscapes and the caves through which a river descends that amazes visitors.

5. Atlixco Atlixco
Street. | Tourism of Atlixco.
One of the magical towns guarded by the volcanoPopocatepetl is Atlixco, whose visual impact surprises the visitor and wraps him in a welcoming atmosphere when he enters through its arteries. In addition to the great variety of plants in its ecosystem, the town houses very old temples that give it an ancestral touch.
The locals usually make large floral rugs with which they carry out their celebrations, and its narrow cobbled streets flanked by colorful houses invite you to get lost in its magical universe.
In the end, everything converges in the arabesque market square where the convent of Carmen also rests , which was built in the 16th century.

6. Chignahuapan
Chignahuapan. | Heart of Puebla.
Chignahuapan is one of the most colorful magical towns in Puebla, as its monuments and buildings are decorated with multiple colors, such as the Mudejar kiosk that has become a classic postcard of the place. The Santiago Apostol parish is also one of the most exotic temples in the state of Puebla.
The lagoons, the hot springs and a 200-meter waterfall in the Salto de Quetzalapa are the main natural attractions of this town. Another curiosity is that at the entrance to the Municipal Palace there is a series of murals that tell the story of Chignahuapan .

7. Huauchinango
Huauchinango. | Wikimedia Commons.
The town of Huauchinango maintains a very close bond with water, which seems to give it life every day in the surroundings of rivers and waterfalls that embrace it . Strolling through its streets you will smell roasted peanuts and it is easy to get caught up in the friendliness of the women who sell the typical fruits of the place.
But what makes Huauchinango special is its natural environment, and in fact one of the great tourist attractions is its dams, which many people visit and travel by boat. You can also take a dip in the waterfalls of Totolapa and Salto Chico .

8. Pahuatlan
Pahuatlan. | Wikimedia Commons.
Between valleys and ravines, the mountains seem to engulf one of the magical towns of the Mexican state of Puebla, Pahuatlan,that takes its name from the pahuas (avocados) that extend in its domains. This place was a union of the Nahuatl and Otomi cultures, whose heritage can be seen in every corner.
The smell of freshly baked bread and roasted coffee in stone ovens early in the morning is typical of this town, but also the great color displayed by the flowers , the embroidery, and the amate paper with which the indigenous continue to make , many centuries later, the tribute registers.

9. Tlatlauquitepec
Tlatlauquitepec. | Puebla Travel.
At the foot of Cerro Cabezon, a huge crag on which fir trees cover the bare rock, is one of the most interesting magical towns of Puebla. Pure air and nature seem to protect the municipality of Tlatlauquitepec, where the locals make rugs and offerings with white flowers for the patron saint, the Virgin of the Assumption.
It is a very quiet town where you can enjoy the local cuisine and spirits , but also explore the caves on the hill and go hiking and other activities to get in touch with nature.
It is highly recommended to let yourself be enveloped by the tranquility of the place, and climb the bell tower of the Sagrado Corazon church to contemplate Cerro Cabezon in its immensity.

10. Xicotepec
Xicotepec. | Busline.
The experience in Xicotepec is magical, renovating, ancestral. Different from everything. The natural environment that surrounds the place is dominated by the aroma of coffee, since it is an area of ‚Äč‚Äčavocado and coffee . And the mist-covered mountain range merges with the sky in a harmony broken only by the image of the town, a mixture of Hispanic and colonial architecture.
If you go to this magical town you have to mix with the mystical practices that have been preserved to this day: do not forget to go to Xochipila to ask the healers for a cleanse .
Behind the portals you will see the architectural jewel of the town, the convent of Santa Maria de Guadalupe, built in the 16th century in a Gothic style.Unique in the place (Because of the way it will remind you a lot of the Church of Our Lady of Paris!). In addition, the town has other attractions such as the Carranza Museum or the 23-meter-high statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe .

11. Zacatlan of the Apples
Zacatlan of the Apples | Wikimedia Commons.
From the glass viewpoint, the visitor can admire the best postcard of Zacatlan de las Manzanas: the dense fog that descends slowly to cover the hills that border one of the most impressive magical towns in Puebla. From there you will feel the immensity of the valley in whose entrails the pre-Hispanic people rest.
In this place you will discover how the cheese bread is baked, you will be able to admire the extension of the apple trees that give the place its name, and you will find the manufacture of musical clocks that give identity to the town. That is why in the center of the municipality there is a large monumental clock adorned with colorful flowers.

12. Cholula
Cholula. | Heart of Puebla.
This is one of the oldest towns in America and one of the most beautiful municipalities in Puebla, presenting an emblematic image with the church of Nuestra Senora de los Remedios rising on a mound with the gigantic snow-capped volcano Popocatepetl spewing gases from behind.
In fact, the church was built on a great pyramid in an archaeological environment highly recommended to visit. You can also relax having a coffee with views of the Franciscan convent of San Gabriel in the portals of the Plaza de la Concordia, and marvel at the columns of the Royal Chapel, inspired by the Cordoba mosque.
But if Cholula is truly magical for something, it is for the recreation of the Quetzalcoatl ritual , a spectacle of dance, music and indigenous poetry in worship of the Mayan god.