There are many situations that can lead to awkward silences. Luckily, we bring you a selection of phrases and questions to break the ice in the middle of a date or an interview . When you run out of saliva and think things can’t be any more tense, drop one of these phrases and you’ll see how the atmosphere improves almost instantly.

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20 questions to break the ice immediately
Are you alone with your boss, your father-in-law or your date and you don’t know what to say
Leave the conversations about the weather for another occasion and dare with one of these phrases. 1. Do you prefer pizza with pineapple or without pineapple
No one resists starting an intense debate about the presence of pineapple in pizza. Society is divided into two and this question is perfect both to break the ice and to know which side he or she is on. 2. What series are you watching now?
There is no better question to break the ice. All beings on this planet are connected, at least, by a television series.If your interlocutor is a seriefilo or seriefila, you already have a topic of conversation for the rest of the day. 3. Cat or dog? If the answer is that you don’t like animals , you can say goodbye to that person, because they can’t be trusted. If you like cats, it means that you are too lonely and you urgently need a conversation. 4. Do you think that man really stepped on the moon?
Another perfect topic to break the ice, and that is that there are still people who think that Apollo 11 did not move from a television plate. At least, it will help you to know what is the level of general culture of that person . 5. Do you know that the eggplant is a fruit
With this question two situations can arise:or that you get to cut the ice or that you remain as an absolute pedant . If the second case occurs, do not spoil it even more and take the conversation along more normal paths. 6. Can I help you with something
Being an expert in something usually gives good results, as long as you don’t have to drag out the farce for a long time. If the move goes well, the other person will think that you are offering yourself selflessly. Because it’s really like that, isn’t it? 7. If you could meet a historical character, who would it be?
The surprise will be great if your interlocutor drops a pearl like “Adolf Hitler”, but at least you will have broken the ice. 8. Do you like to travel
Everyone likes to travel.The point is to have enough time and money to turn your dreams into reality. If the two of you have been in the same place (and I don’t care about Vigo or Albacete), you’ve already found an interesting topic of conversation. 9 What do you like most about a boy or a girl ? It’s a trick question . If he answers you with physical features, you know what he is going for. If, on the other hand, you focus on intangible qualities, it is possible that the person wants a more stable relationship. You decide what suits you. 10. What is your favorite Game of Thrones character
Breaking the ice with Game of Thrones is something like the wild card for awkward silences. If you haven’t seen the series, you may be one of those people who avoids trends at all costs and listens to indie groups that nobody knows. If so, there are no sentences to break the ice that are worth. Game over.

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11. Do you have brothers or sisters?
The question is a bit strange and can get you in a lot of trouble if you don’t get along with your brothers or sisters. At least it will allow you to take the conversation to a more personal ground . 12. Don’t we have any mutual friends who can introduce us?
This is good, but it only works if you’re funny . 13. Who is your idol?
Admiring someone can be the connection between two people, but if they abuse this topic of conversation, they can divert from their main objective, which is to get to know each other better. 14. Have you ever had a near-death experience?
It may seem a bit sinister, but the statistics show thatA high percentage of the population has suffered an NDE throughout their lives.

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15. What kind of music do you listen to?
A question to rule out hardened music lovers and reggaeton lovers . You can cut the first ones off with: “I have no fucking idea what groups those are”. If it’s one of the seconds, the best thing would be to run away. 16. Where would you like to be right now
Ideal for romantic dates, this question is more of a proposal . Do not think about it for a second and make your wishes come true. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t paid for the restaurant yet or if you’re in the middle of a movie. Carpe Diem. 17. What is your plan for the zombie apocalypse?
Great icebreaker question. You never know when an ally will come in handy in a post-apocalyptic world.
Now seriously. The point is that the conversation will lead to The Walking Dead, a series that always makes people talk. 18. What are you reading
Nobody likes to confess that they don’t have time to read or that they prefer to watch television. Most will turn to the last book they read in high school and are still vague about. In any case, it is a guaranteed shot. 19. Did you like me
The typical question for those who want to get to the point (or have some type of autism) . In most cases, the tension will take over the place, but if the answer is yes, you will have saved yourself a lot of time. 20. What is the most important thing I should know about you
Obviously, do not expect them to confess their deepest secrets to you on the first date/meeting/interview, but you will have left your interlocutor offside and gained some time for your next question. Seize it! eye! Do not turn the appointment into an interrogation
Do not act like an anti-aircraft machine gun whose ammunition is a battery of questions. A conversation is based on oral interaction between two people , and if you just throw questions into the air, the situation will become untenable. You will also have to open up so that the other person feels comfortable in your company.

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