The competition between DC Comics and Marvel has always been well known within the world of comics , now outside of the paper vignettes, we also see how that tough confrontation of who is the best is transferred to the big screen.
‘Justice League’ (2017), ‘Avengers’ (2012), ‘Suicide Squad’ (2016), ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ (2014), are just some of the examples that confront them . And then there’s the resemblance of some of his villains. DC Comics villains are always trying to undermine the Justice League , and many of them would make Thanos himself tremble in combat. Do you want to meet them?
Because we bring you the top 10 of the most powerful villains in this universe. 10.DoomsdayDid they believe that Lex Luthor was Superman’s nemesis? Nothing is further from reality, the businessman from Luthor Corp. is the archenemy of the man of steel, there is no doubt about that, but if there is a being capable of even ending life of the hero of krypton, that is none other than another being from outer space.
Doomsday confronting the two Supermans | DC Comics Doomsday is the creation of an ancient alien, Bertron , whose mutated DNA made him the perfect predator. The creature with each defeat became stronger, it adapted to its enemies, destroying populations of entire planets.
To the point that he came to Earth, in search of what was said to be the most powerful being on the planet: the son of Krypton, known as Kal-El.In their confrontation, Doomsday managed to bring down the Man of Steel , earning him the nickname “Superman’s Killer”.
Doomsday in ‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ (2016) | Warner Bros In Zack Synder’s fim, ‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ (2016), Doomsday appears as a creation of Luthor (Jeese Eisenberg), which is not at all faithful to the comic. 9. Superboy Prime
Known as Connor Kent, he was the main perpetrator of the Infinite Crisis of the DC Universe . He is an alternate version of the Man of Steel who lives on the Supreme Earth, in a parallel universe in which there are no superheroes.
Superboy Prime, Kal-El’s Highland nemesis | DC Comics Superboy Prime is a deadly force of nature marching on Earth One , Superman ‘s in order to help him with the Crisis on Infinite Earths. But this entity of the Supreme Earth decides to make his own decision about how to solve the solution, and in a display of arrogance he faces the superheroes of the Justice League. Only the Earth One and Earth Two Supermans were able to stop him; and even with this, the second ended up losing his life in this confrontation against the malevolent version of the hero of Krypton. 8. Larzfleeze
He is an extraordinary being billions of years old, and the only one capable of controlling the powers of the orange lantern.It is therefore framed within the world of Green Lantern.
Larzfleeze facing Green Lantern | DC Comics Larzflee is also known as Agent Orange , a dangerous threat that through his abilities is able to use light to design constructs with the souls of the beings he has killed over the centuries, in order to create an army of constructs with which to carry out its purposes.
The Guardians of the Universe could hardly face him, so they decided to make a deal with him to prevent him from causing such a degree of destruction; Larzflee finally ended up accepting it… For the time being. 7. Trigon
He is referred to as a God of pure evil.He is considered one of the strongest villains since the beginning of the New 52 stage of DC Comics . The devil aspect of him also helps to understand that he not only has supernatural powers, but manages the infernal forces as he pleases.
Trigon, divine and malevolent being of the DC Universe | DC Comics
He feeds his children of young women with whom he can strengthen them, and there to the galaxies as he goes, he gets his acolytes and offspring of him to cause chaos and destruction wherever they roam. At the moment the full potential of his true powers has not been seen, but if he were to unleash them he could bring about the end of the Justice League. 6. Eclipso He is a little known villain within the DC Universe.It is hidden within the Heart of Darkness, and every iota of the Heart diamond holds its soul. The apices and points of the crystals have infected different people and heroes throughout space and time with the evil essence of the villain.
Eclipso, the villain of the Heart of Darkness | DC Comics
Due to his divinity characteristics, he can manipulate his size and control the minds of those around him at will. He possesses supernatural strength and speed, the ability to fly, and can fire energy bolts from his hands. Which makes him a fearsome adversary for DC superheroes. 5. Nekron
It is neither more nor less than the authentic and original Guardian of the Universe.Nekron was relegated to guard the darkness that has prevailed since ancient times , which cannot act directly in our reality.
Nekron, the Guardian of the Realm of Darkness | DC Comics
However, that does not mean that he cannot carry out chain actions indirectly in our world. His best-known ability is that of being able to form an army of zombies, the so-called Black Lanterns , not only lost souls trapped in the kingdom of darkness , but also the souls of those superheroes who have fallen. Nekron is immortal, so he cannot be beaten in any way.; he can only be sent to his realm of darkness, but that doesn’t mean that he possesses serious powers that make him nearly impossible for the Guardians of the Universe to defeat. 4. Krona Krona is a Malthusian, a being of the immortal race who was chosen to be Guardian of the Universe , in order to oversee the scaffold of emotional entities. He is also known for being the first to create the first prototype Green Lantern ring.
Krona, Malthusian and Guardian of the Universe | DC Comics Krona became obsessed with the structure of the universe, to find out what were the loose points that had favored its constitution within its underlying structure. In this way it gave rise to antimatter, the antiverse, and the multiverse in DC. He is immortal, so he cannot be defeated, but simply relegated to different forms of matter. 3. Darkseid It is surely one of the most renewed villains of DC Comics. He is not just a villain, he is a leader, of extraordinary intellect, strength and power. He also possesses the divine entities that make him a God himself within the Multiverse.
Darkseid, lord of Apokolips | DC Comics Darkseid is the ruler of the planet Apokolips, and basically, he has all the powers that exist.of any of the members of the Universe. He is obsessed with being the supreme lord of the multiverse and of all existing realities, he has an army of pandemoniums who are willing to sacrifice themselves like kamikazes for his cause. What makes him one of the most feared villains of superheroes. 2. The Anti-Monitor
It is the negative counterpart of The Monitor, and was the real cause of the Crisis on Infinite Earths. He has caused more damage and destruction than any of the existing villains in the history of the DC Universe.
The Anti-Monitor (left) with The Monitor (right) | DC Comics The Anti-Monitor has existed since the beginning of the existence of the Universe, coming to conquer the existing antimatter. Then, hungry for power, he decided to focus his attention on the Multiverse, generating the most damaging cosmic catastrophes. The Anti-Monitor absorbs the energy of the universes that he is conquering little by little , turning him into a practically unbeatable enemy, wreaking havoc on all the superheroes there have been and will have. 1. Imperiex-Prime
It is a being that was born at the dawn of the Big Bang. That is, his energy and his existence come from the origin of the Universe. He is so powerful, that he could take down Doomsday with one of his beams from him. His sole purpose is to expand beyond the confines of the universe in order to destroy everything in his path in order to restore the universe with all of his power within it.
Imperiex-Prime, the original being of the Big Bang | DC Comics
Such is his power and his capacity for destruction that Mongul, staunch enemy of Superman and Green Lantern, is forced to make an alliance with them since they are unable to kill him. Thanks to this alliance they manage to transport Imperiex-Prime to the beginning of the creation of the beginning of the Universe: he returns to his original source which ends with him.

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