In recent years, the beautiful custom of giving a birthday card has been lost, as there are those who think that the gift is enough. However, I have always thought that a card can help you express a message in a much more personal way than a simple gift, which is why I defend the creation of birthday cards tooth and nail. Even with everything, those who prefer to give one continue to opt for ready-made cards, in which the message we see is impersonal and repetitive. Obviously, you can always add some nice detail as a dedication, since the card leaves you a lot of free space to add what you want, but I still think that an even more beautiful detail is to create the card with our own hands.

It is not complicated at all to get an authentic work of art with materials as simple as the cardboard from, and all you need to do is add some colors and even more elaborate details of EVA rubber or cotton, that will be to the liking of whoever uses it. design. Now, from my point of view, the most important thing about these cards is  the message, so the part in which we must work the most is what we are going to write. The fact of having dedicated time to the creation of a personalized birthday card already says a lot about how much we care about the person to whom we are going to deliver it, but having a good message will be the icing on the cake. Today I have gathered 30 of my favorite phrases to put on gift cards, and I am going to share them with you so that you can be inspired and make more authentic and original gifts.

The best phrases to congratulate a birthday with a card

In a birthday card we can write several types of message. We can describe the love we feel towards the person to whom we are giving the gift, or wish them something in a more poetic way, or create a written reminder that makes them think of us and our friendship every time they see it. Be that as it may, the important thing is to create a message that the other person appreciates and wants to always have with them, which is why the ideal is to be inspired by this selection of phrases, but customize them for your card:

The  angels  are partying and so am I, remembering the day you were born. Happy Birthday.

May everything that arrives be  better  than what you are looking for, last longer than you expect and make you  happier  than you could imagine.

Everything good in life  messes up your hair: making love, jumping, dancing, running, laughing out loud, kissing… that’s why I hope you live your life with your hair in a mess.

Those of us who are lucky enough to know you know well that you are a  gift  for life, that is why today is such a special date. Happy Birthday!

After all, we are not old enough to stop  dreaming . Not young enough to keep kissing frogs. We are at an age in which one knows what he wants, what he does not want and with whom he wants to complicate life.

Every morning when we wake up we have two options: go back to sleep and continue dreaming, or get up and  achieve our dreams . I hope this year you reach them all.

You deserve the best of the best, because you are one of those few people who, in this miserable world, remain  honest  with themselves, and that is the only thing that really counts.

I send you a river of kisses, a sea of ​​love, an ocean of hugs and a lifesaver, so you don’t drown in all the  love  I feel for you.

Life has many options, and you don’t always have to choose the one that seems best, but the one that makes you happiest. I wish you a year full of happy decisions.

The bad news is that time flies. The good news is that you are the  pilot .

Although no one is  essential , I want you to know that, without you, my life would not be so happy.

Life is short. Break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, truly love, laugh to death and never stop smiling. Life may not be the party we expected, but while we’re here… let’s dance !

The most beautiful thing that could happen to me is  you . The only thing I want to have in life is  you . You do not know how much I love you, thank you for existing and making my life something much happier.

Words cannot replace a  hug , but they can send you my best wishes. Have the happiest of birthdays!

Happiness  sends you a message: you don’t dare spend another year without me . 

Do not compete with anyone, you do not have to prove anything to anyone. You don’t have to go where someone else has come, you just have to overcome your own  limits . Be the best version of yourself.

I hope this year you go to bed every night with a dream, and wake up with a purpose.

You are the right age to be  happy  and the energy to make your life an  adventure .

Let your  smile  change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile.

I am a person with simple tastes, I settle for the  best , and because you are you are my best friend. Happy Birthday!

I hope that this year you are so happy that you don’t know if you live or  dream .

Do not wait to have  everything  to enjoy life. You already have life to enjoy everything!

Life is much better with  friends  like you around.

Limits, like fears, are nothing more than an  illusion . I hope that this year you can see it and fulfill all your dreams. Congratulations!

So many centuries, so many worlds, so much space… and  coincide  with you. Wonderful.

Positive people   are the ones who fall down, get up, shake themselves off, heal their wounds, smile at life and say: “here I go again!”. And I know you are that person.

I hope all good things follow you, find you and stay  with you .

Every year I spend with you tastes like a few minutes. I hope I live  forever  so I can be with you and enjoy your friendship forever.

Thank you for being someone with whom I can talk, meditate,  reflect  and share my life. Have the happiest of birthdays.

A friendship that stands the test of time while watching so much wither around it is the   world’s most precious treasure . Thanks for being mine.