The watch is one of the most important accessories for a man. Very often it defines its character and personality , represents its status and gratifies it. But it’s not always easy to find the right watch. Even more so if we decide to buy it online, therefore without having the chance to find it. For this reason we have decided to prepare this guide on how to choose the most suitable accessory among the various types and offers on the net. With an eye to the best market prices.

How to choose the right watch for us

The first advice when we choose a watch and maybe we are not great connoisseurs or collectors, is to opt for a minimal but classy design . It will adapt well to any occasion and any type of outfit.

We also evaluate the dimensions well. If we have a large wrist it is better to choose larger dials, perhaps with diameters between 40 and 50mm. If we are smaller, we can also go down to 34-38mm. 

Last advice is to define the budget to invest well . Men’s watches have prices ranging from a few tens of euros to hundreds or thousands. In principle, if we decide to spend more than 500 euros we will have to treat the purchase as a long-term investment. 

Now that we understand what to evaluate, let’s take a look at the characteristics of the men’s watches currently on the market.

Analog Watches

Analog watches are the classics with hour, minute and second hands. From when they were born to today they have remained identical in the visualization of time but have undergone many evolutions from the point of view of the mechanisms. Suffice it to say that today there are watches with Swiss, quartz and automatic movements.

Analog often means class and elegance. Luxury houses such as Cartier and Rolex have been offering the dial with hands for more than a century and continue to enjoy enormous success.

But if we take a look at the collection that Zalando offers of men’s wristwatches , we will see that classic men’s watches are not exclusive to lovers of luxury or higher social groups. Brands like Tag Heuer are chosen every day by men who love adventure and who do not want to give up a dynamic life full of emotions.

Others like IWC Schaffhausen are the preferred choice of those who manage to combine the tranquility of family life with that of the outdoors made of hiking, trekking and perhaps diving.

Digital Watches

Digital watches do not use the display of hours and minutes via hands but directly show the exact time on a display. The first to appear on the market was the Pulsar in 1970. Made and launched on the market thanks to the collaboration between Hamilton Watch Company and Electro Data , it featured a dial characterized by the absence of hands and a small screen that highlighted the express time. in digital numbers.

A few years later the first evolution arrived and the seven-segment display was replaced by the liquid crystal display still present in most models. Digital watches were among the first to introduce the stopwatch function as well.


The natural evolution of digital watches are smartwatches. That is, those objects with a digital dial to which touchscreen technology is added and the ability to interact with the latest generation smartphones. The most advanced offer dozens and dozens of different functions, from messaging to online payment, passing through fitness and home automation.

Among the best known models are those launched by the big names in electronics. The Samsung Galaxy Gear is designed to integrate perfectly with smartphones from the same house. Similar speech for the Apple Watch and the various iPhone models and for the Talkband B2 with Huawei phones. All devices that allow you to make phone calls, send messages, attend social networks, and, of course, read the time.

The prices of men’s watches

The prices of analog men’s watches are extremely diverse and very often vary according to the winding mechanism and materials of construction. If we want to find the right compromise between quality and savings, we allocate a budget close to 200 euros .

Much lower, however, are the prices of digital men’s watches. For the top of the range such as the G-Shock Full Metal Limited Edition we can spend more than 1,500 euros while if we need an excellent product and do not want to invest a capital we evaluate a cost of 150-200 euros .

In recent years, smartwatches have also expanded to every slice of the market. We can find cheap and still functional models under 100 euros and real works of art such as the Apple model created in rose gold and diamonds that exceeds 10 thousand. In principle, for a high-performance men’s watch of the latest generation, the average price is around 4-500 euros .