The magic of cinema and television is to make many famous people look immortal but some VIPs have really reached an important age and continue to enjoy life , looking much less years than they actually are.

Between cinema, small and big screen, but also among Italian singers, there are characters who are now of a certain age, but are super active and some of them certainly have to take an example to keep young and in excellent health .

There are those who train and participate in important marathons, those who have decided to open a restaurant, those who still ride the stages and those who never stop working despite being over 80 years of age .

Are you curious to know who are the famous people who hide inside our gallery ?

Let’s find out together the 10 VIPs still alive who enjoy the best years of their lives :

1) Terence Hill

Seeing him on his bicycle playing the fearless Don Matteo , who would say that Terence Hill, born Mario Girotti , is 80 years old ?! Instead, the handsome actor wears his years in an amazing way. But what’s his secret to keeping fit and looking much younger? The actor is always active and not only while acting , it seems that he does a lot of sporting activity.

2) Renato Pozzetto

Who hasn’t laughed out loud with Renato Pozzetto? Born in 1940, the Italian actor, singer, comedian, stand-up comedian, screenwriter and director turns eighty in July and enjoys life to the fullest. Renato Pozzetto who made entire generations laugh with his humor as a naive Milanese boy, today no longer appears often on television, but has moved to Lake Maggiore, where he was born, and apparently has opened a restaurant and a small hotel with 20 rooms .

3) Sophia Loren

Her beauty and refinement has become an icon for many generations and Sophia Loren at 85 has nothing to envy to the younger stars of her. It seems to have always been there, and yet, despite she was born in 1934, this actress still remains a symbol of the Italian spirit. About her The about her real beauty of her, without retouching, and the result of a life without vices and excesses .

4) Michele Placido

Michele Placido, 73 years old today , was born on 19 May 1946. Father of 5 children and a very successful actor both on the small screen and on the big screen, he lives life in an intense way. He is currently engaged in the theater where he has enjoyed considerable success. Although Michele’s hair turned white very soon, his spirit and body seem not to have aged at all .

5) Remo Girone

How can we forget Remo Girone and his great interpretation in the television series entitled La Piovra ? Famous actor and appreciated by the general public, Remo was born on 1st December 1948 in Asmara and, after graduating, he left Africa to move to Rome where instead of completing his studies in economics and commerce, he graduated from the Academy National Dramatic Art. Now 71 years old and with a lot of experience as an actor, he confessed that his first true love remains the theater .

6) Ornella Vanoni

Ornella Vanoni, who never ceases to amaze, has the beauty of 85 and was born on 22 September 1934, currently the singer lives in the residential area of ​​Milan Brera . Well-known singer and actress, Ornella Vanoni is often on television to her from her Twitter profile from time to time launches some provocation, such as the one in which she jokingly proposed that the Sanremo flowers be replaced with Gwyneth Paltrow ‘s candles .

7) Gianni Morandi

The eternal boy and him: Gianni Morandi who at 75 has nothing to envy to the 30-year-olds. In fact, the singer and actor trains regularly . Being a marathon enthusiast, he participates in the most famous events in the world. For sport and his shows he does not miss his breath and this year, we are sure that he, he will be able to handle a concert tour at the Duse theater in Bologna without any difficulty .

8) Claudia Mori

Claudia Mori, the pseudonym of Claudia Moroni, was born in Rome on February 12, 1944 . In addition to being a singer, an actress and a record and television producer, she is always the soul mate of the most famous sprung in Italy: Adriano Celentano. Mori, at 75, is still a very active woman and her husband has confessed that she is the one to hold the reins of everything . Claudia wears her years very well: few wrinkles and a long and thick hair frame her face which seems to have remained intact.


9) VAT Zanicchi

But who would ever imagine that I va Zanicchi has just turned 80 years of age? Well yes! In fact, the singer was born in Ligonchio, on January 18, 1940 and she too enjoys life to the fullest. About her Her life is very hectic and she has confessed that she wants to age as nature wants , without surgery, which she considers quite ridiculous and useless.

10) Pippo Baudo

Giuseppe Raimondo Vittorio Baudo, known as Pippo and born in Militello in Val di Catania, on 7 June 1936 . Legend has it that, the day before the graduation session, Pippo Baudo went to Erice to present the “Miss Sicily” beauty contest and then set off again at dawn, in a van, in the midst of fruit and vegetables, to get to Catania just in time to graduate in Law. Elegance, strength and energy to sell have always been the elements that have distinguished this great presenter , who despite being 83 years old still has a lot to give to his audience.