Although we don’t always see it, there is life beyond breakups. Overcoming a bad sentimental experience is possible thanks to the support of those closest to us, something that the following heartbreak phrases can also help to recover from sadness and continue moving forward.

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50 phrases of heartbreak for the most bitter moments
If you are a Witness of Romantic Love, you may not be interested in continuing reading our selection of quotes about heartbreak and breakups.

1. Hearts can break. Yes, hearts can break. Sometimes I think it would be better if we died when they do, but we don’t
Stephen King brings us a devastating sentence about the great sorrow that a broken heart must bear .

2. If you’re going through hell, keep going
A great strategist like Churchill knew that a breakup was not the end of the world and that there were worse things to face.

3. It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved.
Many are the poets who have written great phrases of heartbreak throughout history. This well-known quote belongs to Lord Tennyson, English master of verse.

4. People can sometimes deceive you, they can make you believe that they loved you when everything was a big lie
Many people flaunt the most alarming hypocrisy when it comes to selling illusions.

5. One of the worst feelings in the world is to love a person who you know will never
love you. Unrequited and ignored love is one of the most bitter drinks that we all have to live sooner or later.

6. God is closer to those with broken hearts
There are heartbreak phrases contained in old sayings like this one that are used to encourage those who feel more down.

7. Loving someone who doesn’t love you is like trying to fly with a broken wing
. The result is always the same: crashing.

8. I was too young to know how to love her
Maybe it was a children’s story, but The Little Prince is full of lessons about impossible loves .

9. Love is blind, that’s why it can’t find me
In our selection of short heartbreak phrases we have also left room for humor and sarcasm.

10. Everyone said: ‘Follow your heart’. I did it and it broke
Agatha Christie, ladies and gentlemen.

11. It is incredible how lost I feel since I no longer have you by my side
. This type of affirmation prevents us from seeing the possibilities that open up to us after hard times.

12. The heart was made to be broken
Oscar Wilde must not have done very well in his romance to release these pearls.

13. Sometimes I would like to be a child again, the skin on the knees is easier to heal than broken hearts
Getting older means having to go through times that make us suffer.

14. You don’t have to promise me the moon…. It would be enough for me if you just sat with me for a while under it
One of those phrases of heartbreak dedicated to smoke sellers who have nothing but beautiful words but little to prove.

15. Never allow someone to be your priority while you allow yourself to be their option
All a declaration of intentions of Mark Twain that should open the eyes of more than one.

16. Never stop smiling, not even when you’re sad because you never know who might fall in love with your smile
Gabriel Garcia Marquez, for his part, calls for hope so that the Witnesses of Love don’t have a fainting spell .

17. The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the same as the healthy
one. They are almost always the sides of the same coin.

18. Tell me, girl, where
did you sleep last night The song Where did you sleep last night
, covered by Nirvana, is a compendium of phrases of heartbreak and betrayal.

19. Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same again
But just as one day they were not there and the next they were, we must kick them out of our lives.

20. It is when you separate when you feel and understand the strength with which you love
yourself Like the little boy who ignores his toy until another person comes and snatches it away.

21. You are like a star, my eyes can see you, but my hands can never touch you
Be careful when consuming some heartbreak phrases, they contain dangerous doses of sugar. Check with your doctor to avoid possible embarrassment.

22. It is incredible how someone can break your heart, and yet you continue to love him with each of the little pieces
The glue that holds those scattered pieces together is low self-esteem.

23. Love hurts
The song Love Hurts, by the group Nazareth, is one of the most realistic allegations about heartbreak.

24. Oh, I wouldn’t mind. It would be a privilege for me to have my heart broken for you
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25. I love you as a friend
Probably one of the most typical heartbreak phrases in any language, perhaps the most.

26. The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting next to them and knowing that you will never be able to have them.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez expresses with these words exactly the impotence he feels when he sees that someone will never notice us.

27. Love is so short… And oblivion is so long
However , oblivion ends up being, although it takes longer to take effect .

28. Offering friendship to someone who asks for love is like giving bread to someone who dies of thirst
The philosopher Ovid was also one of those who spoke about the pain of not being loved.

29. I agree: love is blind, but also stupid, because I never realized how much you were deceiving me and that everything you told me was lies.
It is precisely the stupidity of the human condition that prevents us remove the blindfold .

30. Pain is unavoidable. suffering is optional
One of the short heartbreak phrases that intends to give us the power of choice as far as suffering unnecessarily is concerned.

31. Love can sometimes be the most painful sensation in the world, no matter how long you’ve been with your partner, you never know when it can come down
Witnesses of Romantic Love are not interested in reading these heartbreak phrases, since for them it is better to turn their heads to one side and ignore that their beautiful story also has an end point that will eventually come.

32. Whenever I talk to you I end up dying a little more
It is curious (or ironic) that Frida Kahlo was a symbol of nonconformity whose image has been commodified by postcard feminism, which has ended up elevating her as a revolutionary icon, when in realityShe lived her entire life with a strong emotional dependence on a man who repeatedly cheated on her with other women right under her nose.

33. Blessed are those who have cracks in their broken hearts because that is how the light enters
. What do you have to suffer, yes or yes, so that later good things happen to us?

34. A man who has not passed through the hell of his passions, no He has never overcome them
. Embracing the pain is the answer to overcome it and stop affecting it.

35. I could never hate you for not loving me more, but I hate myself for continuing to love you
With a dose of contact 0 and a little “gym”, self-forgiveness is more than guaranteed.

36. The saddest thing about love is not only that it can’t last forever, but that heartbreak is quickly forgotten
. It’s what usually happens, but there will still be those who believe that love lasts forever.

37. Despite everything… in my heart there will always be a hole for your love
For what is clear that there will be no hole in that heart is self-love.

38. Love does not go away, it grows and transforms into something different
For example, indifference.

39. The fact that we can’t be together doesn’t mean I don’t love you
That’s what heartbreak phrases are about: impossible couples.

40. I wish love were simpler, I wish it were not necessary to risk the pain or the shame of rejection
But, as in everything,You have to bet on something at all times .

41. The hardest thing I’ll ever do is let you go when I still love you
This person definitely hasn’t tried division with decimals…

42. If someone doesn’t lift a finger to call you, see you, or spend time with you. It is time to raise the five fingers and say goodbye.
We also have heartbreak phrases for WhatsApp, ideal in these modern times.

43. If you are mature enough to stop talking to me, you are also mature enough to show your face
Cowardice usually goes hand in hand with less scrupulous people.

44. Love is like wine and also like wine, it comforts some and destroys others
This incredible metaphor about is a quote about breakupsand belongs to the writer Stefan Zweig.

45. Scotty doesn’t know that Fiona and I get into it in my van every Sunday
This song from the movie Euro Trip is the one that triggers the whole plot starring henpecked Scotty and his group of peculiar friends.
46. ​​I like people capable of understanding that the biggest mistake

of the human being is to try to get out of the head what does not come out of the heart . the heart has not healed, it is impossible to get someone out of thought . 47. I will not say “don’t cry”, because not all tears are bitter
Although it may seem like it, crying for someone who is leaving may be the best thing that could happen.
48. Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than to hurt yourself trying to rebuild them
We feel sorry for those who prefer to cut their wrists for a miserable show of affection rather than redirect their lives.

49. If your heart is broken, create art with the pieces
One of those phrases of love that encourages us to take advantage of everything bad that happens .

50. You are the worst thing that has ever happened to me
The cinema also offers us great phrases of heartbreak , like this one from Fight Club (1999).

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