New Year’s makeup: always an unmissable event

New Year is a magical moment , even if not “unique”. Certainly every year the occasion repeats itself, but making a good impression at the right time and with people – or the right person – is always better than waiting for the next event.

Makeup is essential to complete a woman’s beauty . And a nice New Year’s trick helps make the party feel better.

All in red like clothing? A sophisticated trick to stand out from the crowd?

The ideas are many and all valid. How to understand which is the best choice? Let’s try to follow some interesting suggestions to be the most beautiful this year too.

Simple but sparkling

If your dress for the New Year’s Eve is a simple sheath dress, perhaps black or in any case neutral , or if it is an inconspicuous but elegant and delicate suit, the makeup of your face must accompany it and complete it, never overpower it!

In this case, we suggest a very natural base for the complexion, a light pink lipstick or natural lip color, or even better a simple lip gloss.

Concentrate your skill on eye makeup so that your gaze is the focus of attention.

The pencil must be dark, black or midnight blue, and passed several times and widely, so as to create an almost Egyptian aura around the eye. The dark and decisive mascara. The eyeshadow will be in gray, light blue or blue tones, preferably glittered so as to create a metallic, silvery effect. It works for both those with light irises and brown eyes.


The New Year’s trick for those who want to be classy

If you will start the new year in the name of perfection, with high-class, elegant and classic clothes, focus on traditional make-up or gold and silver . Traditional make-up is never wrong with elegant clothing: dark red or burgundy lipstick, well-defined pencil, blue, earth-colored or slightly pink eyeshadow depending on the color of your eyes. Alternatively, try gold and silver , as neutral as gold and silver are in fact.

For the first, golden eyeshadow or in any case built with shades of beige, ocher and light brown. Blend the lids at the top with a warm color and use a gold or peach pink for the lips as well. The silver will be almost entirely similar to gold , but with the eyeshadow that tends to gray-blue or directly silver. Lots of dark pencil, lots of mascara and a light, natural, glossy lipstick.


Lively like the party

Do you want to be the most admired, the ones that leave their mark? Do you want to be as flaming and hot as New Year’s Eve?

Be daring with sexy clothes, not vulgar but provocative . With colors that give on red, orange, coral. In this case the makeup will be aggressive and very evident, but it will be part of the party and therefore it can be fine.

You can play with the eyeshadow using those reds, fuchsia and burgundy ones that you wouldn’t normally touch. Enhance the eye with a brown mascara and a pencil that calls it back. Strictly coral red lipstick ! Alternatively, you can break the “heat” of clothing with an icy make-up, which gives on the white … everything except the lips, which must remain on fire.