After a romance ends , it’s normal to criticize your ex . In fact, as has happened to many VIPs , it happens to want to let off steam with someone. Too bad that these stars have decided to do it publicly and sometimes, with their comments, they have really lacked class.

Poison words for all these broken couples. After a fairytale love story, nabob weddings, even the most beautiful stories have come to an end, leaving a lot of bitterness.

Although several stars after the separation have returned to civil relationships, many have moved away permanently without leaving any doubts about the end of their love.

Do you remember when Britney Spears dated Justin Timberlake and how things turned out between them? And the beautiful Ben Affleck what do I blame his ex Jennifer Lopez ?

Let’s find out together the 10 VIPs who publicly criticized their ex >>

10) Justin Timberlake contro Britney Spears

Justin Timberlake really sing them to his ex Britney Spears . In fact, in the song “Cry me a river”, Timberlake sings: “ I already knew it, I heard it from him, now there is no chance for you and me and there never will be. Now it’s your turn to cry . ” These words added fuel to the fire, thus supporting gossip. Rumors claimed that the relationship between the two had ended due to Britney’s betrayal with Wade Robson .

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9) Brad Pitt contro Jennifer Aniston

Before the betrayal with  Angelina , the actor was married to Jennifer Aniston and there was no shortage of vitriolic declarations about this wedding. In fact, Brad stated that during his relationship with Jennifer he had some difficult times: “ At one point it was clear that I wanted to make a film that told an interesting life because I was not living it. I think my marriage had something to do with it. I pretended it was what it really wasn’t “.

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8) Russell Brand contro Katy Perry

Russell and Katy got married in 2010 and their marriage lasted only 2 years . At the end of their relationship, the comedian revealed that, between him and his ex-wife, there was never much intimacy : “ When you are a monk, you are not allowed to have sex with anyone. When you are married, you can do it with only one person. And always one more, compared to a monk, but it doesn’t change much. I was having sex thinking of someone else “ .

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7) Jennifer Lopez vs. Marc Anthony

The love story between Jennifer Lopez and her ex Marc Anthony lasted from 2004 to 2014, during which, in 2008, 2 twins were born , super spoiled by mom and dad. The singer, after the end of her marriage, declared that she was the wrong man by her side. “ I understood that she was not the right person for me, that she did not treat me well. If I had stayed with him, I wouldn’t have done the right thing for myself “.

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6) Sean Penn contro Robin Wright

Despite having been married for a long time, for a full 14 years , the actor had no problem claiming that their marriage was a sham. Sean Penn had called his ex-wife a ” ghost ” thus explaining their relationship. “ Everyone in life wants to be loved. If I look back at my past, however, I feel I have had nothing. It was all a scam “.

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5) John Mayer contro Jennifer Aniston

For poor Jennifer Aniston there seems to be no peace. In fact, after the criticisms of her ex-husband, even those of John Mayer who called her a ” mature “. The singer, speaking of his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Aniston, said: “ The pinnacle of her success was before the advent of TMZ and Twitter. I think she is still hoping to go back to 1998 ″ .

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4) Linda Hogan contro Hulk Hogan

A very different story that involved Hulk Hogan . In fact, Linda , the wrestler’s ex-wife in addition to calling him a ” pathological and narcissistic liar “, made even more serious accusations. In fact, I speak, then, of physical abuse suffered during the marriage. Hulk Hogan and Linda were married from 1983 to 2009.

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3) Ben Affleck Contro Jennifer Lopez

The relationship between Ben Affleck and J. Lo began in 2002 and ended after only 2 years. At the end of the love story, the Oscar -winning actor says that during his relationship with Jennifer Lopez he felt lacking in talent . Furthermore, I declare that I was very unhappy during that time.

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2) Olivia Wilde against Tao Ruspoli

The statement of the charming actress Olivia Wilde towards her ex Tao Ruspoli is really not very elegant and not discreet . To define her intimate relationships with him, she said: ” It is as if my vagina was dead, as if someone had turned off the light and left me in the dark “.

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1) Madonna vs. Guy Ritchie

Poison jokes between Madonna , a very strict mother, and ex-husband Guy Ritchie . The singer would have called him “emotionally retarded”. Ritchie responded to the joke in the same way: “ She’s retarded too! “.