Turning 18 is a great milestone as it opens the doors to the age of majority and with it powers and duties. This birthday therefore cannot be like all the others: in this post we will give you ideas and useful tips to organize your 18-year-old parties in a big way .

Clubs for parties 18 years: how to choose the right one

First of all, let’s start with the choice of the venue for the party : this can only be a subjective choice, based on your personal tastes and your idea of ​​the evening (obviously also based on your budget).

From the website of the Associazione Capitaleventi , an events agency that organizes and manages the  18-year-old parties in Rome , the tendency emerges to organize, on this occasion, real themed parties : for example, dedicated to football for the boys, perhaps taking up the colors of their favorite team. If, on the other hand, we are in the summer, we can even think of organizing a Hawaiian-style pool party, complete with bracelets and floral necklaces.

The choice of the right place generally falls between:

  • Dance club;
  • Private villa,
  • Lounge bar;

Party 18 years: eighteenth dress

For your perfect outfit , the  18th dress will first have to answer a series of questions. In fact, it must be clarified that there is no perfect rule for choosing what to wear at 18. This is because it depends on the person, both physically and as regards tastes and personality. Each of us can in fact be comfortable with one suit and less with another.

But in general we try to give a few but useful advice, to girls and boys who turn 18, on what to wear on their party day.

For girls: on these occasions it is advisable to wear colorful dresses, choosing from bright colors such as red or pastel such as light blue; other considerations then concern your physical appearance: if you are slim , you can wear a short dress tight above and flared below to create more volume, or a long dress in the back and short in the front, to have an elegant look; for curvy girls, on the other hand, a tight-fitting dress that comes to the knee or long with a slit can dress better, the latter to slim the figure and make it harmonious; choice of accessories: heels become a must for your party, remembering that the height of the same will depend on the length of the dress. For the bag, an elegant bag, a clutch or a jewel bag is better. As for jewels, to complete your perfect outfit, I recommend a silver or white gold necklace, perhaps combined with a pair of earrings.

For the boys: for us little men, who have now become men at the age of majority, the watchword must be style! In fact, elegant dresses , possibly classic, are recommended, a light shirt and one-color casual shoes or a moccasin. Then space for accessories:  a nice watch, a bracelet, cufflinks, are all useful elements to add a touch of class for an evening to remember!

Ideas for decorations 18 years

Let’s now move on to decorations 18 years : how to best decorate the chosen location to host your party? Here we can really indulge ourselves with ideas and the password in this case must instead be “the theme of the party” . In fact, if you have chosen a theme, even the decorations will have to recall it and pay attention to the choice of the color of the decorations: it is better to choose a color or a pair of pre-established colors so as not to create confusion.

Choice of favors 18 years

The eighteenth-century favors  have become a custom in recent years, which you too can only adhere to. Here, too, the considerations made for the restaurant are valid: it is a matter of choosing the right wedding favor based on your personal tastes, budget and gender. For a girl, for example, you can opt for keychains, colored bags, small soft toys, perfumers, themed statuettes, pendants, while instead for a boy a gadget, a keychain is better, or it may be a good idea to choose 2 -3 alternatives. of wedding favors, allowing the guest to choose the one they prefer.

In short, your 18-year-old parties must be organized in great detail, since the eighteenth day must be to be remembered forever, for the birthday boy and for his loved ones!