Sometimes to destroy a social system you don’t need weapons or bombs. | Image: Shutterstock
If you are a person who is easily offended by certain matters, you better stop reading here . If, on the other hand, you consider yourself open-minded and that you can assimilate what we present below, we invite you to continue reading.
It is possible that you do not know what the Kalergi Plan is or that, directly, you have never heard of it. In the following lines we are going to try to explain its most controversial points .

What is the Kalergi Plan?
Very briefly, it would be a strategy of extermination of the white race devised in 1923 by Richard Nikolaus Graf Coudenhove-Kalergi (considered the father of the European Union); which should be gradually replaced by migratory flows from Asian, African, Muslim and Latin American countries.
On the other hand, to make this reduction of the Western population more effective, a series of policies would be imposed in these countries that would seek to stop the reproduction of these citizens (increase in the retirement age, higher cost of lifestyle, promotion of family models different from the traditional…). Thus, there would be two open fronts: on the one hand there would be the massive entry of people from underdeveloped countries , and on the other, areduction of western descent .
According to his thesis, the objective of all this would lie in the destruction of Western countries and their customs , to later create a new race that (always according to his postulates), would be more “meek and easily tamed” by the high elites. .

Implications of the Kalergi Plan
Before continuing, we want to express our deepest respect and admiration to those people who are forced to leave their homes, whether due to economic necessity or because of war.

Prefabricated wars are the perfect means that contribute to throwing these people off their land, who are not to blame for the interests that move those who play with the wealth of all countries to get the most profit possible. As always, those who are harmed are those who cannot defend themselves and who have not caused the situation in which they find themselves.
Without being aware of it, these poor people who have left everything behind are being used to please the designs of a few, who pull the strings from the shadows as long as the Kalergi Plan is a success.

The Kalergi Plan does not attempt to impose any religion, far from it. What is actually proposed is to undermine the Western lifestyle, devaluing the quality of work, wages and rights of workers. With a labor force coming from more impoverished countries, the demands will also decrease, with which the conformity to more unfavorable conditions will increase.
For those who agree that the Kalergi Plan is real and that it is being carried out, they usually say that it seeks, ultimately, the establishment of a New World Order , which is represented by the acronym NWO (New World Order ).

Bilberberg Club: behind the Kalergi Plan
As has been mentioned, this racial replacement would seek for the high aristocratic and business elites to have iron control over the entire population. Through the massive and indiscriminate miscegenation of the new generations, they ensure that they would become submissive and more predisposed to be manipulated , which would allow them to be molded at the will of their rulers.
The meetings held by the well-known secret Bildelberg club, which hosts the most influential personalities on the planet, are said to serve to comment on the progress of the Kalergi Plan, along with the inclusion of relevant news.
Entrepreneurs like Peter Sutherland, a member of this select club, who is also Director of the Royal Bank of Scotland and former director of the Goldman Sachs group, declared that “The European Union must undermine its national homogeneity” and that “prosperity lies in multiculturalism”. The question is, whose prosperity?
Other families of powerful tycoons who would have on their agenda to bring the Kalergi Plan to a successful conclusion would be the Rothschilds, Soros and Rockefeller (among others), whom it would not be unreasonable to label as “the masters who They move the world.”
Many lovers of conspiracy assure that these dynasties subsidize related political parties, the media and different NGOsso that they include in their programs (always secretly and covertly) the execution of the plan. For them, the case of Europe (with the reception of immigrants and refugees) would be a reflection that this continues its course. America would also be in the spotlight to suffer the same fate as the European continent.

The financing of NGOs to carry out the Kalergi Plan
The Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, declared in June 2017 that “NGOs financed by George Soros act like a mafia” .
As it seems, Hungary is an example of the consequences that dignitaries like Soros exert on different countries in order to impose their project. Two weeks after proposing a law in the Hungarian Parliament to exercise more control over George Soros’s NGOs and to be able to ban them, it was approved.
Hungary is one of the countries that has refused to comply with the quota imposed by the EU for receiving refugees, probably because its prime minister considers that doing so contributes to the dark plans of George Soros and his colleagues. And it seems that other countries are taking example and have proposed to amputate the tycoon’s tentacles.
We have already said that we do not deny the human drama of forced immigrants and refugees, even more so when they are being used as puppets for political and social ends. For us, the only culprits of all this network are those who are directing attacks between countries to have an excuse to submerge the population in any type of crisis that it suits them to create.

Some questions raised by the Kalergi plan

The questions that come to mind are: why now this sudden interest in kicking people out of their countries of origin, plunging them into armed conflicts
“because of oil”, some will say? this one, as simple as that
And as for the Kalergi Plan: does it really exist
Are we all puppets of some purpose so that those from above govern us with a heavy hand
? And if true, will it stop at some point
? Do television channels and newspapers favor its application?
This last question has gained relevance in the last two years, coinciding with the arrival of asylum seekers in Western host countries such as Sweden, Germany or England, among others. As in any heterogeneous group of people, among the newcomers there are also undesirables who have carried out attacks and rapes on native citizens.
These events barely received news coverage by some media outlets, while others opted for silence, out of fear of talking about the origin of the attackers.
It gives the feeling that we are facing a new type of censorship. “Censorship”, a word that many deny its existence… Except when certain issues come to the fore that are not interesting to talk about, about which it is convenient to look the other way; or whose consequences are minimized. The fear of not looking bad in the face of what is politically correct turns some into accomplices of what is happening .

One last comment
We do not pretend that this final reflection supports the existence of the Kalergi Plan, that there is a New World Order or that it is intended to be institutionalized; butIt seemed to us that it is a controversial issue that deserved to be dealt with . We hope we haven’t offended anyone.
However, we also do not lose sight of the fact that for many the Kalergi Plan, the refugees or certain groups supposedly financed by the elites of power are the scapegoat to support certain xenophobic arguments and in some way, legitimize their hatred towards those who are not like the . This article does not intend to give wings to this type of ideas .