Party nights would not be the same without their respective shots of tequila. Celebrating a gathering of friends drinking this fiery Mexican drink in one gulp has become a ritual .
For a few years now, tequila consumption has skyrocketed in countries beyond Mexico . For its elaboration, a series of steps and conditions are required, just like to know how to drink tequila like a true Mexican (which, by the way, seems to be that it is not as it has been popularly known). Let’s know a little more about this liquor.

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Brief history of tequila
Before knowing how to drink tequila like a true Mexican, we will tell you something more about its history.
To begin with, you have to know that tequila is a brandy that received its name from the territory in which it was first manufactured centuries ago.

The blue agave, the basic source of tequila

The history of tequila began sometime in the 16th century , when the Spanish used the blue agave plants of the region for the manufacture of all kinds of everyday objects.
Apparently, it was customary among local farmers to chew agave leaves for their sweet taste, due to the high amount of sugars contained.

A very profitable forbidden drink
Although it began to be produced clandestinely, finally the country’s government, seeing the amount of money it produced, legalized tequila and began to collect the taxes required for its importation (we are in the 17th century).
The profits achieved with the production and shipment of tequila made possible many improvement works in cities such as Guadalajara and Jalisco. One of the points from which tequila orders came was the port of San Blas, which supplied the main colonies settled in the northwestern part of Mexico. In this way, tequila became the first product of Mexican production that was imported.

The authentic liquor of Mexico
Starting in the 19th century, with Independence already assumed, sales of Mexican tequila began to expand in Guadalajara, Mexico City, and in the central part of the country. From that moment, drinking tequila was already a deeply rooted custom in Mexico.

How to drink tequila like a good Mexican does, in 10 steps
Although there is a tendency to drink it in only one way (the one that includes lemon and salt), the truth is that to know how to drink tequila like a true Mexican, there are different ways depending on which variant of this liquor is involved.

1. A true Mexican knows the different variants of tequila
The first thing you have to keep in mind about how to drink tequila is to know the types of tequila that exist. To begin with, the first division has to do with the percentage of sugars it contains. Thus, the “100% agave” tequila is the one that takes advantage of the maximum amount of the plant’s sugars; while “tequila” is one that includes a maximum percentage of up to 49% of sugars from other sources .
Likewise, only true Mexicans know that there are different kinds of tequila and the time necessary for its maturation , which is: white (packaged shortly after distillation), young (remains up to 2 months), reposado (6 months), anejo (1 year) and extra annex (up to 3 years).

2. Depending on the tequila, you will drink it in one container or another
Another thing you should know about how to drink Mexican-style tequila is that it is not drunk exclusively in shot glasses (“caballito”, for Mexicans).

If we are going to drink aromatic tequila, we will serve it in a flute glass . If we want to add ice, a glass of whiskey will be the best option and, if it is an extra blend, we will serve it in a balloon glass. If you have the opportunity to travel to the country, ask at any tavern and they will explain it to you.

3. A good Mexican does not drink tequila without first smelling it…
Just as is done with any fermented drink , before drinking tequila you have to smell it , to become familiar with its essence.

4. …and shake the glass
This is how it is oxygenated and you can see how the tonality of its colors varies. Only a true Mexican will know what to look for and how to shake the glass.

5. Tequila is not put in the fridge
If you want to take into account how to drink real tequila, you should know that some Mexicans believe that it is best not to put it in the fridge . The most purists consider that this way the essence of this liquor is lost, something that does not happen if we drink it after having left it at room temperature.

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6. Good Mexicans accompany meals by drinking tequila
In the same way that wine is a good companion for certain meals, the same thing happens with tequila.
If our menu consists of fish or seafood, we can choose to drink white tequila, since this class sweetens the food. For meats or stews, the best is a reposado tequila, a perfect flavor enhancer. Finally, for desserts and sweets, you can drink a good anejo tequila.

7. Tequila must be stored correctly

Tequila does not turn sour , but it should not be stored in any way. The correct thing is that, once we have finished drinking it, it is well stored in a covered glass bottle and put in a place away from sunlight.

8. A true Mexican does not drink tequila until he loses consciousness
If you want to emulate the Mexican style when drinking tequila, you should keep it away from nightlife situations in which the least important thing is to savor a good liquor, but to drink in quantities to exhaustion.
One of the key steps on how to drink tequila as true Mexicans do, is to be clear that tequila is not made for binge drinking or drinking like water , so enjoy it in its proper measure.

9. A true Mexican knows that good tequila costs money
Anyone with Mexican blood knows that tequila is not a cheap drink. One of the worst mistakes that is made is thinking that tequila will always leave your throat scratchy or burning, or that it is an indigestible drink in all cases.
To know what real tequila is, you should spend a little more money than you think.

10. A good Mexican will not drink tequila with salt and lemon
Although the way that has popularly transcended how to drink tequila is by putting a pinch of salt on the back of the hand and chewing a slice of lemon; For any Mexican with a denomination of origin, this is little more than a crime.
Firstly, the lemon kills the flavor of the tequila, and secondly, the salt is unnecessary if that tequila is of good quality.