Urban cultures or tribes branch out into different versions of the main ones. In each of these groups prevail standards of fashion, ideology, tastes, etc. that make them unique and distinguish them from the rest.
One of the most striking is the so-called Cybergoth, a subtype that is born from the gothic aesthetic, but taking influences from the world of discos and rave environments . Let us know something more about this misunderstood urban culture.

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Cybergoth aesthetics: because black is not everything
The origins of Cybergoth date back to the beginning of the 80’s, in the world of rave parties. Mixing this festive atmosphere with classic gothic clothing, the Cybergoth movement is born. The dark, colorful One of the most remarkable features is its aesthetic, more radical and striking than that of its “relatives”, who take black garments as a base, to which it is usual to add other more colorful tones to become visible. Some phosphorescent colors that we can find in the individuals of this culture are: green, orange, yellow, pink or red. In some way we could say that they adapt the typical clothes of the ravers(pants and wide sweatshirts and long t-shirts), always staying true to black. Typical garments
The pieces that cannot be missing in Cybergoth fashion are vests, corsets, heaters, nets, platform boots, leather jackets or pants , bracelets and necklaces. Added to clothing
The Cybergoth decorate their models with atypical accessories that are not usually included in other costumes; such as goggles with a futuristic touch (including ski goggles), gas masks, muzzles, braids or dreadlocks, and colored tubes. Make-up
As for makeup (something that also links to the most classic goths), the tendency to go over the line of the eyes with an eyeliner is preserved. However, drawing other details that emulate wounds, cuts or sutures are usually added.
Cybergoth model. | Image from: Facebook/Saphir Noir. Breaking with the sinister image of goths
Despite the confusion that may exist with their first cousins, Cybergoths are characterized by wanting to disassociate themselves from the gloomy and depressive image that goths have been associated with all their lives.
One of the aspects in which this can be seen is in terms of musical tastes. Due to their common ties with the world of rave parties, the Cybergoth enjoy industrial and electronic music in its different variants (including genres such as drum and bass, hardcore or techno), moving away from the sounds of electric guitars. , drums and guttural voices that goths prefer to use; although this is not necessarily exclusive.
Precisely because of his love for music with more energetic overtones, the cybergoth attitude towards life is also more lively; which helps to break the stereotypes that everything that has the word “gothic” attached to it has to do with wearing only black, leather and being down all the time.The Cybergoth ideology, love for nature
Although they share a pessimistic and nonconformist vision of the world in which they live, with dyes that claim the individuality of each one; Cybergoth are more motivated to live integrated and feel part of society. His Gothic analogs, on the other hand, would be in this sense more detached, preferring to move away from social conventions or community life.
An issue that characterizes the Cybergoth is their rejection of environmental pollution; because in this culture predominate values ​​in favor of ecology and nature. Hence, the neon tubes or brightly colored garments refer to radioactivity, as a way of expressing their disagreement with the use of this type of energy; as well as its effect on the planet.
Other possible interests are technology (hence the “cyber” that is added to the term “goth”); something that can be seen in the additions with which they adorn their clothing, all of them references to the futuristic. Many Cybergoth also feel a special passion for ufology , which is why they consider themselves believers in all this subject matter that involves intelligences superior to human beings and beings from another dimension or galaxy. Do not confuse Cybergoth with others
Precisely as there are so many stereotypes and misconceptions in everything that concerns urban tribes, we are going to try to examine which are the most sensitive groups with which we can confuse Cybergoth: Cyberdark
This is a trend that feels special devotion to the literature of genres such as science fiction, fantasy or supernatural overtones. In addition, the Cyberdark like to get together to play card games or role-playing games . At first, we will not see in them anything too bright colors. Cyberpunk
Cyberpunk is a trend with allusions to the post-apocalyptic, linked to the rise of technology in all areas of society.Through torn clothes, the use of randomly chosen non-combined colors and chaotic hairstyles ; it is intended to imitate an aesthetic taken from works such as Blade Runner or Mad Max.

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