Since ancient times, in ancient cultures people of the time were encouraged to enjoy their sexuality without any kind of concealment. Although it is now being talked about again, tantric sex dates back thousands of years , and is part of a philosophy of life that proposes to achieve a special connection between two souls through physical contact of the bodies.
We tell you the secrets of this practice from remote times and we offer some useful keys on how to perform tantric sex.

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What is tantric sex?
As is often the case, popularly there is much ignorance about tantric sex and only the surface is known , probably because it is a custom adapted to the West and whose real nature can easily be distorted. To begin to dispel doubts, tantric sex is part of a set of teachings that deal with the acceptance of all the particularities that make the individual himself special, but also the rest of the people around him: Tantra.
In this way, if we embrace our abilities and also our imperfections, we will be on the right path to be able to fully enjoy relationships and other experiences. In summary, tantric sex proposes to get rid of any prejudice that prevents us from flowing effectively, in order to maximize the pleasure of each encounter.
Thanks to the fact that all the tribulations that tie to the past or those that are yet to come are avoided, Tantra allows you to focus on the present, achieving a mind-body balance . As a consequence, a greater concentration on the person next to us is possible in order to achieve ecstasy together, uniting both bodies and, ultimately, souls.
In short, the objective of tantric sex is not to seek the best orgasm, but to savor each of the gestures that lead us to culmination , forgetting the urgency and simply letting go.

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How to practice tantric sex in 5 keys Many
books have been written and we will probably fall short trying to cover everything that Tantra has to say about it, but we will try to synthesize what are the keys to practice tantric sex and make the most of its postulates.

1. Concentrate on the present
It is in the present where we have a golden opportunity to connect with our deepest ā€œIā€. As we said, focusing on the now helps to become aware of the five senses , emptying our heads of expectations and those worries that have tormented us for a long time.
Valuing the present as a sacred time that allows us all of this separates us from any obstacle that prevents us from focusing on lovemaking activity and on everything that surrounds the scene: who we are with, how the other person is, how is their touch, what it smells, what it tastes like … With all this, a wide range of sensory experiences opens up that contribute to multiplying the emotions evoked and allowing the energies to flow between the two.
To be able to apply tantric sex, it is recommended to be in a relaxed environment, isolated as much as possible from noise and discomfort from the environment and well lit. A good way to let the forces flow between the two is by standing face to face, both without clothes, controlling the air that enters through the nose and is expelled through the mouth.. The purpose of all this is none other than to synchronize the breaths of both, which will facilitate the relaxation of the bodies and achieve greater excitement.

2. Maintain eye contact at all times
Very important throughout the entire experience. To be able to practice tantric sex successfully , it is necessary to get rid of all fear or opposition to looking our partner in the eye . Continuing naked, at a distance close enough to create a minimum level of connection and keeping the breath at a slow but continuous level, we will increase the complicity by fixing our gaze on the pair of eyes in front of us.
Trying not to break line of sight, we’ll sit face to face,concentrating on what is beyond the pupils that look at us . It may seem uncomfortable for a few minutes, but little by little the situation will normalize until giving way to the first caresses.

3. Explore every corner of the body
We insist again on the need that tantric sex offers us to get rid of all our eagerness to run and want to finish too quickly. Here what counts is that you have to dedicate enough time to each of the steps , to get the most out of this special time. And what better way to make the most of the moment than through a good massage that runs through our entire being
? We reveal the secrets of tantric sex and some practical advice. | Image from: Stokpic.
Making one of the members lie on his back and massaging his body from head to toe, we will activate the main chakras (points through which the energy penetrates). Next, the same one who has received the massage will turn around and, face up, we will stimulate the neck and crown to the very toes.
When one is ready, it will be time to turn the tables and the massager is now the one who receives the attention.

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4. Promote communication
Creating a good communicative thread between the two participants is not a revolutionary technique that experts have recently discovered, since it is something to which tantric sex gives special emphasis. Talk, whisper and transmit what we like to be done to us; as well as letting ourselves be done are some of the elementary keys for a full enjoyment. Through this constant stimulation and this dance of sensations, it is tried that she reaches the greatest number of orgasms, at the same time that the man tries to contain the ejaculation.
In this way, it is possible to adapt the rhythm to each moment, increasing or decreasing the speed and enthusiasmwith which we use ourselves with the body that we have in our hands. As always, by asking and knowing how to listen, we will be able to adjust each kiss and caress during the preliminaries, as well as during the sequence of penetrations, which may be continuous or deeper and more intense.

5. Delay ejaculation
This is probably the point that arouses the most interest when it comes to practicing tantric sex. And it is that, one of the purposes promoted by the philosophy of Tantra is that of control of the mind over the body , to influence processes that are uncontrollable a priori, such as ejaculation and try to delay them. In addition, the expulsion of semen at the end of intercourse is considered an escape route for energies and forces that harms the male’s vigor.
Knowing the point of no return (when the exit of the liquid is imminent), it will be possible to enjoy longer orgasms, instead of a single one of short duration and great intensity that forces you to have to stop to continue with the lovemaking activity. Thus, someone who masters this technique of tantric sex can maintain an erection for hours and give pleasure to the partner without having to rest for a few minutes.
There are exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles and thus be able to prolong the experience until the climax of the man, where control over breathing is vital to control the output of semen (another way of knowing how to recognize when this point of no return has been reached is through self-exploration, to then apply it in bed with the partner).

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