We have all heard a lot about the different benefits that the consumption of brewer’s yeast and non-alcoholic beer does not provide. But we don’t really know what they are or why they happen. Below we detail the beneficial properties for health that we can acquire both for the health of our body and to maintain shiny hair and skin.

1. Benefits of brewer’s yeast
2. Benefits of non-alcoholic beer
3. Benefits of beer for hair
4. Benefits of beer for skin

Benefits of brewer’s yeast
Researchers have shown in several recent studies that the consumption of brewer’s yeast provides a large number of benefits for our body , such as the prevention of diarrhea, aids in digestion and improves the immune system.
In addition, each tablespoon of brewer’s yeast provides us with vitamins, minerals, proteins and fiber , making it a simple way to supplement our diet with the necessary nutrients.
Below we explain in more detail the benefits of consuming brewer’s yeast.

1. Improves blood sugar
Adding a few tablespoons of brewer’s yeast in the diet helps us tobalance and reduce blood sugar levels . In studies with people with diabetes, brewer’s yeast has been found to significantly lower blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity, allowing insulin to work more effectively and prevent blood sugar levels rise.
Another reason that brewer’s yeast improves blood sugar levels in people with diabetes may be because it contains fiber, which can help reduce the absorption of sugar in the blood and keep levels constant.

2. Boosts Immunity
Some research has shown that brewer’s yeast may have anti-inflammatory properties.improve the immune system . In addition, it contains large amounts of selenium, a mineral with powerful antioxidant powers that can improve the immune system.
With just two tablespoons of yeast we already satisfy 90% of our selenium needs, helping us when we have colds, respiratory infections or other situations in which our immune system is low.

3. Improves eye health
Brewer’s yeast is rich in vitamins that help us keep our eyes healthy . Adding it to our diet improves the need for thiamine, associated with eye conditions such as glaucoma, which can cause blurred vision or even loss of vision.
In addition, it also supplies us with a large amount of riboflavin, another vitamin that has been linked to a lower risk of vision problems. In addition, brewer’s yeast also contains antioxidants, which help protect us from chronic diseases , preventing the accumulation of harmful free radicals in our body.
Beer consumption and hair or skin care. | Taylor Grote.

4. Prevents migraines Brewer
‘s yeast is beneficial for the prevention and treatment of migraines, thanks to its high content of riboflavin. In studies conducted with patients suffering from this ailment, they experienced a decrease in the frequency of migraines and, in addition, reduced the consumption of medications for headaches by up to 64%.

5. Protects brain health
Brewer’s yeast is high in important B vitamins . These are essential for various aspects of health, but they are really important when it comes to brain health.
Including brewer’s yeast as part of a healthy diet can help keep our brain healthy and prevent a deficiency of important vitamins for our brain, such as thiamin, related to Alzheimer’s and cognitive deficits, and folate, vital for the proper development of the brain. brain.

6. Improves diarrhea
One of the most popular natural remedies to treat diarrhea is brewer’s yeast. There are several studies that have shown that it can be effective in reducing the risk of diarrhea caused by antibiotics .
Brewer ‘s yeast is a type of probioticthat can counteract the negative effects caused by antibiotics and other conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease.

7. Improves digestion
As brewer’s yeast is a probiotic and helps us improve the composition of the intestinal flora, it also improves our digestive health . Probiotics such as this type of yeast have been shown to help treat some digestive disorders.
Brewer’s yeast helps reduce the pain and severity of symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome . It also helps us prevent inflammation of the intestinal lining and blocks the adherence of dangerous pathogens to the gastrointestinal tract.

8. Prevents anemia
Depending on the type of anemia, its development is linked to the deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals, such as riboflavin. This mineral can affect the metabolism and absorption of iron and is essential to prevent iron deficiency anemia.
It has been shown that ingesting riboflavin can help us reduce the risk of anemia. With just two tablespoons of brewer’s yeast we provide the 90% of riboflavin we need throughout the day to help prevent anemia.

Benefits of non-alcoholic beer
Not only does brewer’s yeast provide us with many health benefits, but the consumption of non-alcoholic beer is also associated with favoring our state of health. Some of them are:

1. Good for the heart
One of the best known benefits of drinking non-alcoholic beer is that it helps prevent heart disease and disease . Numerous studies claim that it reduces blood clotting and helps activate platelets to strengthen blood flow.
In addition, it produces an increase in antioxidants in the blood and vitamin B6 , which helps us protect the heart and soften the chemical effect related to cardiovascular diseases.

2. Stress relief
Non-alcoholic beer is a drink rich in minerals that has a concentration of particles similar to that of blood . This causes the particles to be absorbed much faster than other beverages.
Non-alcoholic beer contains potassium and that, among other things, balances adrenaline. For this reason when we drink alcohol it reduces muscle tremors and relieves stress.

3. Low in Calories
Non-alcoholic beers can be a great way to reduce your calorie intake, as they have between 50 and 80 calories per 330 ml, while alcoholic beers have between 180 and 250 Kcal.
Other properties that beer offers is for the care of our hair and skin. Thanks to the preparation of masks we can achieve healthier and brighter hair, avoiding breakage and making it look lifeless and also achieve grain-free and exfoliated skin.
Drinking beer responsibly has its benefits. | Paloma A.

Benefits of beer for hair
We must bear in mind that the protein that forms hops and beer malt helps repair damaged hair cuticles and provides nutrition to hair follicles. This, in turn, strengthens the hair and prevents excessive hair loss.
We can also apply beer to the hair in the form of a conditioner thanks to its high content of vitamin B and yeast, whichprovides smooth and shiny hair . For all those girls who have curly hair, applying this drink to the hair helps to replenish lost moisture and conditions it. For these cases, the use of dark and non-alcoholic beers is recommended.

Benefits of beer for the skin
The benefits that beer brings to the skin are diverse. It contains antioxidants that combat the negative effects of free radicals and prevent premature aging of the skin. In addition, the vitamins and minerals that we find in this drink help us tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging.
We can also make exfoliating masks with beer, since it helps us eliminate dead skin cells that cause us to have an uneven and dull skin tone.
And if we have problems with acne , it also helps us prevent and treat it. The foam in beer has some antibacterial properties that help destroy acne-causing germs.

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