Lipstick is undoubtedly one of the products most used by women for make- up . You can buy different types, from the most classic colors up to the most modern and daring ones. It is a cosmetic product that gives a touch of style to those who use it and can enhance the more aggressive look as well as the more minimal one .

But what are the most famous and popular red lipstick brands right now? Let’s see it in this new post dedicated to the Mind & Body category, edited by our portal. Welcome!

How to choose the right lipstick for you

Lipstick is usually chosen based on a number of criteria. In addition to personal taste, of course, there are also those who decide to buy it based on the fashion of the moment and it is for this reason that today we want to talk about the top 5 most famous brands of the moment. 

The ideal, however, is to have a good variety of lipsticks at home, so you can choose it according to what the occasion requires. In general, the lipstick, like any other make-up product , should be chosen based on the facial features . The one that therefore manages to better enhance the features. Lip makeup must always be chosen with the utmost attention. 

There is nothing like red

Make-up brands produce entire collections of lipsticks, of different shades and shades. The ideal, however, is to have a good variety of lipsticks at home , so you can choose it based on the outfit and occasion of use. As we have also said previously, any make-up product must harmonize with the facial features, to enhance the features, and with the color of the complexion. And therefore also the lipstick follows the same philosophy.

But there is nothing like a lipstick that is – indeed – bright red. In our ranking, therefore, we report the most famous brands indicating their products for this intense and sensual color. 

1. MAC – Ruby Woo

When it comes to lipsticks, the most famous and right title goes to the R uby Woo of the MAC Cosmetics brand . Thanks to the fact that it is the most loved by the stars who walk the red carpet, among which it is worth mentioning Angelina Jolie, and a type of red lipstick that, those who have a passion for makeup, cannot fail to know. And so don’t have it in her cosmetic bag. Opaque and very resistant, it has a very long duration and adapts to all skin types. 

2. Dior – Rouge Forever Liquid

The French fashion house is famous in every field of beauty: for make-up we recommend liquid lipsticks designed, as the name suggests, to last forever. A maskproof and no transfer formula, for a lasting and smudge-free make-up. The range includes 11 different shades, from nude pink to plum. Among the many suggested products, there is the red par excellence, classified with the number 999 .

3. Yves Saint Laurent – No. 1 The Red

Probably, the best known brand at the end of the last century in the field of accessories,  has a top-of-the-range make-up line. It is no coincidence that her flagship lipstick is called NO. 1 Le Rouge , without the need for other adjectives. With some blue pigments and a creamy finish , this gives a full color that can dress the lips like no other.

4. Chanel – Rouge Coco Bloom

Another French name, the undisputed symbol of feminine elegance. For the Coco Bloom line , the Chanel maison has created 20 different colors, 8 of which are dedicated to reds . These are lipsticks capable of giving more volume to the lips, a smooth and soft texture to the touch, as well as a truly full color. 

5. Maybelline – Pioner Superstay 24

It is difficult to make a ranking of the most famous lipstick brands without mentioning Maybelline , a company well known also to the general public and based in New York. Its Pioner red is a liquid lipstick with a matte finish, thanks to which a single stroke is enough to cover the lips at their best. From the same brand, the creamy Color Sensational , enriched with honey drops, should be mentioned.