Netflix is ​​having one of its most controversial weeks. We recently echoed that the platform prohibited scenes where tobacco was consumed in all its original series for children under 14 years of age, after learning of a devastating report published by the ‘Truth Initiative’ on tobacco on television. Now he faces another of his controversies by modifying the suicide scene of ’13 Reasons Why’ .

The controversy of ’13 Reasons Why’
We talk about one of the final scenes of the first season, in which Katherine Langford stages the suicide of Hannah Baker. The scene is really hard, since it does not omit a detail of how the young woman cuts her veins in the bathtub at home, a crudeness that already generated a wave of criticism at the time of its premiere.
Those responsible for the series have always stated that the objective of presenting a series like ’13 Reasons Why’, which shamelessly deals with such controversial issues as bullying, bullying or suicide, is to establish a dialogue between young people, parents and all those involved in the educational system to prevent this type of conduct. In fact, the producers started a help website for those affected by these issues.
However, there are sectors that affirm that ’13 Reasons Why’ has achieved the opposite effect, that is, glorifying the act of suicide, presenting it as an easy escape route and even causing an increase in the suicide rate among adolescents in the United States. Joined.
’13 Reasons Why’ premieres its third season this summer. | Netflix.

Netflix edits the suicide scene
Now Netflix has wanted to cure itself in health by modifying the scene of discord and has announced it through a statement:
“As we prepare to launch the third season in late summer, we have been aware of the debate generated by the series. So with the advice of medical experts, including that of Dr. Christine Moutier, chief medical officer of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, we have decided with creator Brian Yorkey and the producers to edit the scene in which Hannah Baker takes her own life. ”, assures the platform.
The showrunner Brian Yorkey has spoken about it, ensuring that the idea was to teach “the ugly and painful reality about suicide in great detail”, although he believes that “this change will help the series to do the best for the greatest number of people possible while eliminating any risk for especially young and vulnerable groups.”

What can be seen now in said scene is the young woman looking at herself in the reflection and insinuating the suicidal act, followed by the reaction of the parents upon finding the lifeless body of her daughter in the bathroom. Netflix’s decision has been welcomed by many US organizations involved in suicide prevention. One less controversy.

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