Actors, politicians or musicians, the stories of these celebrities will hearten you . Accustomed to perfection and living in the spotlight, these stars have achieved success after suffering more or less serious accidents that have caused them to lose one or more fingers.

There are those who have decided to hide these defects  during the shooting of the films, while there are those who have made them a source of pride and recognition , so much so that they become true symbols of rebirth.

There are some really famous people on this list, but why didn’t we ever notice anything? The truth is that in many cases the focus is on the interpretations of these great actors, on political importance or talent… as it should be.

So let’s see how the celebrities we love have overcome their condition, because if you can learn something from unfortunate events like these and that courageously persevering towards your future is the right choice to make.

Johnny Depp

After the end of his turbulent relationship with Amber Heard, Johnny Depp had a bit of a problem. After being accused of violent behavior, Heard herself stated that Depp allegedly lost his fingertip during one of the fights, cutting himself with bottles . Something must have happened, because today the actor’s finger looks like this.

Christian Bale

The actor admitted that he lost a portion of his upper phalanx due to a motocross accident . The Batman star also stated that he later realized the severity of the accident, as she initially felt no pain. With the celebrity, the sense of humor also increases and Bale made fun of what happened with these photos.

Telly Savalas

The late protagonist of the “Kojak” series had suffered an accident that had deprived him of a phalanx on the index finger of his left hand. Curiously, the mystery hovers over the cause , and there are those who claim it was a grenade during the Second World War; an old family story, on the other hand, tells that he was due to a rat bite , when the actor was still a child.

James Doohan

Known as the great “Scotty” in the old Star Trek series, actor James Doohan lost the middle finger of his right hand in an accident during the war in Normandy. During the series, however, the shots have always concealed his condition by portraying Doohan at work on machinery or with his hand hidden. Later he would have made a boast of it showing, proudly, the famous “ Vulcan gesture “.

Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry achieved stardom by playing Chandler on “Friends” and while everyone has likely watched the show’s reruns many times, few have noticed that the actor has lost the top of his middle finger on his right hand. The accident occurred when he was three , Perry accidentally locked his finger in a car door. Ironically, in the series, Chandler’s character loses part of his little toe during a Thanksgiving party.

Boris Yeltsin

One of the most influential politicians in history and also the first President of the Russian Federation, Boris Yeltsin had lost two fingers of his left hand as a boy. The incident during a day spent with friends and the attempt to find out how a grenade found in a weapons depot worked. During public outings and interviews, the hand was rarely picked up or shown.

Vince Vaughn

We got to know him thanks to films like “2 singles on a wedding” or “I hate you, I leave you, you…”.  Vince Vaughn achieved success thanks to his ability to play ironic parts while maintaining a completely serious expression. When he was 17 he was involved in a car accident and lost the tip of his right thumb .

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan ‘s story has a happy ending. After being the victim of a boating accident in Turkey , the actress lost a phalanx of the ring finger. Her rush to the emergency room saved her finger, which was hung up after moments of fear. The actress also documented the incident via social media, in part trying to play down by sharing the happy ending with the fans.

Jerry Garcia

Unforgettable guitarist of the Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia has remained in the hearts of many for his innate talent. The middle finger of his right hand has become a legend, after appearing on picks and T-shirts and being portrayed in the wax statue dedicated to the musician. Garcia had lost his finger in an ax accident when he was little.

Daryl Hannah

Since the 1980s , Daryl Hannah has dominated the screen with her grace and femininity. After having rediscovered her celebrity thanks to Quentin Tarantino’s trilogy “Kill Bill”, she the actress is back in the limelight and on the most important red carpets. In her first appearances on the screen, she revealed that she had hidden the fact that she had lost the phalanx of the index finger of her left hand with a prosthesis. Her accident occurred at her grandmother’s house, when she as a child was tinkering with the rope from the well in the garden.